Friday, 9 June 2017

Friday Five : 09 June 2017

Scraping in with a Friday Five. Just made it!

Friday Five (1 of 5) Queen of Returns

I have not had much luck recently with anything I've ordered and believe me I have ordered a lot. And a lot has gone right back. ASOS must have groaned when I just renewed my Premier Service with them. Anyway, the dress above is not from ASOS but from Topshop and it's the one I mentioned in the previous post. It's a lovely dress in itself (100% cotton) but I personally feel all kinds of wrong in it. Like I should have worn it when I was at least in my 30s when Kate Moss did her Pansy dress for Topshop (this is the same design) and not now I'm in late 40s. I ordered two sizes and the 10 was neat on me and the sleeves were snug (curse those bingo wings). Something I should mention, if you are feeling a little bloated, your tummy will push the front out making you look 6 months gone. Or maybe that's just me. The 12 was much comfier but suddenly I felt old and matronly. But if you are slight of arm, got ten years on me, no belly and a classic 10 (I'm a big 10 at the moment), this is true to size and rather lovely. Oh and be quick, it's selling like hot cakes!

Friday Five (2 of 5) Bonus

The one good thing about having a short name when you order a Starbucks is that they usually manage to spell your name right.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Skirts

I'm on a skirt bender at the moment. I currently have that bright orange one up there in my possession which I bought after a little mosey around M&S with Joanna. It's the perfect length for a shorty who wants to do a long midi but not a proper maxi. The skirt has a nice weight to it and my only dilemma is I already have an orange skirt in my wardrobe. Do I need two despite them both being different styles and somewhat different shades of Jaffa? And I liked this white one too from Sainsburys with the pretty broderie at the bottom.

This one was extremely comfortable with the elastic waistband but what a shame it has no pockets. I'm wearing a size 8 in the picture - it's quite generous and I was going to pick it up on my way out of the supermarket and then forgot. Doh. And err last but not least, I bought this one which was a spur of the moment impulse buy. It doesn't go with much in my wardrobe and I dont know why I bought it apart from it was a bit like a moth to a colour block skirt kind of flame moment. Told you I was on a skirt bender.

Friday Five (4 of 5) To Friends

That teapot was actually incredibly heavy.

I've had a very non productive week at home this week but I have had a lovely time catching up with Instagram/bloggy pals. You've got to grab those opportunities when you can. Hi Joanna, Becky, Liz and Donna? Same time next year?

Friday Five (5 of 5) Carabiner

Admit it. It's a good idea. Stops your milk tipping over ;)

Carabiners are those funny little gadgets that climbers take with them up mountains that they use for attaching onto clothing and equipment to help them get up and down walls and rock faces. Well that's what they are in my hub's world. In my world, they are useful for fastening plastic bag handles together so your shopping doesn't fall out.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Amour Bag (other styles here)
French Connection Top (very old)
The Jacksons London bag
H&M Silver Shoes (last season but gold version here)

I've had my Jacksons bag for a couple of years now and it's always a little conversation piece. There's something about the the little catchphrases which just gets people talking. They had a bit of a moment in 2015 in blog and IG world and then it went a little quiet last year but they seem to be having a bit of a resurgence this year and I've just found my bag in the opposite colour way of mine in natural and navy.

And doesn't it work beautifully in this little holiday montage I've put together? I'm good to you I am!


Last Note : 

  • That little Topshop ditsy print dress is a replica style of the infamous Kate Moss for Topshop Pansy dress. Just a slightly different print. I may have ordered just to check it out as I missed out on the original! 
  • Loving this coral shade to add a little colour in to the holiday wardrobe.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Friday Five : 02 June 2017

I have to say, hasn't the weather been lovely this week? Not too hot, not too cold - for once I'm happy.

Friday Five (1 of 5)  Alterations & Stuff

Uniqlo Breton (sold out but this is nice too)
H&M Shorts (old)
H&M Scarf (old)
H&M Sunglasses (old)
Basket from a Dublin shop years ago (old)

We were having a quiet Bank Holiday Monday this week and I thought it was the perfect time for me to finally get round to some of the alterations which I've been putting off as it meant dragging out the sewing machine. But I did it and I hacked down one pair of trousers in to culottes and shortened the sleeves on two of my Bretons (one of them above). I feel like I've achieved. I know it doesn't sound much but if you have to fold over your cuffs or spend all your time shrugging up your sleeves every time you wear something, believe me it's an achievement.

