Friday, 1 March 2019

February Newbies - Rationale & Reason

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February's a funny month fashion wise isn't it? There's still some dregs from the sales (bargain cashmere jumpers anyone?) but I've really got my eye on the newbies coming in. Those new things which give your wardrobe a bit of a kick start. The eagle eyed will have already spotted some of my new additions on Instagram thanks to who I'm working with. I like to think I've chosen a well rounded mix of high low items because that's how I shop anyway. A bargain here offset by a (cough cough) not so much bargain there. I thought I'd do a little round up and provide a little bit of rationale and reason behind my picks.

Now I've always wanted a camel coat. I have never found that elusive camel coat - well I tell a lie, I did find it but I went and bought it in another colour instead which I thought would be more useful and guess what - I've never regretted it. So that tells me something - I don't really need a camel coat or they are not for me. But this Mango wool mix one is along similar lines but a little darker in tone. Basically a lot more wearable for me. I still ummed and aahed over it though as I worried it might be overly boxy and made of some horrid sackcloth type fabric which would make you roll your eyes out loud but as you will have probably deduced - it came good.

Was I seduced by the 65% wool content. No. I am not that much of a stickler for things like that - I covered that off years ago in a blog post here about fabrics. There are good things and bad things to be said for natural fibres and there are good things and bad things to be said about man made. Wool makes some people itch. Polyester makes some people run screaming for the hills. As it is, this coat is a combination of both and is probably all the better for it as the polyester content stops it from creasing. Things I hate include sitting in a car in a pristine outfit to roll out at the end of a two hour journey with enough wrinkles to rival a Sharpei. I don't look like a Sharpei in this coat. Similar colour admittedly but minus the wrinkles.

And it might seem a little daft that I'm buying a coat like this in spring - well it also happens to be the perfect autumn coat. Think ahead! Think ahead!

Anyway, moving on. Trainers. Pink trainers. Pink Nike Air Max One Trainers. 

Yes I already have some but now I have another pair and they have have helped me to scratch that pink itch I get each year when I feel some strange compulsion to factor pink in to my wardrobe. Generally I live in all the dark shades but come spring, I start coming over all girly. I can't help it, it just happens. Did I have doubts about these? Yes. I have doubts about everything I buy until I see them in the flesh and work out what gives and what doesn't. And the thing with Nike Air Max One is that they are the perfect fugly non fugly trainer which will still be around when the proper fugly bricks have all been laid to fashion heaven. How am I wearing these pink sneaks? With a long dress most likely. I like the juxtaposition of pretty versus clunky. I don't like doing full on pretty pretty - I am a mum of boys and somehow somewhere along the way, my girly side has been suppressed a little. I don't actually mind because I did always think that if I had had a little girl, I would have stuck her in a pair of jeans and a Nirvana tee shirt anyway. And Docs. 

So are Nike Air Max One comfy? Yes. Are they true to size? Yes. Are they cool? Who knows - I like them and you should wear what YOU like.

And you know how they always say the early bird snags the best summer fashion stuff? Well yes summer is a little way ahead and we have to get through spring first but didn't we just have #fakespring this last week of February? #fakesummer can't be far off so obviously I had to go for the perfect little black dress when I spotted it. 

It's actually the most perfect little black BUFFET dress from River Island  - to be worn with a pair of cycling shorts or Bridget Jones style pants to preserve your modesty just incase a wayward gust of wind comes whipping past. It's viscose which is a nice light breathable material and it's not as short as some similar dresses on the market currently which makes it a little more age appropriate for someone  well ..... my age .... or taller than me. But for the time being, throw a slouchy cardigan over it and pop a pair of jeans underneath and you're good to go. I do love clothes which transition so well through the seasons. Oh and just incase you were interested - they do a snake print version too here which looks pretty good. But I like black. I always like black.

If you've followed me a while, you'll not that I am not really a tee shirt girl. I am a shirt girl. And now I am a stripy shirt girl.

I like shirts because they're not clingy around the middle and they hide a multitude of middle aged sins. What sins you may ask? Gotcha! You can't tell, because I hide them well under my shirts. I picked the above cotton stripe one as it's just one of those basics which you reach for at the weekend or at least what I reach for at the weekend when I want to look a little pulled together but not total Waynetta. And besides stripes are always good - horizontal or vertical.

