Friday, 30 August 2019

My August Very Picks

It's August. The beginning of the end of lazy hazy summer and the prelude to autumn. I did a few picks for Very with this in mind - easy transitional pieces which will take me through the last few days of summer and in to the cooler days of September. I like to think ahead and I like transitional pieces - I'm not really a summer girl, I like to be covered up generally.

First up, the Flora blouse from Monsoon. 

This is a light airy blouse which is perfect for holidays abroad when you just want a little coverage from the sun without looking too Amish and you just want to pop out in the evenings looking put together but not too much. You know - that relaxed French girl vibe I love so much! The feather embroidery is a sweet touch - I've never been too much for one for stars but feathers - they have a certain charm.

I've also always liked a sleeved top when it's quite hot as I just prefer long sleeves to a ton of suncream for reducing the burn factor. Teamed with a pair of denim shorts, you get all the holiday vibes. However, it will take you happily in to September as a general everyday wear piece with a pair of jeans. You just look like you've tried a bit because the feather detail is just so pretty. And look, it's perfect for a night out too!

Link for blouse - teamed with own accessories.

Next up, I picked my favourite kind of dress. A #buffetdress. Grazia calls them tent dresses but buffet dress is my favoured term and I know that name has been affectionately adopted by many. 

Link for dress here
Link for Converse here

Now this is technically a midi dress if you're 5ft 6. I'm 5ft 1 so it's a maxi on me - no biggie. It just means it works on tall girls and small. The autumnal shades in the print are perfect for now - soft hues which I offset with candy pink Converse. Not quite a perfect match and I like it that way. I don't like too matchy matchy.

The dress comes with a removable slip - I quite often give up on dresses where I have a full on body fight trying to wrestle myself in to the right armhole of a dress with one of these slips which are sewn in to place. It's not funny and it's not clever. However what I did with this dress is use my own slip which is a touch shorter and comes to the knee. And then I get the lovely Princess Di effect when the sun's behind you. I'm just a hussy! ๐Ÿ˜œ

Link for dress here
Link for Converse here

But if you like the full on prim and proper look, you can get that too with this dress, just do up the neck ties and you can come over all ladylike! One of the things I like to do is get to the hairdressers early to read their mags - my hairdresser has good mags - Tatler and Harpers Bazaar. Browsing through, gothic glam is coming through strong this season and this dress with it's black floral print would be perfect for this trend. I'd pair with a black velvet blazer and lace up heeled boots.

Link for dress here

Last picks now. Can I be honest here - I'm not a big leopard fan. I have a dabble but I'm not a fully fledged Bet and nor do I want to be. However, I can do leopard if it doesn't scream leopard in the usual way - like if it's blue leopard spots! 

Link for skirt here.

This Whistles skirt is just such a summery looking skirt worn with a tee or cami top for hot days. I have to say I'm a bit of a sucker for a Whistles skirt, the fabrics chosen for the designs are always just so and they hang beautifully. This one is a wrap skirt - I prefer these because you can always adjust them to fit rather than with a fixed waistband. Just a bit snug - move the buttonhole a fraction. It's not hard but it can make all the difference. 

And did you spot the Birkies? The white Birkies? I had a pair from about four or five years back which are pretty worn in, very tired and not so white so I couldn't resist upgrading to a new pair. I always size down in Birkenstocks. That doesn't mean to say you should - it's just a lot of people do and then again a lot of people don't. My last pair I sized down and this pair I did too. I did try some in my regular size in a store just to make sure that I needed the size down and they were basically like boats. Stylish boats but boats for sure. So I size down. And why white? Because white is always fresh. Black is edgy but I never reach for black footwear, the way I do with white so I wanted something in my shoedrobe that I would wear. Interestingly, these didn't actually take any breaking in which my original ones did. And I have both the Arizona and Madrid styles. The Madrid is pretty and leg lengthening but the Arizona - I like the extra support of that top strap - there's just a little less toe gripping going on.

