Sunday, 11 November 2018


M&S Cashmere Sweater old (Similar Here)
Golden Goose Trainers  old (Similar Here)

P.S.A. Public Service Announcement. The above leopard skirt which I keep getting asked about is finally back in stock on ASOS. Off you go.


Last Note :

  • I'm a size 10 and 5ft 2 at a push and wearing a size 10. This is a regular length rather than the petite as the petite wasn't available when I first ordered. But it's fine.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Very Me

Me somewhere in Yorkshire rather than gay Pareee!

If you've followed me a long time, you've probably got a good idea of what is me and what floats my boat big time. And what I do like when I'm not going for simple minimal styled pieces, is French girl style. I used to be all over the Marant stuff (2012/13) which I couldn't afford but that didn't matter as you could often replicate the look for less if you did your homework and I was pretty good at my homework. Usually A*on a good day. Lookalike Dicker Boots courtesy of Office Shoes and the big oversized jacket courtesy of Mango - I was there. A few choice Isabel Marant Etoile pieces in the Matches sales, I was there. And I still like the look - but it's been adapted along the way. Fashions change, there's no doubting that and so along the way have I. The boots have been replaced with trainers and the oversized jackets are now faux fur coats. But the underlying thing is, it's fundamentally a little "French".

Me from the last couple of years.

And in the last five years, I have added a few pieces from various French brands, the Kooples, Sezane, Soeur, MktStudio and dabbled with Leon and Harper albeit unsuccessfully (the jumper was beautiful but the arms came to my knees) but now I have a new French brand to look at - Balzac Paris which I mentioned in my last blog post when I showed you my George shirt. A French pret-a-porter brand which is relatively new on the block. who basically showcase a few new pieces on a monthly basis (not a huge drop but enough to peak your interest) and keep you coming back to see what's new. Nothing to your liking in October - hold on for November. And as there were some new drops for November which came online today, I spotted this beauty.

So the jumper is a little more expensive than the usual picks I put on for people as I like to keep it real for anyone who follows me and want to recreate a look affordably however I do believe in a good statement jumper. These are the ones which keep on giving year after year and lift an outfit immeasurably rather than my throw on everyday workhorse ones. The ones I put on when I go out of the house and need to look half normal and this Balzac one is a very subtle take on the leopard fad with not a jot of Bet about it and that is no bad thing. And it's 90% alpaca which means you will be very very soft and cuddly. And the colours - just so perfect!

The brand does have a very youthful vibe if you look on the site but there is something quite classic about the blouses and the knitwear if you look beyond the model. Mind you, looking like the models is no bad thing (dream, dream, dream). There are the whimsical blouses with the frills which adorn many a French lady but I am a more practical specimen which is where the simple styles like the George shirt come in to their own for me and it's one of those pieces I throw on with jeans for gadding about. Like this.

So. .... what was I saying about faux furs and trainers? #if_it_aint_broke


Last Note :

  • Following on from the fact that the Eudes sweater is made of 90% alpaca wool - alpaca wool is similar to sheep wool but warmer and less itchy. It also does not contain lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic and allows it to be processed without the need for high temperatures or harsh chemicals. Following on from the Stacey Dooley documentary, I thought it would be useful to mention this as the brand are trying hard with their "always more responsible" approach to minimise the impact on the environment in the way they manufacture and transport their clothing. It's all a step in the right direction if you are thinking about the inpact of your fashion choices.

  • Interesting thing about alpacas - they can be housetrained as they like to do their business in a specific spot. You can always count on me to enlighten you with a little gem to brighten up your day.

  • I've just spotted that Alex from The Frugality has the beautiful Lena shirt from Balzac on her IG.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Monday Musings : 05 November 2018

Hello. I miss doing the Friday Fives but there's been no time for blogging lately but I've snuck a Monday Musings in today instead. Same thing but with a more relaxed deadline.

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Mind the Thigh Gap
I wish! Thigh gap! In my dreams! The last half year has seen me eating a whole load of toast. If there's one thing guaranteed to make your thighs meet, it's toast. My thighs and my tummy don't like toast. I eat toast and my stomach goes WOOOMPH! I could stop eating toast which would be the logical thing but instead I have resorted to buying buffet dresses. Because, sometimes you just want to eat the toast.

