Happy strappy.

I nipped in to York yesterday and the first place I dived in was Mango and the first thing that caught my eye were the strappy sandals which have been getting a lot of love all over Instagram and blogsphere. I did have my eye on them but as I couldn't decide on which colour was the best and I was too lazy to order four pairs of sandals and having to return three pairs, I basically did nothing.  As it was, all four colours were in store. The colour of choice for most is the black. I chose the snakeskin. Why? Because they immediately struck me as the most expensive looking out of the batch with black coming a close second. And on top of that, the greyish colour is more flattering on the foot for me and better for elongating the leg-line. Depending on the style of a shoe or sandal, black footwear quite often cuts my legs off at rather unflattering points and make them shorter and stumpier than what they already are. Why add to that eh?

And you know these are staying right? And that I'm not going to change my mind and return them. Because guess what? 

I've cut the tags off!

Primark Blouse (old), Jack Wills Jeans (old), Mango Sandals


Last Note :

  • For the record, I tried on a few pairs in the different colours - the zip can be a little stiff at the back but I've found that I don't actually need to undo the zip anyway for putting on the sandals as you can loosen the laces enough to slip your foot in. 
  • As these are not leather, they can look a little plasticky in certain finishes - pick carefully.
  • They come up quite high on the ankle and may be a little uncomfortable for some. I tried on different colours in the same sizes and some were more comfortable than others - go figure.
  • For once, I'm glad I didn't order online. I definitely needed to see the four different colours in real life as what I thought I was going to go for ended up in fact being my last choice.

I'm on day 6 of #mystylephotochallenge on Instagram and the theme is yellow. So I knocked the above arrangement up this morning. I was faffing with some daffodils and they wouldn't behave. Then I held them together in a bunch and I thought, they look rather nice like this, I just need something to tie them with. A dig in the odds and sods box and hey presto - one spare piece of Net-a-porter ribbon!

A bow, a gin glass and a picture later and here we are. 

Easy peasy. Everyone can do that one!


Last Note 

  • Try to make sure your stems are the same length so they stand together better.

Ramblings of a Woman with Hindsight
  • My recycling boxes blew away this week with the gales that hit the country on Tuesday. They are still missing. I should have put them in the garage as soon as the bin men had been. Hindsight is wonderful. Hmmm.

Ramblings of a Possessed Woman
  • I have some bad-ass Kitty shoes in my possession. When I look in the mirror, I look like I have demonic cats grinning at me. The insane part of me is rather tickled by them and the sane part of me thinks "send back the shoes".  Don't worry, I'm going to send back the shoes. I've exorcised the demonic cats from my system now. 

Ramblings of a Deluded Woman
  • This week I returned these sandals to Next. I thought they had a little bit of a 70s/80s Gucci vibe about them. That statement alone probably warrants the title "Ramblings of a Deluded Woman". These actually have a better Gucci vibe to them with the horsebit trim. Thanks Eve for putting me on the right track.

Ramblings of A Sensible Woman
  • I also returned a khaki belted jacket (not online) that I picked up from the H&M Conscious Collection. It's a nice enough jacket but in all reality - I'm not going to wear it. I have to belt it and I hate things which tie around my non existent waist. But at least I know that and I returned it.
H&M Conscious Jacket

Ramblings of an Addicted Woman
  • We are now in April. I have been living off avocados since January for breakfast. My name is Sue and I am an Avo Addict.
It's an avocado folks. From Sainsburys.

Ramblings of a Woman With Too Many Pretty Tops
  • I have a lot of pretty white tops. The New Look cami has to go back despite it being really pretty. I don't feel good in it :(

Ramblings of a Bored Woman
  • I had to go to PC World this week and it's a pretty boring place. I did get to play with some cameras and some hoovers and I amused myself by taking pictures of George in front of a huge TV screen like this ....

Ramblings of a Woman Who Doesn't Want to To Do It All
  • I can't bake, I don't bake and I don't want to bake. I have bought Ben's cake for his birthday this weekend. I can live with that. I'm not a woman who wants to do it all. I know my limitations!

Ramblings of a Woman Who Still Dresses Like A Student
  • Here's the evidence. 
I just need a few A4 files to complete the look.

Ramblings of a Cheap & Cheerful Woman

  • When I put the above picture out on Instagram, I had some comments on how healthy and shiny my hair looked. I think it's the first time I've conditioned it this year! And I used a conditioner I found in the Pound Shop. It obviously works.

Ramblings of an Impatient Woman

  • I painted my toes in OPI's Nein Nein Nein. It looked lovely but I ran out of my usual Sally Hansen topcoat and used some other stuff instead. I stuck my feet in my slippers not long after and it all smudged. NOT happy.