And come September, stick on that jumper or sweatshirt with it and you have a perfect running around outfit. See!

Link for skirt here

Onwards to September! 

Friday, 14 June 2019

Friday Five : 14th June 2019

Hello, hello. You all okay? I'm okay - got a pesky cough but I'm okay. Friday Five anyone?

Friday Five (1 of 5) Shoe Fever 1

All in store.

Did I ever tell you how much I like shoes? I really like shoes. Really really like shoes. And I haven't been in to Leeds or ventured in to a proper clothes shop for a couple of weeks so I was all like "Ooh that's new, not seen that before, ooh I like that, ooh got to try that!" And that's kind of good with a place like Primark because it's good to go in with fresh eyes and spot any little gems that are a little under the radar. And what did I spot? Those pretty little espadrilles up there. I couldn't decide on the colour so bought both pairs. I'm going to be honest, they don't stay on well on my feet as I seem to flop out of the backs a little even when I've tied them up around the ankles so they may not be keepers! Such a shame but still worth a look because if you have no problems with them - they're beauts! Oh err yeah - I bought the little white cord bag too. Cross body, good size, smacks of summer. Tie a scarf on it to jazz it up, jobs a good un.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Flipz

CoOp, Tesco, Sainsburys, everywhere.

See that innocuous looking snack pack up there? Warning - they're like crack. I was given a free pack of dark chocolate Flipz recently and refused to try them as they smelt too chocolatey. Yes I'm weird like that but if I say, I don't have a very sweet tooth, that might go some way to explaining my adversion. The hubs ate the whole pack and said they're really good - the little bit of salt from the pretzel versus the sweetness of the chocolate is a good match. Pfft, I thought. But I'm nice so I bought him another pack, this time of the milk chocolate version and I tried one ... and he was right. And so I didn't give him the pack and ate them all myself. Then I saw the white fudge ones and I had to try those too. And they're like crack too (never had crack but you get the gist) and now no one in the house is allowed to touch them. Because I'm like that.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Oh Oh

MiH Lyra Dress available here and here 
Spot the tag still on - tried on fresh from the box!

Well the sales have started. And you know how they say, don't buy something if you didn't have your eye on it before and don't buy just because it's reduced? I just bought something in the sales which I never knew existed till I saw it in the sales. Ho hum. I fell for this MiH dress and there just happened to be free delivery with Matches (I fell for every marketing ploy going) and because I wanted one of their fancy boxes, I ordered twice so that I could send one back in a fancy box and keep the right sized one plus said fancy box. Tactics. Tactics. Oh yes and it's a buffet dress - hallelujah! I kept the size small and I'm a size 10. Size XS fit as well but I liked the looser fit of the small. And it's sheer and it doesn't come with a slip but I'm down with that because I love the dress.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Shoe Fever 2

Bobbed in to M&S and did see a few things but I couldn't be bothered to go in a changing room. I did however have to go past the shoes and those are always much easier to try on. These were my faves. The platform putty and snakeskin Autograph platform heels I was immediately drawn to - a gentle nod to the Terry de Havilland heels but a little less extreme. I like a block heel and a small platform - I like the clompyness as they seem to balance out the shape of my legs more. Teamed with a black cashmere rollneck or crew neck, it's an easy going out outfit teamed with a statement bag. The green strappy mules - I love the sharp colour of these. It's the second time I've been back to see these. There may be a third too as they didn't come home with me today purely on the grounds that I didn't have anywhere to go in these. And lastly, those lilac beauties! I'm not one for heels these days but I still like to look and the pretty shade of these drew me in and that curved side detail. The best bit? They're £19. So if you have a wedding or the races or an event, these are not a bad little shoe and they come in a variety of colours too. There was no size 4 in store so I tried the 4.5 and they are a touch gappy at the back so I would say they are true to size.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Everything's Rosy.

Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil
Pixi Rose Oil here

Or not. Because I only bought one bottle and this stuff is amazing. I spotted the Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil a couple of weeks ago in Aldi as part of their special buys. I kind of guessed it was a dupe of something from the Pixi range but thought nothing else of it and it turned out it was a dupe of the Pixi Rose Oil. I started using it and I'm addicted. It's the only really noticeable thing I've used on my skin in a long time where I can honestly say, I can see a difference. And why not so rosy? It's sold out and selling for double the price on Ebay! I use it mixed in with a moisturiser and it leaves skin incredibly soft.


Well that was nice to drop in for a Friday Five. I really should pull my finger out and get on top of these more often! 

Friday, 31 May 2019

Ne'er Cast A Clout Till May Is Out

#AD - Paid Collaboration with VeryUk

You've heard that saying before haven't you? "Ne'er cast a clout till May is out". Well it basically means don't discard your warm clothing till May is out. Well folks, May is more or less out and I've discarded the warm clothing with my VeryUK picks this month. A rebel I am indeed.

I started off with the most gorgeous boho blouse from Maison Scotch. I liked the French girl vibes of this pretty piece - the perfect shade of green with the dainty paisley print, topped off with the perfect front tie and it even came accessorised with the cutest little necklace. I was in love. See that smug little smirk. That's a smug little smirk that says this blouse is good.

I'm going to be honest and say that Maison Scotch pieces are not always the cheapest on the block but they are certainly made with a little more attention to detail and the fabrics and cut are usually just that little bit different. I've had pieces in the past and was so surprised when one of the first tops I bought many years ago came with a little necklace. I was just as delighted to find that they still continue to do this now and that Maison Scotch is stocked on Very.

I put together a little compilation of items (some similar to items I already own) which would work well with the blouse to show it's versatility. It's certainly a dress up, dress down piece which can take you through a day's shopping wearing through to an easy evening out.

The second item which people may have seen me wearing on Instagram is this rather eye catching Whistles sky blue spotty skirt. 

It's one of those items which you love the look of but you never quite know what the wearing is like. I already have a wrap skirt in a very similar style and the first time I wore it, I ended up buying a pair of leggings to put on underneath the skirt whilst I was walking around as I was so busy clutching on to my skirt desperate not to reveal too much. But this Whistles skirt - it's brilliant!

As you can see from the pics, my modesty is very much preserved due to the way the inner panel goes a good way round. There's no scrimping on fabric on this skirt. And the colour just epitomises summer and is just an easy breezy piece to wear,

And last but not least of my picks - I chose the Poppy sandals by Clarks. 

I may not have liked their school shoes in my school years but they do some good shoes for adults - shoes you can actually last all day in. 

The Poppy sandals have a small platform so good for those who want a sandal not totally flat to the ground and with a little more support. The ankle strap hits the leg at a flattering point as I find the ones which are lower down cut my legs off visually more than the ones that hit at the slimmest point of the ankle. 

3, 4, 5, 6 previously linked.

And as you can see they work equally well with trousers, dresses and skirts - and my other Very picks. :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Quick OOTD : 07/05/2019 Return of The Mac

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Uniqlo Mac (old but this year's version here)
Zara gingham shirt (similar here)
New Look Bag (old but similar here)

The mac is back. I bought this two years ago and wore it a lot the first year, hardly touched it the second year and this is it's third year and it's started coming in to it's own again. Sometimes it's just like that so my top tip is don't get rid of anything too quickly!

Monday, 6 May 2019

Monday Musings : 06 May 2019

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Monday Musings (1 of 5) Ancient Greeks

Trademark Check Bag

Idly browsing through the Matches website which no sane woman should actually do, I came across this year's Ancient Greek sandals. And I'm liking the new styles* they've introduced because have you seen the soles? Bouncy and much more cushty than than the traditional slap slap styles of old. I already have a pair of those type of Ancient Greek Sandals which are too flat for me these days and besides which age, experience and wisdom dictates that my heels deserve better these days. I ordered the Aglaia style in the cream when Matches had a ten percent discount code the other week. At the time, the cream was a no brainer as I love a cute little pair of slides but now I'm wondering if I should have ordered the black version. Tough call. Tough call. Oh see pair number three below - those are part of their Comfort range where the soles are "ergonomically designed to encase and cushion the foot". That is a big win for me. I'm all about the comfort these days.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Back to Basics