Monday Musings (2 of 5) Boots

No problem buying trainers!!!

I have spent the last four/five years in trainers even through the coldest months. I just bought fancy socks and got on with it. I don't actually have very many boots -  a pair of Uggs for dry cold days and a pair of cheapo pewter coloured Acne style ankle boots for wet days. Somehow these two got me through last winter.  The rest of my meagre collection of boots are neither here or there but I have concluded that I am missing a pair of black ankle boots to wear with the buffet dresses this winter. I have ordered and returned gazillions. Asos hates me. But I will get there. Lord, loves a trier and I am trying these next.

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Ooh La La.
I want to be one of those little chic petite French girls but in reality I am one of those Asian short legged little Chinese pear shaped things. And born in Yorkshire to boot. But hey, you've got to work with what you have and what you don't have, you can pretend a little by wearing what the French girls wear and sitting all posey like in front of the mirror. This beautiful little top is the George shirt from Balzac Paris. Did I choose it because it was called George after my cheeky second born? Well that may have swayed me a little but if ever there was a cute little blouse which summed me up, this is it. A dark background, a subtle gold weave thread to lift it a little and a small ditsy print which doesn't drown me. Even the hubs and the first born said it was "Very Me". when I asked them what they thought. 

Monday Musings (4 of 5) Fluffy Wuffy

It's getting colder and I'm pretty nesh. Is it wrong to like that fluffy warm co-ord above? If it is, I don't want to be right.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Three Funerals and No Wedding.
Been a tough few months and I guess that title above explains my on and off approach on here lately. It's my spoof take on the infamous Four Weddings and a Funeral but without the joy or the weddings.


Last Note :

  • The M&S Floral dress is actually sold as a maxi dress. It's definitely maxi on me - I'm not sure whether I might get it altered a fraction shorter yet. I'm in a size 6 instead of my usual size 10 - one thing for sure - it's a buffet dress!

  • I did a happy dance when I got the Balzac blouse. So me! I'm wearing a size small and it's a comfy relaxed fit on me.

  • Yes the Nike Air Max Ones are the same trainers in different colours. And they're a good way to do fugly dad trainers without being full on fugly dad.

  • Bless you Mike. Without you, there would have been no Susie So So.

* George Shirt c/o Balzac Paris

Monday, 15 October 2018

Monday Musings : 15th October 2018

Just can't seem to get my act together on a Friday for a Friday Five. To be honest, I just can't seem to get my act together most days. So Monday Musings it is then. Again.

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Black and Blue

H&M Long Crepe Dress (keeps selling out)*

H&M Patterned Maxi Dress (keeps selling out)*
Black or blue????

I bought that blue William Morris H&M flouncy dress a couple of weeks back. I said that I would buy it and then decide - it's what I normally do. And then guess what? They brought out the same style of dress but in a black print. Black is really more my bag so I had to order it to compare. Now I can't decide. What's a girl to do? Black or blue, black or blue? Or neither?

Monday Musings (2 of 5) Chop Chop

Revelation! Use scissors to chop the pesky bits!

Or rather cut cut. I used to strip off all the rosemary needles off the stalks and then try chopping them with a knife with varying degress of success. This week, I did something different. I didn't strip the leaves off but bunched them together a bit and cut them instead. Game changer! 

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Basics

Primark Chenille Jumper
Zara Jeans

Errrm. Hands up if you do fashion seven days of the week. I do fashion maybe three days at a push. The rest of the days when I am at home, my go to is an old burgundy fleecy scruffy sweatshirt with jeans or this navy blue chenille jumper which I picked up in Primark recently. I picked up this jumper because it fitted my criteria of a basic plain jumper, in a colour I like, which washes well, doesn't fade, doesn't pill, keeps me warm and doesn't make me look like a scabby cat on a bad day when I'm dressed for comfort. The burgundy fleecy one makes me look a scabby cat on a bad day.

You don't want to look at this sweatshirt close up.

Monday Musings (4 of 5) Old Skool

Eldest sent me a text to say I hadn't topped up his account at school so he could buy his lunch. Now I'm scared half to death that the next generation will be writing exam essays using text speak and failing! Not Gr8!

Monday Musings (5 of 5) Cold

Melissa, Joanna and Me!

It's jumper weather. Has anyone put the heating on yet?


