Getting Shirty

Sunday, 12 July 2015

I said it last year and I stick by my word - in the warm weather, I prefer a shirt to a tee shirt. And it seems that the proof is in the wearing. Just lately, I have donned the following :

Light Blue Cotton Shirt.

This is a light thin cotton shirt so perfect for hot and sticky days. It's a looser fit and the sleeves give you a little extra protection from the hot sun so it's cooler than wearing a vest top actually.  I picked mine up last year but they seem to have a very similar version this year minus the sleeve tabs which I had to unpick from mine. Teamed with a pair of denim shorts - I feel it has a clean fresh vibe to it. 

H&M Shirt (old but similar here, H&M Shorts (old)

Greige Cotton Tunic Shirt

I saw this in the sale section online on the H&M site last year and I was drawn to the colour. Shall we call it greige or mole? Whatever it is, I like it. Again it's light thin cotton - almost twill like. It was a little long in length and the stitching was shoddy as anything on the hem but I hacked an inch or two off the length and in doing so tidied up the stitching when I re-hemmed it. I guess you'd have expected me to return it as I am fussy about stitching and finishing but I had a feeling I could make this work for me. I've turned to this little shirt a couple of times over the last few weeks and it's proved to be a good un ... it was worth that little effort.

H&M Shirt (old), MiH Paris Jeans (old), Next Cheetah Pumps (old)

Light Denim Shirt

So I was a helper on a school trip this week to the local forest. I chose my old blue denim shirt from Zara. This one is a little thicker than the previous two shirts but I figured the forest can be quite shady in parts so this would save having to wear any extra layers. Look at the colour of the sky ... when I returned in the afternoon and got back in my car, it registered 30 degrees. I was a little "waahhm" to say the least but in the morning when I set off ... it was perfect.

Zara Shirt (old), Uniqlo Jeans (old), Stan Smiths, COS Kids Backpack (old)

White Cotton Shirt

White shirts are actually quite hard to wear if you're a SAHM as you don't want to look like you've just stepped out of the office. I have a white linen Uniqlo one, a soft cotton voile one from Whistles  and although it is still not the perfect white shirt, this one is probably my preferred one out of all three. It's not too sheer, a little oversized but still thin enough to be comfortable on a warm day. And it was the cheapest ... from H&M again!

H&M Shirt, MiH Paris Jeans (old), Longchamp Tote, Topshop Espadrilles (old)

So there you have it - it really does appear that I'm liking my shirts at the moment ... I might try something else next week. We shall see.


  1. Love this classic look, and you wear it so well! Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane! I see you're doing the shirt love at the moment too on your latest post! But they are perfect for this weather and as a cover up aren't they?

  2. It is only fairly recently that I've got into shirts and I have started to amass a little collection! It's been a bit trial and error for me but I think the more boxy, oversize style works for me, anything too fitted definitely makes me feel work-wearish! I love the grey H&M pop-over style, I saw a lovely navy one in the LOGG section the other day and actually a lot of those pieces have a bit of a J Crew feel about them for me! You've inspired me to get the shirts out again, I've overlooked them these past few weeks in favour of getting the legs out in skirts and dresses, so thank you Sue! xx

    1. I think you scored some really good Topshop ones recently didn't you? I seem to be defaulting to shirts when I'm shopping at the moment but am trying to reign myself in - I have enough to be going on with for now. The greige one is a favourite - that is so easy to wear. I find that with some of the shirts, if I put them on, they immediately feel right. The white one is the only one I don't feel 100% in - it may be that I'm just not comfortable with white shirts. I love white pretty tops though - they're a different ball game altogether.

  3. Me too. Taken me years, but recently found some lovely soft cotton, not too bulky ones in Top Shop. Am a convert now. Office have espadrilles like yours at the moment too. Looking fab as ever Sue.Cx

    1. Hi Claire! What have you been up to? And have you broken up for the summer hols yet? I was just wondering if you had the same shirts as Michelle above - she has extolled their virtues on her blog and I might have to take a look for myself.

  4. I am totally with you, I love a shirt all year round and a lovely light cotton shirt in the summer keeps me cool and protects the arms. Love your selection of shirts x

  5. I'm only just getting into shirts! Love you in the blue shirt & denim shorts Sue! I'm going to have to try that out! x


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