Ramblings of a Woman Embracing Easter

  • I'm all class I am. Last year, I saw lovely instagram pics of children carrying cute wicker baskets doing their Easter Egg hunts. I sent mine out with a Sainsbury carrier each. If they're lucky, I might upgrade them to Waitrose ones this year.
If you eat all these, you will feel sick.

And I think on that note, I should stop my rambly ramblings and wish you a Happy Easter instead!

Happy Easter!

..... especially of the cream/ivory/white variety. I personally think that they have magic powers - they can transform you and make you look and feel pretty even if your natural state is more tomboy than Cinderella. I love them and I thought I'd tell you about a few which I picked up recently. I'm not sure I'm keeping one of them but I've included it as though it may not be right for me, it may be right for someone else. 

The first one I came across at the beginning of March was from the H&M children's section. Okay, so not everyone is going to fit into kid's clothing but for those who are around a size 10 or under - you can get away with this one.

H&M Girls Blouse (not online but can be found in store)

On the hanger, it looks a bit of a mess. Mine was wedged in between lots of other tops and looked rather sorry for itself when I found it. But I could see it had potential and I liked the side tie which was a nice little detail. The fabric is a little sheer and like a thin cheesecloth and bearing this in mind, when I got it home, I steamed it rather than iron it to help the unwanted creases drop out without losing the crinkled effect. I'm actually wearing a size 170+ (Age 14), the biggest size they have in the girls section and I would say this is the equivalent of a ladies size UK 10.  And guess what? I even had a penny change from a tenner :)

The next top is also from H&M and I bought this after my rather unsuccessful attempt with the Next folk top. This one has actually been in H&M for a while now and I've tried it on a couple of times but I didn't buy as I was in winter jumper mode. Now that we have hit British summer time - bring on the pretty tops!

This one is 100% cotton, not too sheer and has the cutest sleeve details. It also reminds me of this beautiful Talitha Geeti top in shape. I bought this in a size 8 rather than my usual size 10 as it has a little volume to it but is still quite flattering  Basically you can't fail with a pretty white number like this for this summer, next summer and every summer after that. This time I had no penny change from a tenner :( 

When I was ordering the New Look gold strappy sandals, I stuck this cami top in with the order. 

It's pretty isn't it? Heck they're all pretty! And 100% cotton. How much detail is there and how lovely is that lace trim? And all for £17.99. Granted that the lace trim and embroidery doesn't go all the way round to the back but to be honest, a lot of tops don't and they go for much more than that. I think it's the perfect little cami for sticking under a kimono or a cardi - I like a bit of coverage. My only concern? I could do with it being a bit shorter in length - this isn't a strap shortening deal (it does have adjustable straps), this is a couple of inches longer than it should be on me and I worry about it looking like it's lengthening my torso and shortening my legs even more than what they already are. Hmm. But it would be perfect on someone a little taller than me. Have a look at the top on the model here and where the top finishes on her compared to me. Am I overthinking this? I'm still deciding - any opinions? Oh yes, I bought this one in a size 10.

And now the last one. 

Zara TRF Top

I think this must have come in to Zara the day I popped in and I'm sorry I can't find it online. I was on my way out of the store when I saw it. I took a size medium in to the changing room and a quick try on was followed by a quick trip to the till. Another 100% cotton top - this is almost like an unbleached cotton and the embroidery also stops at the side. Something I like about this is the cutwork detail which just gives a hint of skin without revealing too much. Cute. 

So I did say I like a pretty top or two didn't I? I wasn't joking. Which one is your favourite? And what do you think about the camisole?


Last Note :

  • If you don't have a handheld steamer like I do for steaming jackets or delicate fabrics, I just press lots of steam out from the iron just over the garment pulling it straight as I go along but without actually letting the iron touch the fabric.

Every year at the beginning of the new season, I go a bit mad. I get a bit giddy kipper over all the lovely new things coming in to the shops and online and lots of things make it home with yours truly. Then a week or three later ... they leave. Usually after I've woken up, smelt the coffee, tried them on at home and done a fashion twirl or three in the mirror. Then I think, what on earth was I thinking and bag everything up and return to my sweatshirts and jeans. Want to know what some of the items were which came and went? I'll tell you about ten of them ... I can't remember the rest (there's been a lot).

Exhibit 1. 

