Quick OOTD : 12/10/17 Basic

Thursday, 12 October 2017

H&M Skirt (old but linked similar below)

Pretty basic.


I thought I'd wear a skirt today as the sun was shining in the lovely blue sky when I looked out of my window. And then I went out on the school run and I thought "Pfft - fooled again! It's blumming freezing!" But I did it and then changed back in to my joggy bots pretty pronto.

Just throwing up a few looks there around how to style the tube skirts for casual wear. I've got my eye on those pink Nike Internationalist trainers because it's another year down the line and I'm still hankering after pink trainers. I should really just get on with it. And for anyone who likes the OTT glamour of some of the Gucci sneakers out there, ASH do a slightly more modestly priced version which could give them a run for their money.

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