Friday Five (2 of 5) When It All Makes Sense

I bought this book How to Wear your Clothes a little while ago as it intrigued me. I was looking for one of those how to curate your wardrobe type books but for some reason this one called out to me instead. It's by a wardrobe mistress and what she's learnt from her years in the trade and I'm weird enough to read something like this just like the hubs is geeky enough to read business strategy books for fun. But that paragraph suddenly made sense to me about why I don't get on with wrap dresses - I've not got enough stack in my rack to make sure things sit in the right place. Lightbulb moment. Oh yes and safety pins are a godsend.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Dupe

Missguided Embroidered Top v Isabel Marant Sachi Top

Sometimes I like to have a nosey through the less obvious sites on my online travels. You know the ones like Forever21, Boohoo and Missguided. The ones where you think you need to be thirty years younger with a toned midriff and legs like Bambi to shop in? They're worth keeping an eye on and sometimes you can happen on little gems and fabulous dupes like the one above from Missguided. Not a bad dupe at all eh?

Friday Five (4 of 5) Nightie or Dress?

Right. Two scenarios here. Scenario 1. Imagine me with this dress and a little straw basket, tan sandals and a little panama hat trotting down a sunny dusty street in Spain. Scenario 2. Imagine me with a pair of slippers on my feet. You can see my dilemma. Which scenario is calling out to you most? 

Friday Five (5 of 5) Stripey ....

.... and ruffley. Well I love the gingham version of this skirt which I got earlier in the year (now sold out) but I've just spotted that they do a stripy version now.  Go go go!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Quick OOTD : 30/05/17 Black and White

Primark Jeans (old)
Zara Bag (current season but sold out online)
Golden Goose 
(old style but current season here )
(nice alternative here )

Just thought I hadn't done one of these quick #OOTD posts for a while.  

So here's a quick #OOTD 😜

Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday Five : 26 May 2017

I had a little break. Did you miss me? No? Oh. Serves me right for asking.

Friday Five (1 of 5) New Kicks

I bought mine from The Acey 
Also available at La Redoute with 40% off currently here. Use Code BIG40 

Well it's been raining so much up till this week that I haven't been able to wear my new Vejas and now it's too hot to put my feet in them. I can't win! I fancied a pair of canvas style pumps which weren't Converse and I wanted a slightly more European feel to them. I didn't want that sporty vibe which comes with the Adidas Stans and Superstars, I wanted to feel all minimal and APC, Sessun, Margaret Howell. You get the gist.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Vita 'Next' of Kin

Well not technically a Vita Kin top but it looks like a pretty good dupe doesn't it? Sometime's it pays to be a titch and find yourself looking through the kids section of Next to see what you can squeeze yourself in to. I've ordered an age 15 and 16 to compare. Bargain too! 

Friday Five (3 of 5) Vinegar

I did photograph a bottle of vinegar but I couldn't bring myself to post it.

I bought a top recently from Ebay and despite it being sold as NWOT (New Without Tags) it still had a whiff of perfume about it. I threw it in the washing machine with some towels and some distilled vinegar and voila at the end - no scent. I do this with towels every now and then to prevent that musty odour that can occur no matter how religious you are about washing and drying them. I just add the vinegar in to the fabric conditioner compartment so it goes through the final rinse. 

Friday Five (4 of 5) Espadrilles

Kate Moss for Topshop blouse (old but this one is also cute)

I already have a pair of bronze leather Gaimo espadrilles and I got them from TK Maxx a couple of years back. And I couldn't resist the above coral coloured pair when I spotted them online. I may have have done the happy dance when I found that they were the perfect colour to go with my little Kate Moss for Topshop top.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Jelly

Aldi Raspberry Jelly (all mine)

When I was pregnant the first time round, I had cravings for jelly and oranges. Not together though. I currently have a craving for Aldi's raspberry jelly which comes in a little pack of three. I buy them for the boys to have as pudding but keep conveniently forgetting to tell them and then I have to eat them myself. Can I repeat - I am NOT pregnant.


