Maison Scotch

Thursday 17 May 2012

I  have a thing about not "trying too hard". I don't do the manicures, perfect hair, neat, tidy, girly thing very well. Every time I've been to the hairdresser's and they spend a good hour blow drying the life out of your hair so you look like Moonface (remember Enid Blyton?) I have to go home, rub some product in and mess it up. Then I feel better. 

My friend said it's because I am petite and cute and I was rebelling by dressing like a tomboy. She has a point. I'm 5ft 1.5" unless I've shrunk again since I was last measured and when I was younger, people did occasionally pat me on the head and say  "awww - isn't she sweet?" It's funny how these events sit in your subconscious until one day someone says it out loud and you think "wow - you might actually have a point!" Anyway, I digress - all I wanted to say was I dress "casually".

Which brings me on to Maison Scotch clothes which I have a bit of a thing for. Everytime I have a look on the ASOS site, their clothes are the first thing I do a search on (to see if anything has gone down in price). They have a certain worn in, slouchy, laid back vibe which is good for a mum on the run. They're not the cheapest but I reckon if you occasionally splash out on the odd item from Whistles, French Connection or Joules - you can stretch to the odd piece from Maison Scotch - if you like that "tomboy" look which I do. I won't bore you with the details of how the brand came about - you can view the link at the bottom of the screen and browse and learn at your leisure.  

I was lucky enough to catch two pairs of their chino's in the ASOS sale earlier this year. Bearing in mind that at full price they were £100 a pair, that is quite steep. But at half price, they were a steal and hence the fact they are now residing in my wardrobe. Half price is still £50 a pair but if you pay £40 for a pair at Gap - what's the £10 in it for something a little different - I am so going to get it in the neck for that last statement aren't I?

The first pair are grey with a pale blue dot pattern - a little bit unexpected and that's what I liked about them. 

The second pair are more of a classic stone chino colour but I love the embroidered stars on them.  

Both pairs are extremely well made and I love the attention to detail as shown below such as where it says "To be worn with love" and the logo buttons.:

Both pairs also have the signature Maison Scotch dandelion stitched to the pocket :

And the inside finishing is so reminiscent of men's tailoring :

These were the first 2 items I bought from this label and I have to say I am more than happy with the chinos. They come up slightly higher at the back so there is no impromptu knicker flashing going on and even when they loosen up after wearing - they slouch in a nice way without making you look a size bigger all of a sudden.

The third item is my very luminous breton tee. Love.

You certainly won't lose me in the crowd wearing this. And the bit which earns Maison Scotch some extra points? The little necklace photographed with the tee is included. How cool is that? That's the thing with a lot of their tops - they come paired with a scarf or an accessory of some sort. In my case, this quirky little camera necklace. The top I managed to get from ASOS with a discount code and it sold out in about 2 days from when it arrived on the site. They only had the size 1 left so I thought it's now or never so I went for it. And I am so glad I did.

So what do you think to Maison Scotch then?


  1. I couldn't stop laughing at your anecdotes! The problem with us petite ladies is people often think we're cute. That's ok when you're in your tweens but in our 20s and 30s, we want to be called stylish, gorgeous, not cute!

    I've started to take notice of Maison Scotch recently after catching a glimpse of a jacket online. Absolutely stunning. I love all these pieces you'd bought. Ok, off to Asos now!

  2. I've been having a little browse and loving your blog! Maison Scotch looks right up my street!

  3. Nice clothes bro..!!!

    Thanks for sharing bro...!!!

    Good collection of branded clothes...!!!


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