Friday Five : 27 October 2017

Friday, 27 October 2017

Crikey, Friday has come round really fast and I thought I had a few hours more to put this together but I've been out and about all day (half term and kids to entertain) and now we're off out shortly so I thought I'd try and see what I can pull together quickly for you. 

Friday Five (1 of 5) New Shoes

Right, I can honestly say I would have done stupidly ridiculously bad on the #nospendoctober challenge if I had taken part in it as I bought let me see - three or was it four pair of shoes? But it's not all bad because I have worn them and they give me joy and that's what it's about isn't it? And they didn't cost me the earth, especially my two pairs of ballet pumps (the leather gold ones which I mentioned here previously for £11 and then I picked up a cute little velvet pair in H&M for £3 (seen here) which are amongst my favourite things currently. And I just took delivery of those ASOS Lea strappy ones up there too. I have a witchy version of these in leather from Office from a couple of years back but they are very witchy. These are less so with the rounded front and I like the chunkier straps - they remind me a little of the Vivienne Westwood Roman shoes which I covet wholeheartedly but never seem to manage to save up for. Well I can scratch that itch here and now with these. 

Friday Five (2 of 5) Ouch

Crikey, I've been up ladders decorating and doing all manner of housey things and I was going to make the dinner when I thought, the hubs can do it for a change. He's not made anything for a while and I can crack on and get my decorating done. Hmmm. Not long after he started, there was a "Suuuuueee! I need a little help here" and I thought "Streuth!" but duly trotted down to find him holding his hand aloft with kitchen roll wrapped round his thumb and looking rather faint. "I've cut myself ... badly". The things some people do to get out of cooking! Anyway, he had taken a chunk out of his thumb and after he was dispatched to the sofa looking rather faint, I made the dinner. He went to the Minor Injuries unit the other day and came back with a rather badly bandaged thumb and a few big plasters. Now a few years back, my eldest son was a bit gung-ho with the safety scissors at nursery and whipped the top of his thumb off. At the Minor Injuries unit, the nice nurse there taught me how to cut the plasters to fit neatly on top of a thumb because as you know, they are rather awkward to apply neatly. If you want to know how ... watch this video. All I can say is, I've spent the rest of the day going "Boom!" to the hubs and sticking my thumb up at him!

Friday Five (3 of 5) Skirts

Skirt picked up in store in H&M

Well it's 15% off currently at H&M if you're an H&M Club member and whilst in store this week, I picked up this floral pleated skirt. It has a pleated top mesh layer and doesn't crease - I hate it when you wear a pleated skirt and the pleats at the back do their own thing and iron themselves out when you sit down. This one doesn't. However ... I had already ordered a polkadot jacquard one from the site (before the 15% offer came on) and in a size 10. It arrived yesterday and I love it but I'm worried that I can't eat in it as it's quite a neat fit which I can just about get away with but my sensible head tells me to check out the size up too. So I have now ordered a 10 and 12 with the discount and we shall see. I love the frills at the front. Ole!

(losing light here so apologies for grainy pic)

Friday Five (4 of 5) Not A DarkSide Girl

Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue

I've been wanting to go over to the dark side for some time - well since 2015 which is when this picture was taken and I wanted to paint a room in Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue. The hubs finally let me loose in his study and I painted it. I hate it. I didn't sleep because of it. I need to go back to the light side - I just don't do dark rooms. I'll repaint when he's next away. Don't tell him. 

Friday Five (5 of 5) Dustpan & Brush

Yup, my little brush with the rubber bristles finally gave up the last of its bristles and I had to buy a new one. I could have picked up a lovely looking wooden one with natural bristles and which was aesthetically pleasing to the eye but instead, I picked up this grey and orange number from Amazon and I love it. I find the rubber bristles grab bits off the floor a lot better. So that was me picking function over form for once. I'm getting old. And yes, I'm taking the mick with my flatlay of my new dustpan and brush.

Have a good weekend y'all!

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