COS Jumper (this years version here in grey which I'm considering)

When I started blogging back in 2012, the blogs I searched out were the ones with a more minimal approach to their clothes. I'm not talking just about the fact they had a minimal capsule wardrobe, it was more their style of dress that I liked. Simple classic basics. I still find myself drawn to this aesthetic and I always feel better when I'm pared back and keeping things simple. I have to remember the life I lead, what I like to wear and what's right for me. Even if it's not that exciting for anyone following me in IG and Blog land.  

Friday Five (3 of 5) Confidence

Primark PS Lustre Lipstick in Shotgun (instore)
Primark PS Kohl Eye Pencil in Fawn (instore)

It's a funny old thing. I'm actually not that confident and I tend to shy away from social events because yes I am that thing - shy! I'm also terrified that I don't look as glamorous or made up as other ladies I come across in IG and Blog land. I kind of disappear in to the background behind all the gloss of other people.  So whilst shopping with my mate Joanna the other week. I treated myself to a new 90p lipstick and a £1 brown eyeliner which I'm quite pleased with from Primark. Oh and the Alex Steinman Pump & Glow Serum & Moisturiser which was £5. Got to start somewhere.

Friday Five (4 of 5) White Tops

You can actually have too many white tops and you know this to be the case when you can dedicate a washload purely to your white floaty broderie, peasant tops. But .... it doesn't stop you looking or wanting another. I have my eye on the one above from La Redoute. I like the vintage look and feel of this one - I'm not one for too many frills and flounces and this one seems more simple and delicate. It sold out once already and I spent a few weeks frantically refreshing my screen each evening to see if it would come back in stock and I've noticed that it's just been restocked  and ..... it's never included in the discounts. Bog.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Baggu

If you're going to Wales for a weekend and you have to squeeze in a carload of stuff plus two boys, a rug and four pillows and six cans of paint and a shed load of food, there's not a lot of room for clothes. So I had a set of clothes for decorating and a set of clothes for when I was allowed to surface for public appearances. And the other way I got around the bag situation - I actually took four bags - was I fitted them all inside one another. My favourite was the Baggu tote which is actually a nylon shopper which holds an awful lot, is very strong and packs up small. I was quite surprised how good they are for a grocery shop - I stuffed a lot in and mine isn't even the biggest size. They come in a huge range of colours and sizes and are definitely worth taking a look as they're also a nice style statement. Well in my eyes anyway. 


Last Note :

  • My Baggu tote is the standard sized one and comes in a little pouch. There's not many stockists in the UK but I was after a check one specifically which I did manage to source via Amazon and much more reasonable than shipping in from abroad. Primark also do a similar tote in a zebra print which is cheaper ... but not as strong. I wouldn't like to put a four pack of tinned tomatoes in the Primark one for sure along with the rest of the shopping!
  • Little known fact. I never wear black eyeliner. Always brown or grey. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


#AD - Paid Collaboration with VeryUk

Gosh, haven't we been spoilt with the lovely weather that descended on us? Were you ready for it? Or more to the point, was your wardrobe ready for it? I was and pretty grateful for a few little choice pieces I picked from Very. Some of these I took on my little jaunt to France the other week.

Gotcha. I'm actually strutting up and down past an old farm building a five minute drive from where I live in Yorkshire but squint a bit and you could pretend that I was strolling past a French gรฎte. A little imagination is a wonderful thing if you're more likely to have a staycation like me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I pounced on the little Lemon tee when I saw it. It's just a really fun and fresh addition to the wardrobe which looks as good with a satin skirt as it does with a pair of jeans. For evening, the River Island skirt, would be perfect dressed up with some strappy heels which are so current right now but you're most likely to find me wearing it with a pair of pale summer denim jeans.

And whilst I'm pretending to be all French. 