So, it pains me to say this ... incase any of you take on board my views ... but I didn't keep the New Look strappy lace up sandals. I really did like them at the time I blogged them and I even went so far as to bring a pair of the black ones home with me too after that. Then I dug out the pair of sandals I got at Christmas which I've been saving for the summer and the love I had for the two pairs of New Look ones disappeared. Just like that. They were also very flat when I compared them to my existing sandals and I know from past experience I have a couple of very thin soled sandals which I don't wear often as they are just not that comfortable. So back they went. However, I do have to say that the leather is very soft and is therefore very accommodating of those like me with fat feet.

Exhibit 2. 

Ahh! The must have folk top from Next this season. I ordered a size 8 (one size down) as it looked like the kind of thing that had the potential to swamp me and guess what? It swamped me! I received the ivory version first as the navy was on a delay. After trying the ivory, I cancelled the navy. It might have been better in a size 6 but I am over the tassels now and besides, the worry of washing it and wondering how my tassels would come out was too much for me. Let's move on.

Exhibit 3. 

I really really like this. A stripy oversized shirt. I wanted a change from my usual blue shirts and I thought stripes would be the way to go. I still genuinely love it but alas the length of it does not love me - it is stonkingly long on me. I look like I'm wearing a nightshirt and I did think at the worst, I could keep it as a night shirt but to be honest I'm a Pj bots kind of girl. But I still keep trying it on when I see it and guess what? It still looks like a nightshirt on me #walkonby

Exhibit 4.

During a moment of madness when I was in Next looking for a birthday present for my MIL, I came across these kitty slipper shoes in the children's section and tried them on and bought them. Next day I returned them. To give them their dues, they were very comfortable. And I haven't totally lost my marbles - I've got a secret soft spot for the Charlotte Olympia Kitty slippers which are totally out of my price range. However, these Marc Jacobs flats might be my next moment of madness purchase ;o) as they look a bit badass kitty.

Exhibit 5.

Next Dungarees

Yup, I tried dungarees. I put them on. I had a good laugh. I packed them up and returned them. To be honest, I did order them partly out of curiosity and to see whether I could rock this. Err ... not these ones anyway. These were a particularly bad fit on me as I seemed to be able to stuff two bolster cushions down each side of them as well. I have now decided to shelve the whole dungaree idea but true to my nature ... can I put a disclaimer here should I find that ever elusive super comfortable and super flattering pair?

Exhibit 6.

Flares. Oh lovely flares. I really thought I was going the whole flares route this summer but I am now having a rethink. I have a pair of ASOS mini kick flares which are okay but I don't think they are the real deal. Then I managed to nab a pair of the M&S flares which were flying off the internet as fast as you like. They were a lovely fit apart from the six inches or so extra at the bottom. Can I be bothered to do a hem job on them? No. So back they went. But I have to say, they really do have a lovely high waist, they hold all your bits in and they are one of the more flattering pairs I've tried on ... they actually beat the MiH Marrakesh which I ordered one morning at 3am when I couldn't sleep and I was obviously in never never land. #Wendy

Exhibit 7.

Yes, I really did order a culottes playsuit thingy. I just felt like it! And strangely enough, it wasn't as horrific as I thought it could be. It's quite thin (my bum! my bum! my eyes! my eyes!) and it's a touch long and a bit low on the old cleavage front and though it doesn't sound like it has a lot going for it, it did somehow sow the seed that this might be something I want to investigate further. And because I also knew I would feel a little too "exposed" with such a skimpy top half and then I didn't want to bung on a cardi and kill the whole look, I think a sleeved version might be the way to go. See! I have given this considerable thought! So this one is going but another might come in its place yet.

Exhibit 8.

Boden seem to be in the habit of knocking out a pair of must have shoes each season. The current ones are the Lille lace up strappy pumps. I ordered the navy and the service was quick and the shoes arrived and I was a little non plussed by them to be honest. I think they are certainly a statement shoe and they look lovely on so many other people but I didn't love them on me. And they were a little uncomfortable on the ankles. And then I started to get nit picky (which is good as it makes me return things rather than live with them and niggle me to death) but I didn't like the way the laces were stitched. But that's because I was comparing them to the designer versions out there and the precision stitching on their laces and that was being unfair. So back they went too.

Exhibit 9.

I decided to send back the M&S flares and put my money towards a pair of Levis 501 CT jeans - the new cut and tapered version. They looked a little rubbish on me and I actually looked better and felt more comfortable in my old Zara jeans. Well money saved is money saved. There was a part of me that said, it would have been nice to have a pair of Levis in my life again (the last time round was Nick Kamen era) and I liked the fact that these would be more tapered so hopefully more flattering than regular fit Levis 501s. And maybe I chose the wrong finish for me or the wrong size - I sized down two sizes (going by the fit that I was after) but they did nothing for me. The thing to remember is, everybody suits different things and I'm not saying these were bad - they just didn't work for me.