Have a good bank holiday weekend y'all!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Five : 12 May 2017

Friday Five (1 of 5) Mango Dress

Topshop sandals (old but similar bargain pair here)

I mentioned this dress in last week's Friday Five and said I'd give an update after I hooked up with the DHL man. I like it but I'm still wondering how much wear I will get out of something like this. I have a poor track record with dresses unless they're casual shirt dresses. I also know I should stay away from off the shoulder numbers as I know they annoy me but strangely enough, this one seems to stay in place. This is because the elastic across the top is quite loose (not sure if it is just the dress I had). Infact I had to pinch a couple of inches out with a couple of pins to stop it hanging a little too low but the alteration is quite simple. But once pinned in place, it's good. The length isn't bad for a shorty like me and the print is dark and hides dirt well. Yes I did say it hides dirt well. What elevates the dress? That little gingham belt tie which gives it the 2017 lift. Not in to gingham? A little tan woven belt is good too.

Friday Five : (2 of 5) Putting The Phone Down

Put the phone down Sue!

A couple of years ago I was a more conscientious IG poster and I also went through liking the majority of the pics I saw as it felt polite (curry rarely photographs well) and it was zapping all the fun and time out of IG for me. So I took a step back and decided to put the phone down and go off and do things like normal life stuff - cooking, cleaning, ironing and keeping the kids alive. And these days, I sometimes choose not to post so I don't find myself glued to the phone checking for updates and getting caught up in things which I really didn't need to. Admit it, it's very easy to lose yourself on IG. One minute it's 1.30pm, next thing it's school pick up time and you've done nada. Or rather, you've seen three pairs of shoes on someone's IG feed and you're hell bent on tracking them down and won't rest till you've found and maybe ordered them. Whoops. So sorry if I don't always respond straightaway - I try to limit my IG abuse to certain times of the day.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Rice Cakes

Lidl Rice Cakes

I took the wrong exit off the motorway today and found myself going past a Lidl. So I swung in to see what delights they had and I pounced on the rice cakes. Why? Because within a pack, the rice cakes are individually packed in smaller packs which make them less likely to go stale. I sometimes buy the Kallo ones and apart from the very real struggle of trying to get a rice cake out intact, they usually went stale by the time you made it half way down the pack which meant it got binned. So I bought the Lidl rice cakes (nice with almond butter and honey). Aldi used to do them too but now they seem to only do the chocolate covered ones. 

Friday Five (4 of 5) New Look Floral Top

I spotted the above top whilst surfing the other night. A white top with pretty embroidery and broderie details and frill sleeves. What more could you ask for?

Friday Five (5 of 5) Nice Bag

That bag stopped me in my tracks the other day. I had to get on my tip toes to reach it to get it down to have a proper nosey. The colour is described as blush and it's a fab pinky nude. It comes with a separate purse inside and at £24 I did a double take at the tag. I'm currently thinking about it ... a lot.


Last Note :

  • Number 4 on the list this week came as a result of seeing Bean's feed.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


I fell in love with that blouse up there. Infact I fell in love with the whole look and vibe. Oh to be seventeen again and looking so sweet and nonchalant and effortlessly cool. It's a French brand of course. Soeur.Fr

But I was too lazy to order it and deal with the overseas postage and it's not the cheapest little chemise on the block and I know with me, it's all in the thrill of the chase. So I did a bit of looking around and came up with ....

That will do nicely thank you! The other thing I know about me is that the cheaper the item, the more wear I get out of it as I'm not so precious. And I can see this becoming one of those throw it on numbers which does the work for you. You look like you've made an effort even if you haven't. I rather dislike clothes which are hard work, a tug down here, a hoick up there. You know what I mean. Anyway, it is 100% cotton with a cute little frill neck detail. I like that it's a button up which means I can wear the collar open which is how I prefer to wear my shirts and blouses - kind of relaxed. Oh yes and as it wasn't the most expensive shirt on the block, there are a few factors to consider - it's not the finest or thickest cotton and there were a couple of untidy threads around the button holes which I quickly sorted out. The embroidery doesn't also extend round the back but I figured that what I can't see, I won't worry about. If you're happy with that - go for it. It's cute and easy to throw on. And one last thing ... I sized up as the arms were a little snug. Big sigh.

