Changing My Leopard Scarf Spots

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

ASOS Jumper (can not recommend - bobbles like a rabid rabbit)
Uniqlo Grey Tee (just seen)

This was going to be a quick OOTD post the other day but I never got round to sharing it. In fact this was from a few days ago when I still looked relatively sane and was not in my decorating clobber and I didn't have white emulsioned hair - I've been painting a ceiling and sometimes you forget when to stop going up that ladder until you bang your head on that freshly emulsioned patch that you've just done. Brings a new meaning to white hair.

Anyway, I mentioned briefly a few posts ago that I was in the mood for scarves again this year and this leopard one from Black.Co.Uk is my latest addition. This is the only leopard scarf I own - I know it's a staple in a lot of ladies wardrobes but I just never got there till now and I have to say I rather like it. I'm funny with scarves - I've been a lot more picky over the last few years as I've been culling them like a mad woman (they fell out of favour big time) so whenever I did buy one, it was thoroughly tested for it's tie-ability or it's waft-ability. Some were too chunky and some too short, some mummified me and some only had the pattern printed on one side - they were all left behind. I have to say, this one is very soft (silk and merino wool content) and extremely easy to tie (once, twice or thrice round the neck is fine) but it still has a nice slight weight to it. This one makes the cut. 

And I don't know about you but are scarves making a bit of a comeback this year or am I imagining it? Hmmmm.


A couple of other scarves caught my eye on the Black.Co.Uk website and these are actually from the mens section - I quite often browse the mens accessories departments for scarves and hats as (1) I have a big head and (2) the patterns are not so frou frou.

  • 1. The black and beige striped scarf - I love how graphic this is and just adds a bit of coolness to an outfit.
  • 2. The Vans. I've been toying with a pair of coloured trainers for ages and it's always been between pink and burgundy but I've just ordered these ginger coloured ones after admiring them on Alex and Jane and then the final nudge came from Grazia this week. I am such a sucker.
  • 3. The Haworth bag, I stuck in there as I basically have this and I thought it might pare well with the ginger Vans coming my way - I like creating montages usually with a little something from my wardrobe so I can see how new looks come together.
  • 4. They call this burgundy on the website- I think they should have called it Blackberry. Sounds better already doesn't it? And it's a colour that I can wear happily - it doesn't have that redness about it which can "date" some burgundy shades, but a more purpley tone. This is in a herringbone weave so has a little texture too. Lovely.
  • 5. Cowboy boots! Yes. I've been eyeing these up for yonks. I'm not sure they are me but I still love the detailing on them. Not too in your face either but just a little detail to take them up a notch.
  • 6. I just like the detailing on the bag. Sometimes black bags are just a little too black and need a little something to lift them especially if the rest of your outfit is relatively plain. 
  • 7. Those are the slim leg jeans I'm living in currently. Just a nice relaxed fit as I'm just not feeling the skinnies at the moment. I popped a pair on the other day and it was like "oooof" and couldn't wait to peel them off again. So a looser cut for me for now.
  • 8. I spotted this black fur jacket on the Next website and it reminded me of the Matalan one which I've been wearing for the last few years. Mine has been such a good buy and I love the way it just gives you that immediate "I look like I made an effort" vibe.
  • 9. Black cashmere jumper. Go on, you're worth it! I'm worth it. I have three black ones at last count.

* Scarf c/o Black.Co.Uk


  1. I keep reading about scarves coming back, and I couldn't be happier - I have hundreds! And I love my Primark cheapies as much as some of the pricier ones.

    1. I think it's good to have a mix of the two. I have some cheapies which I wouldn't dream of letting go - they all have their own merits.


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