Lastly, the eighties called and they want their jumper with the fluro stripe sleeves back. 

Along with tie dye, neon is having a moment. I'm going with the neon as I've yet to find anything tie dye I want to have a relationship with. It's not me tie dye - it's you! So neon it is and I've done it in the safest way I could with a navy jumper with the brightest loudest shoutiest fluro pink stripe down the arms I could find. You have no idea how bright this actually is. The hubs may have raised his eyebrows at this one.  But you know what, you wouldn't lose me on a mountain in this.

Do you know, I haven't written this much in a blog post for ages -it's quite carthartic having a little chunner like that. So - nothing too outrageous this month and I don't think I looked like I was wearing anything I wouldn't normally or picked anything that didn't feel like me. I hope you thought that too.

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Quick OOTD : 21/02/2019 Too Hot.

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H&M Jumper AW18 - similar here
Topshop Bias Cut Skirt AW18 - similar here & petite version here

I've been wanting to wear this combo for a while but it's been too cold to get the legs out. It got to 17 degrees today and I had to take my jumper off. Can't win.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Quick OOTD : 12/02/19 Big Sleeves ....

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H&M Jeans
Golden Goose Trainers (skinted version here)
Primark Scarf

... cold Sue.

I've still to find a coat which fits the sleeves of this jumper in. Ho hum. Lesson learnt. 😶


Last Note :

  • You may have already spotted these on the La Redoute website but if you want some affordable Golden Goose alternatives, these look rather good.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Friday Five : 8th February 2019

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I made it with one minute to spare last week to get the Friday Five in on a Friday. I didn't make it at all this week so it's now Saturday. But we'll just let that fact skim past eh?

Friday/Saturday Five (1 of 5) Axel Arigato Trainers
My current trainer obsession. I love these. Look at that pink tongue! Look at those red lace tips! Look at that black heel trim! Not too fancy. But fancy enough. That's all.

Friday/Saturday Five (2 of 5) Wok On

Crispy chilli beef for me!

Sometimes I make a chicken fried rice and I find I struggle with frying all the rice in the wok - there's just too much stuff to push around and bits end up flying out. I never said I was a good cook and I've always said I disliked cooking so any shortcuts I can take, I will. What I now tend to do is fry the meat and the egg in the wok. In a big mixing bowl, I put my cooked rice in there and season and flavour. Then I add the chicken and bits from the wok in to the bowl, mix it all up and then return to the wok and you can do it in two batches but at least everything is more well mixed. It's a takeaway hack. It's just easier than trying to mix it ALL in the wok. Or you could just get a takeaway.

Friday/Saturday Five (3 of 5) The Future's Bright, The Future's Orange.

I know everyone is touting yellow and coral but I quite like orange. I was browsing idly on the MiH site as I like to get the general vibe for what they're doing each season and I kind of got hit with the orange stick message they were delivering. So when I walked into H&M and I came face to face with a bright orange jumper, in fact that nice bright orange jumper up there, I had to try it on (by the way, it's true to size). It's a wool, alpaca mix and though I know everyone is tiring of jumpers and the suchlike, this doesn't actually feel too wintery. It's quite light and feels nice and cheery and to be honest, right now, we need nice and cheery.

Friday/Saturday Five (4 of 5) Not La Superbe
Sezane L.A.Superbe Sweatshirt sold out.

I coveted the Sezane/Madewell collaboration a few years back when they did the La Superbe sweatshirts but they were only available in the US at the time so I kind of let that one pass me by painfully. Then I spotted that Sezane were doing them again but this time in pink - a lovely soft pink. I ordered at one minute past ten on the Sunday morning that they were released at 10am. I am nothing if not dedicated. It came and I opened the box and I did all the heart eyes and then I put it on and I thought "Not that La Superbe!" Hmmm. So I went and ordered the other one I'd held off ordering as I knew I needed to get the pink one out of my system first (every year, you can go through all my old posts in January and you will know I get a "pink twitch"). So now I'm French Toast and not La Superbe. 

Friday/Saturday Five (5 of 5) I award the cleanest changing rooms to ....

Look how clean the mirrors are!