Sandals (old but similar here)
M&S Bag (old but nice alternative here)

Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday Five : 05 May 2017

Bet you thought I wasn't going to do one this week. So did I but here we are again.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Wanderlust

I saw this a while back and couldn't find it but it looks like it's online now. I like it.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Tees

Topshop Bonjour Boys Tee (sold out online - still available in store)

I'm currently obsessed with slogan tees or anything with a design on. I have a few in my possession but that doesn't mean I will keep them all. I just like to see which works best and with what. Some fit better than others, some are made nicer and some I'm not sure go with anything in my wardrobe. But that's the joy of returns policies! That one up there is one I'm testing out to see if it goes with anything other than jeans. It does.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Fidget Spinners

Identical one found here.

"Mummy, mummy, can I have a Fidget Spinner please?"
"A Fidget Spinner"
"Err let me look in to this".

That was Tuesday afternoon. So I did look in to them and so did the husband and then he noticed something. That they all seemed to be from Hong Kong. "Isn't that where your sister is currently?" he asked. So I WhatsApped a pic across to my sis and she WhatsApped me back a pic of a batch of Fidget spinners that she had already bought. Even better still, she was back in the UK on Thursday. Love her. Oh yes ... that metal one up there - spins beautifully. Wonderful action!!!

Friday Five (4 of 5) Dress

I had to order this to try. I missed the DHL man today. I'll report back next week.

Friday Five (5 of 5) AWOL Bin

Me wondering where my bin went.
Just joking but I wasn't really going to take a pic of my wheelie bin.

The big wheelie bins get put out on a Tuesday every fortnight. This week when I got back home, only one of the two bins had been returned. One had gone AWOL. So I waited till the evening to see what bins were still left after everyone had taken theirs back in. Mine was still AWOL. Till it turned up the next morning looking a bit newer and cleaner. I was delighted to see it but I was just about to ring the council and chew someone's ear about my bin so it would have been nice if they'd just popped a note through the door to let me know what was happening instead of letting me get all het up about missing bins. Just saying.

Have a good weekend all!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Friday Five : 28 Apr 2017

Friday, Friday, Friday. Comes round so fast doesn't it? Or not fast enough for many.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Shoessss

Zara Blouse (old)
Gaimo Espadrilles (old but similar here)

I dragged out my old Gaimo bronze espadrilles after seeing Jess Soothill wearing her pair. They are infact quite a good in-between shoe when you want to look a little bit more summer without going the whole hog (the toe reveal). And I had two school mums asking me today if I'd been anywhere nice today. I think it was the shoes. They never ask me when I wear my trainers. True dat.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Khaki Wide Leg Pants

Well it started with the Gap Khaki wide leg crops which came and went as fast as it took for them to  be delivered and for me to try them on. Hilarious. Then I tried the Next wide leg crops (above picture) which were okay'ish but I'm not convinced about them on me and they have the most annoying tie belt thing ever which is impossible to tie well. Then I went to COS and fell in love with these which were not wide legged at all but I loved the mensy slouchy feel about them but they were too slack round the waist and the crotch kept falling down and the size down was too tight. Then I went for the Next wide leg khaki jean crop things as a last resort. Which were as hilarious as the first Gap ones. So .... the current situation is no khaki wide leg pants situation unless anyone out there is aware of any I've not tried yet and wish to add another pair for me to stress over. Or I could just move on.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Shoessss Again

You know those yellow shoes in the last post? Well I did say I'd tried them on and I even managed to walk in them which quite surprised me. And then I also spotted the off white colour version too. Which colour say you?