Last Note :

  • The H&M dresses keep selling out but I've left the link there as you can always save the item in your Favourites section on the H&M website to easily check if they are back in stock.
  • Love that my son thinks I "roasted" him with my response. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Quick OOTD : 18/09/18 Little Girl Blue

M&S Sunglasses (Current Sale in store - yes I bought another pair)
COS Funnel Neck Jumper (SS18 but similar here)
H&M Skirt (SS18 but black version here)

I think my favourite colour is blue.


It's quite easy to recreate this look if you have similar components in your wardrobe. The idea is just block colour but I like the light relief with the different colour trainers (my Novestas are pale grey). 

1. The M&S navy cashmere hoodie is a bit luxe - but there are plenty of cotton mix hoodies in the stores for all kinds of budgets. You might already have one in your wardrobe.

2. The M&S blush trainers. The white version of these with the blue trim sold out really quickly and understandably. They looked good and they had more than a nod to Veja with the navy side detail. But did you spot this blush suede version? Kind of subtle but with enough punch to make you look again. I had the ginger coloured Vans last year (still have them actually), and this is like the pink equivalent of when you want to do that "pop of colour" which people so like to say.

3. The navy skirt. This could have been a boring navy skirt but to give it a bit of oomph, it has the front zip detail. Too much for you? A simple navy pleated one is also a good option like this one

4. And the bum bag. Sorry, I mean, leather belt bag. This white one is rather chic don't you think?

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Quick OOTD : 12/09/18 Check Mate

Uniqlo Jumper

Sometimes it's good to keep your eye out in the Next Clearance section when you come across a gem of a tablecloth.


Last Note :

  • The link to the skirt is to the page where the skirt can be found. When it's Next Clearance, the links are a bit all over the place.
  • The skirt has an asymmetric hem where the front dips quite a bit longer at the front. I had to have this bit nipped a tiny bit so it didn't look over long on me. On a taller person (taller than 5ft 1), it should be no problem.
  • Hardly a crease after a days wear - that's good.
  • True to size I would say - I'm wearing a size UK10 which is what I am and it's a very comfortable 10. 
  • I have it on good word that checks and asymmetric hems are in. #yay
  • It has pockets. Enough said.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Monday Musings : 27th August 2018

Howdoo. Friday came and went a bit fast. Going to use that Monday Musings get out clause again. Where does the time go?

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Favourite Polish


Normally I'm a dark polish girl. Dark navy, dark grey shades all summer long. But this year, I've actually found myself reaching for something a little lighter -  a Sally Hansen polish in the colour Greige 372 which just happens to sum it up beautifully. It's the perfect beige mixed with a hint of grey. And I like it because it's easy to put on and in my humble opinion - quite classy. With dark shades, you need to be precise or all the wonky edges show up. Something like this greige shade, needs a little less care but still makes you look perfectly polished. Pun intended.

Monday Musing  (2 of 5) Pink Leopard

I just literally opened up the ASOS site and spotted that cute pink leopard blouse. Pink with red leopard spots. I kind of like it a lot better than the traditional brown leopard shades. Doesn't feel so leopardy if you know what I mean?

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Books & Mini Toblerone

Well I finally finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It took me a while to get in to my stride with reading again and I stopped started it a few times but this last week, I finally got going. And I did that thing I haven't done for a long time, I read till the early hours of the morning to finish the book, just like in my teenage years. And now I've chosen my next book This is Going to Hurt. Oh yes - the mini white chocolate Toblerones. Aren't they cute??? Perfect accompaniment with a cuppa. Cutting to the chase - I found them in a big Tescos.

Monday Musings (4 of 5 ) Mushroom

Petit Hauts Blouse (old)
Golden Goose Trainers (old)
MiH Jeans (old)

Remember I mentioned in a previous Friday Five that I couldn't decide between the black Village England Egton bag or the mushroom colour? I went for the mushroom. It's good to have a change and it's good to find that it goes so well with my old trainers. I opted for the mini version - as I thought it rather sweet. If you're quick, you can still make use of the 20% discount code BIRTHDAY20 till 31st Aug.

Monday Musings (5 of 5) Camping.

Says it all doesn't it?

I'm going camping this week. I hear there is rain forecasted. Probably no wifi either. #prayforsue


Last Note :

  • Have a good bank holiday y'all!