Did I nail it with the pretty blouse, the basket bag complete with baguette which I popped out especially to buy, not from the Boulangerie but from the local Co-op?

Anyway, the Easter Bank Holiday weekend also blessed us with more glorious sun. I was in Wales and got to wear my new Mango dress which I have to say is a really lovely easy piece to wear. Part of what made it so good was the pockets. Pockets are life and basically I spent most of the day with my hands jammed in my pockets like a sulky teenage boy. I love pockets. Pockets should be mandatory on skirts and dresses. I love pockets. Pockets are life. You get the gist.

Come on, honestly, you really would think I was strolling around the French countryside instead of sunny Wales wouldn't you except they probably don't have yellow lines on their roads. Or do they? 

But do you know what? A staycation in the UK is not really a staycation unless you have a day where it's actually poured it down, you froze off your extremities or it's overcast. Case in point.

Normally I throw a pair of Hunter wellies in the back of the car when I head to Wales but given the forecast, I chanced it with taking the Hunter sandals instead. I bet you didn't know Hunter made sandals as well as wellies did you? Well you do now!

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Thanks Michelle.

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M&S Wide Leg Trousers (similar here)
Novesta Plimsolls (use code SPRING for 25% off)

Hello. Long time no blog. Well a month or thereabouts. But I'm feeling in the mood today because today I wanted to have a natter about some current fave items in my wardrobe. Now admittedly I'm not wearing the most colourful combination on the planet but then again I like what I like on me and personally, I love dark muted shades on me most of the time. Boring for some but I'm okay with that. #youbeyou. Anyway, I digress. All the items I'm wearing above have made it in to my wardrobe this year with the exception of the tote which I already had.

I'll start with the shirt which Michelle alerted me to after she bought one in a different shade. It's a  simple popover but it's all about the colour for me with this shirt. The dark khaki/brown shade is utilitarian perfect (they call it Orca on their website) and I love the slight cocoon shape which is courtesy of a couple of "darts" at the back of the shirt. You need to look on the website to see what I'm wittering about. Little deets which ring the changes. I'm wearing an XS and it's quite roomy.  It's also a crisp cotton poplin which makes it perfect for spring/summer. I spotted the crepe versions in the Leeds store when I popped in and I love how fluid and drapey those are - perfect for a slightly more dressed up vibe and I am totally crushing on the black version which would be my go to for an evening out dressed up with fancy shoes. 

The wide legged trousers were picked up in an M&S outlet for under a tenner. Perfect for me in every way bar two things - one they have no pockets (booooo) and secondly, they were three cm too long. Whereas I can do nothing about the pockets, I did hem up the trousers with some iron on hem stuff. Some times I do things properly with a needle and thread and sometimes I use iron on stuff.  Raw hems are good on jeans - not so much on trews. These are actually the first pair of black trousers I've bought in about fifteen years. Joggy botts don't count. And that's because I always have to get over the thought that I might look like a waitress in black trousers. It's a mindset but it's a mindset that I personally have to get over. 

And lastly the Novesta trainers. I bought a pair of pale grey/blue ones a couple of years back which I found myself wearing quite a lot last summer. I favoured them over Converse as they don't do that nippy little toe thing which Converse are famous for. The Novestas have a more cushioned sole which provides a little arch support and if you don't like the insoles, they are easy to remove so you can replace with something else if you prefer. I mentioned that I had heel pain a couple of years ago which was actually caused by me trying to walk more for exercise and since then, I'm always looking for shoes and sandals which are a little cushioned. I don't want a recurrence. Oh and thanks Michelle for finding me a discount code. What an enabler - they were duly ordered within the hour!

I'll be wearing these a lot.


I just thought I'd include a little montage to show what a useful and easy way it is to dress up and down a black shirt and jeans combination. I like how all these items are interchangeable to create different looks. 

The M&S Jacket. I've not seen it in real life yet but isn't it a pretty colour? Just kind of refreshing from the usual khaki to give it a fresher modern take.