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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Anyone remember the Lewis Caroll poem which starts  

"You are old Father William," the young man said
"And your hair has become very white" ..............?

I should really change it to something along the lines of 

 "You are old Mummy Sue", young George said   
"And you now drive a Volvo estate" ..............

George Dude in Mercedes Benz (start as you mean to go)

Excuse me while I just have a scratch

Can't believe I've got a flat! That will be squillions of £s!

We changed the car recently. Nothing wrong with the new car - don't get me wrong and I am grateful for what I have - it's a lovely shiny new car but it is at the end of the day a Volvo estate. Yup. A nice, safe, solid, reliable sensible car.

We had a 4x4 previously which was a concession to having 2 children and a need for a bigger car. I got on okay with the 4x4 even though I struggled heaving my baby bump into it when I was pregnant but it did the job without making us look "too old". We were teetering on the edge of middle-aged but hadn't quite stepped off the edge. But now we have a Volvo estate. We've definitely fallen into the middle age ravine.

We had some friends round for lunch and bloke Nigel said "what's the deal with the Volvo?" Grump Meister muttered stuff about £30 road tax for the year and something about 60 miles to the gallon. "What do you get to the gallon, Nigel?" "Err ... about 20". "What's your road tax for the year Nigel?" "Err ... about £250. Blokes eh?

When Nigel got back in his own Alfa estate and started up the engine, Grump Meister called over to him - "You hear that Nigel? "Hear what?" "Can't you hear it?" "Hear what?"  

"That's the sound of money burning" grinned Grump Meister. Trump Card.

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