Friday Five (4 of 5) Uniqlo Love In (1)

Uniqlo Jumpsuit (straight out of the packet)

Along with my little trench, I ordered two jumpsuits from Uniqlo. One a more traditional style and the other, a culotte style one. I love the culotte one. However, I've got my sensible head on .... will I get the wear out of it and besides which it's sleeveless and I don't like showing my arms off. Oh yes, I'm wearing a size small here and the length on the leg is a lot longer on me than on the website model but I think I can get away with this. It has good reviews and I have a feeling it works on tall girls and small. I feel all sort of minimalist and Zen'ish in this like I should be drinking green tea in tiny little cups. Still don't like showing my arms though.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Garment Steamer

Left side - after using the steamer.

I did an IG story using my little handheld garment steamer to get the creases out of my new mac.  I had quite a few enquiries about it so I thought I'd tell you a little more. Mine was from Hong Kong and is about 7-8 years old. I also had one of those rather industrial looking ones  (from Argos) which have a separate tank for the water and take up far too much room but I never used it as it was too faffy to set up and clean out. I much prefer my little handheld one and all I know is you fill the tank, let it warm up and press that button to get the steam going. And I remember from somewhere saying that you should steam upwards rather than down. I can't remember why but that's what I do. I tend to use them for jackets and coats which are awkward to iron and stops the shiny marks you sometimes get when using a iron going over bumpy bits like linings. Well seeing as how you can't get one like mine exactly, I did spot that there was this one on Amazon for around a tenner which has got good reviews for anyone who is interested in trying one.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


H&M Shirt (old but similar here)
Swedish Hasbeens (old but current version here)

I gave my old cotton Gap trench to a friend. It was an XS and in my heart of hearts, I knew that I should have picked up the size S when I had a chance. There were two left in the shop and I thought I'd have a think and I went to get my hair done, came back and there was only the XS left. I nabbed it pronto and left the shop. And I have worn it but really, just an extra inch breathing and jumper room would have been nice. So I was ruthless and passed it on. 

Which left a trench gap in the wardrobe. Until I spotted a rather plain little number on Uniqlo at a very modest price. I added it to an order I was making and hoped it was okay. And in all honesty, it was fine but not exactly setting my heart a pitter patter and it was a bit long and I was feeling a bit lazy about altering it so I packed it up neatly and put it back in the bag. A day or so later, I saw one of my favourite Instagram ladies wearing a Uniqlo mac and being nosey I asked about it and was told, it had been shortened. I unwrapped my mac, pinned it up and thought, I can work with this and I can shorten it. So I did. Result. Thank you Mandajrt.

Anyway, I know trench coats are having a little bit of a moment right now, so I've put a little compilation of how I'd like to wear one.

1. Topshop Bonjour Boys Tee
It's cute. And it's in a lovely soft cotton. And I've got this. As Baby Bear would say, "It's not too big, it's not too small, it's just right!"

2. M&S Straight Leg Jeans
I bought these a little while back and they sold out in the colour that I'm wearing. I got them in a size 10 originally but found them pretty loose and went back for an 8 and they are a bit of a squeeze but I'm in them just about! They are also 100% cotton so there's no lycra but if you want something to hold you in a bit - these are the jeans for you. I've since been back in store and tried another pair of size 10's and they are not quite as roomy as the first pair I tried on, so errm I've picked those up as I love them that much and now I have a pair for thin days and a pair for fat days. They are like a Levi jean for girls who don't get on with a Levi fit (me).

3. Uniqlo Trench
Simple clean lines in this trench. I like looking at the APC and Margaret Howell websites to reaffirm why I buy plain simple things and they often have similar styled trench coats. It's quite a light number so perfect as a little throw on for these late spring days and cool summer ones.

4. Next Bronze Clog Sandal
I like a cloggy sandal. And these look like a good cloggy sandal and in a bronze colour way for a bit of extra oomph. But if you like them in a more traditional finish, they do them in a tan leather too. The great thing about these kind of sandals is the little platform at the front but which aren't too chunky so you get the height and extra cushioning without the pain. And the price is so much kinder on the purse than traditional Hasbeens.