Primark. Err, Primark kids changing rooms to be more precise. In the womens changing rooms, I do think the curtains could sometimes do with a wash because how does lipstick and foundation get on them like they do? Do people kiss and make out with the curtains or something. Weirdos. However, if you go in to the kids changing rooms - they're pristine because I basically think kids don't try things on unless forced to kicking and screaming (just mine eh?). I was directed in to them as I was trying on some mens jeans and the kids and the mens changing rooms are placed together. I asked the assistant if I needed to go downstairs to use the ladies changing rooms and after pondering, she directed me in to the kids changing rooms. And when I went in, I was struck by how clean they were so credit where it's due. And I was trying on mens jeans  as I was buying them for my eldest son - we're roughly the same size currently and if they fit me, they fit him. Told you kids don't like trying things on. 


Last Note :

  • I never normally ask the hubs for an opinion on clothes but I just needed to be sure about the sweatshirts and he actually smiled when I tried on the French Toast one whereas he said the pink one was lost on me and a bit meh. And for once, I agree.
  • Sorry I keep touting the Gap Girlfriend jeans in all my outfit combos at the moment, its just that I have a new found love for them currently. I now have three pairs.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Quick OOTD : 05/02/19 Happy Chinese New Year

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Gap Girlfriend Jeans (outlet purchase but current equivalent)
Primark Plaid Scarf (in store)

I know it's Chinese New Year and I'm supposed to wear red. I have a bit of red in my scarf. Sorted.


I thought it might or might not be useful to tell you more about the pieces I pick and wear. It's probably quite boring but there's probably some weird people out there like me who like to know these things.

The & Other Stories jumper, I bought myself for Christmas from the hubs. I went in store, tried it on, liked it, paid for it and wrapped it up and labelled it from the hubs. It might not seem a very exciting present but I wanted to choose something I was certain of and had a use for and all importantly wouldn't return! I'm wearing a size small and it's a nice slouchy style and you can't tell on the pic but it's actually a rollneck and it's the perfect jumper to go over those bias cut skirts when you need a bit of bum coverage.

The Gap Girlfriend jeans - this pair are my neater fitting pair. If you're in an Gap outlet buying these jeans, you do have the choice of waist sizes, 27, 28, 29 and so forth. Online, you get sizes 8, 10 and 12 and so on which means you don't get the inbetween sizes. I've got the jeans in a size 27 and 28 so when I say I've gone down a size - I've only gone down half a size. Size 28 is the equivalent to a UK10 I find in Gap.

The Office Armour Boots - I bought these last year and declared these were the ones after trying and returning a gazillion pairs. I really only started wearing them this year and I did think I'd made a mistake buying black boots again despite not really getting on with them but I think it was a matter of finding the right jeans to wear with them The Gap jeans work fine with the boots after I hemmed them to the right length. How did I hem them and keep their original hems? See my post from a few years back here

And I spotted a few nice bits which have appeared online recently which would all work together well with what I already have. Love it when new stuff comes in! I'd have that pink coat in a jiffy if I had any chance of carrying it off. #titch 

Friday, 1 February 2019

Friday Five : 1st February 2019

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Well hello. Here we are again. To be honest, I can't believe I'm here again either. Can I keep up this blogging lark? Who knows?

Friday Five (1of 5) Ooh La La

Primark Sandals (in store currently)

I popped in to Primark this week and bought some gold shoes. I technically have no need for gold shoes as I don't have a social life which requires gold shoes anymore but I wanted them because they are a perfect dupe for these ....

The Real Deal - Rouje Lina Sandals

Those French girls get me every time! And at £12 they are not to be sniffed at seeing as the Rouje ones are 189 euros (I don't know where the euro key is on my keyboard😜). They do only come in a wide fit and I ended up sizing down to a size UK3 instead of my usual 4. Not great for girls with skinny feet but hey, you girls with skinny feet get to wear other types of pretty shoes don't you?

Friday Five (2 of 5) Bargains Galore

I love the end of January because that is when the best bargains are to be had. In the last week or so, I have bought a £1 scarf, a £15 parka, a £5 washed cotton single bedset. and a Zara coat for £20 down from £80. Today I spotted that Uniqlo have just reduced their cashmere to £39. I did order myself a v neck in a size XL which sounds really big for me but I ordered a black crew neck in a medium before Christmas and it wasn't generous. Fingers crossed and we'll see. 