Exhibit 10.

All from ASOS - I love ASOS Premier!

Errr ... these are just some of the denim pieces that have flitted in and out of Maison So So in the last few months. Let's face it, I live in jeans so of course I would naturally investigate the options out there. From left to right - yes, that first pair are are a pair of cropped wide jeans. They did nothing for me but I loved the silhouette on the model. The next pair are the parallel straight leg jeans which were plain weird on. The denim midi dress was too long but if I'd been 5ft 4, I would have kept it - it was really nice. Then came the flares - the skinny MiH Marrakesh and the regular MiH Marrakesh were both too long and too much of a bother to alter. The fit was okay but not enough to make me do a whoop de whoop. Basically you don't know till you've tried and I tried and I tried.

Errrr and there were also ten thousand pairs of boots and shoes from Next from their clearance section. I couldn't find all the pics but let's put it this way, there was a pair of over the knee boots in there which I ordered when I wasn't right of mind (probably after I'd been deprived of wi-fi for a week in Wales).

So that's it. Surprisingly, I did have some successes. Yes I did! But that's another post for another day methinks.

So, have you all fared much better than me? Or are you a challenger for my Queen of Returns title?

Last year, I bought these. I thought they were fab and tinted with a smidgeon of sexy green coolness. Well, I'm sorry to say, they have now been usurped in my affections and my new favourite pair are these.

What? These rather unassuming boring black sunglasses? These are better than last years? Yes honestly .... look!

Want a better look?

H&M Sunglasses

Look at that soft sexy pinkness. These are da bomb. These are da blush pink sexy bomb! L.O.V.E. 

And I even paid a whole £2 more than last year's pair for them too! They were a whole £5.99.

But unlike last year, there is a link to them here online! Wonders will never cease!

So .... see you here for next year's new favourite pair eh?

Maje Guillaume Sweatshirt, H&M Jeans, Susie Ho Bracelet

So today's forecast is dark blue jeans with a hint of bright sweatshirt. Hmmm.

So it seems that my jeans are an excellent barometer of the weather about to happen. Yesterday I wore black jeans and it poured it down and it even threw in a smattering of hailstones for good measure. Today, I am wearing dark blue jeans which means the weather will hold out, probably no rain and a mixture of sun and cloud. Move over Carol - I'm after your job.

Oh yes, and the sweatshirt. This is a rather bright number for little old me but I can tell you now they did it in grey and I passed the grey over for "framboise". Told you I was a sucker for anything which you give a fancy colour name to. I never said but this was the second item I was holding out for in the Net a Porter sale earlier this year. I managed to get one in the sale but it was too big and the lettering wasn't centred (Miss Picky So So), so back that went and I eventually got mine online from Maje itself ... complete with fancy bag packaging and everything. It all makes the shopping experience that little bit sweeter doesn't it? This sweatshirt is a nice warm one, you know one of those with the fleecy fluffy insides which makes it just perfect for those chilly spring days. And yes it would seem that I am living in sweatshirts going by the last few outfit pics but still it makes a nice change from big woolly jumpers. By the way, you can also say it's officially spring because I have moved on to sweatshirts. I find them too cold to wear in the winter even with a heat tech underneath but they're just right for now.

So like I was saying, no rain, a bit of sun and a bit of cloud for today but I hear the the rain is back tomorrow. Black jeans tomorrow eh ;o?

Maje sweatshirt, H&M jeans, Adidas Stan Smiths

And just incase you like the red sweatshirt, these are cute too ....

First up and first choice is this Rag & Bone one. Now on The Outnet. I love it because the red is quite deep and the navy contrasts make it a natural to pair with blue jeans. Just like my Maje one then :o) I'm taking my fashion cues here and will be pairing with lighter denim as the days warm up. I like the cute little bag too - I can see myself hunting down something similar now.

A little bit more purse friendly is this one from Pull & Bear. Pull & Bear do what they say in Yorkshire, "cracking" sweatshirts. I have my eye on a few but as I was looking for red ones, this one did get my attention as it's rather fun and cheeky. I sometimes think fashion gets all a little too serious. This is one of those hell raising scarlet reds - fabulous for those people who can take these brights.

For those with more grown up tastes, how about this leopard print one? Also on The Outnet - a brilliant place to pick up some of those past season designer sweatshirts at more palatable prices. This makes a nice change from the usual camel shades. This one is a little more kick ass. Okay, a lot kick ass!  :)

Red sweatshirts tempting you at all?

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