5. Hobbs Trench
I love everything about this khaki olive coloured trench. It probably won't fit me but if it did, I would seriously consider it as I'd love a khaki trench and this one looks beautifully made. Infact come to think of it, I want a navy trench as well as a black one and a khaki one.

6. M&S Leather Angular Heel Sandal
These are happy shoes. I tried them on in store and I had a couple of ladies cooing over them whilst I was messing around trying to take a picture. They are surprisingly walkable in as they are a block heel albeit an "angular" one  and they go well with the Mango tee coming up. They also come in off white, I loved them both!

7. Mango Femme Tee
If you can go to the effort of ordering and waiting oodles of weeks for a Sezane tee, do. If you didn't fit the Topshop version which I hear is well huge, then maybe this Mango one might fill the gap. It's more of a traditional stiffer cotton rather than the soft worn in styles. But the yellow and black detailing is spot on and oh so current.

8. H&M Slim Regular Jeans
I still wear dark grey/black jeans in the summer. And they still go with a lot of what I already have - even the summer stuff. Black is always in.


Last Note :

  • Can I bend your ear? I love it when online shopping sites have a place for reviews and Uniqlo does that. So I was reading their reviews on some of their trench coats and came across one where someone had returned a trench because the sleeves was one inch too long. One inch too long!!!! Get over it! Get them altered!!!! You could have the most amazing item there but for that one inch which you (or your seamstress) can actually do something about. Get the necessary alteration done. There is no amazing all singing all dancing item which fits all, it's not just possible. We are all different heights, shapes and sizes and there are even variations within these sizes. Just do yourself a favour and get the garment altered. It will make all the difference. I promise.
  • And items which get returned just because they are a bit crumpled. Iron them or steam them. Maybe I've studied too many fabrics but some items I know that as soon as they've encountered a bit of steam, I know they  will come out okay and even more interestingly, they don't crease half as badly upon wearing as you would imagine. I usually press or steam out the creases and then do a crumple test back on the garment. You'll get an idea of how well it will wear.
  • I'm a titch - I don't expect everything to fit me. If you're a giant, you'll have the same problems. If you're in between - jammy bovine.
  • I'll shut up now.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Parallel Lines

H&M Stripe Shirt

For anyone who follows me on IG and had a peek at my Stories the Saturday before last, I featured this H&M stripy shirt and said it was good. It's even better this week as there's an extra £5 off it now. 

I love a shirt in the summer and usually default to my blue ones but I fancied something a little different. Something a little more interesting but something still quite me. Unlike the Next top a couple of posts back, this shirt is not something I had to mull over. I like the certainty of some items where you know it's a keeper from the off. I have arm coverage and I have tummy coverage and it gives good slouch. I did size up to a 12 just to make sure. Now just so you know, it's polyester but I'm okay with that - it gives good drape on a shirt like this and ..... it doesn't crease.

I've got lots that go with shirt in the wardrobe but if you're looking for ideas ......

I didn't get on the with the insta famous Gap version much as I wanted them. These ones are next on my list to try. And they have pockets.

Got to have a bit of wrist candy of some sort if you don't wear much neck candy. I like the masculine lines of this one.

Come on, they're cute aren't they? Wonder how big they are in real life?

It's not a bad little shirt. I picked through all the ones in store to check the stitching of course.

Ring handle bag. I always was a bit behind the times but I like them now. I can't afford the Simon Miller one but the Mango one is a good alternative.

Strangely drawn to these. I like a tassel on my sandals and I like this little hit of red - just elevates it a bit.

Straw bags are all the rage. Just saying. And I know there's a lot of ladies out there who are fond of a pompom or two.

In the basket. In the basket. Love.

A little subtler than the the H&M one but I quite like the boxy shape of this. It's silk too for those who can't stomach the polyester.

They're classic but not too skinny. Not suck you in skinny which you don't want when it's blazing hot out there.

Just spotted this gold one. I have something similar from Other Stories in silver but I'd love a gold one as you know, you have days when you're all over the silver jewellery and other days when you're a bit of a golden girl.

To give you that little bit of je ne sais quoi.


Last Note :
  • Parallel Lines. Fantastic album. By the high priestess Blondie.