Friday Five (3 of 5) Enough

One of many.

I had a really good sort out the other day of my clothes and shoes and at the end of it, I had a huge pile of clothes that I still liked. And a huge pile of clothes that I no longer needed, fitted in to or was just not in to anymore. But it was good to reacquaint myself with what I've got and what I've realised is I've got a lot of pretty white tops. Please shoot me if you catch me buying another pretty white top.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Cardi

I came across that pic on IG and saved it. I just loved the colours and how simple it all is. And then this week, I came across a really gorgeous cardigan in Marks & Spencers which stopped me in my tracks. It's from the Autograph section so not the cheapest but it really is lovely. Currently mulling it over, currently mulling it over because I want to look like her up there. And the rest of the outfit, we probably all have something similar to make up the outfit but I do hear good things about those M&S Per Una jeans (which are supposed to be mega flattering) if jeans are not your best friend at the moment.  Speaking of which ....

Friday Five (5 of 5) There's Always Tomorrow .....


I'm sure I'm not alone in this but I have to say - most of my jeans don't like me at the moment. They don't make me feel good and much as I love a buffet dress - dresses don't do it for me in the winter. I don't want to buy any more jeans - I just want to fit back nicely in to the ones I have and like. It's not too much to ask but something's got to give and it just so happens that it's not my jeans. But February is a new month and therefore a new start. And once Chinese New Year is out of the way and the various birthday celebrations of a few friends is out of the way, I'm good to get on board with my sensible eating. Come to think of it, maybe I should start in March ... 


Last Note :

  • Stay safe and stay warm this weekend!

Monday, 28 January 2019

It's Sweatshirt Time!

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Would you believe I didn't buy anything after Christmas till last week. I mean I was busy and being kept out of online shopping trouble and disliking the January jumble sales really helps but all of a sudden, I got the twitch and did some browsing and boom, I bought ....

.... a sweatshirt. Which doesn't sound very exciting but I was quite excited as I've been stalking The Great sweatshirts since I came across them last year and then spotted the below one in the Net a Porter sale. And I have to say it's the most perfect sweatshirt - in my eyes though maybe not anyone elses. It's a full cotton one and has that lived in look like a proper throwback sweatshirt from the seventies which has gone through the wash a lorra lorra times.

Now you know me, I'm no style shaker or anything like that (nor do I want to be), I like my clothes simple and practical and you can probably guess how I'm wearing this already.

For now ....

Zara Double Breasted Coat (limited sizes left)
The Great Sweatshirt (limited sizes left)
Gap Girlfriend Jeans (current ones online)

The Zara jacket I also picked up in the sales last week (it's all coming out now) and it was there at the front of the store just on it's own in my size as I went in. I took it as a sign that it was meant to be. So I walked to the nearest mirror, tried it on, took it to the tills. Job done. Sometimes, you just know. And thank you to Caroline for alerting me to this - I didn't think it would fit me and that it would be too oversized but it is infact, just right.

For the spring summer months, I'll be in some variation of this  ....

I've been having a bit of a thing for my Gap girlfriend jeans these last few months - not skinny, not baggy but with just enough shape to make you look pulled together. I have two pairs of these, one in my regular size for when I want to eat and one in a size down to give that slimmer silhouette - best worn early in the day before too much food consumption. And those new on the block Topshop Editor jeans look good and worth a nosey at - nice wash/finish to them and a straighter leg which is perfect for leading in to the warmer months. I'll be checking those out!

Bags, bags - you know I love a good tote and I spotted that cute little cherry one for adding that throwback seventies summer vibe. And talking of seventies vibes, do you like the Zara wooden bead one? I do. It reminds me of a woven tote I picked up last year in Topshop - I like what I like after all. And the warmer months are when I start wearing a little arm candy and having been introduced to Lucas & Stone when my buddy Bean bought me one for a present, I'm now looking at their other leather bracelets - tan is always a good option for summer. Yes?

And footwear, depending on how warm, pick your poison. Slides, sandals, skate pumps and my personal fave - the white trainer - it all goes. Well at least in my eyes.


Last Note :

  • I bought a couple of other sweatshirts recently but both have sold out so I can't link you to show you but I thought I'd leave you with these few which I thought were worthy a look. The Swilsden one is my favourite ;)