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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

H&M Cashmere Jumper (old)
Tiffany Necklace (old)
M&S Jeans (old)
Adidas Stan Smiths (old)

Well aren't I late to the party? How late? Very late. Almost over to be honest. But I turned up at least to the Check Coat party. I saw all the checks filtering in from August onwards but none were quite right for me. You know how the story goes, wrong style, wrong check, wrong proportions, wrong price, wrong something or other so I bided my time and eventually it turned up in ..... Matalan. 

Doesn't look too shoddy does it? And the check alignment isn't bad either, better than most High St offerings and it's got a little weight to it too. 

I would say I'm normally a size 10 in most things but I went with an 8 here as it looks better on a petite but it still fits ok and I can still pop a hoody or sweatshirt underneath (just). If you're taller, you could probably go with your normal sizing - there isn't much in it (I ordered the 10 as well just to check) but I looked better in the neater proportions of the 8. The sleeves are an inch or so too long and are currently tucked under - I just need to get the sewing box out and get on it. I don't like tucking sleeves under but I hate wearing overlong sleeves on certain types of coats more. It's just the way I am.

Anyway, that's my little high street find. Hope you like it.

The above is based on similar items I already have in the wardrobe and some things I'm investigating.

A black crew neck is just such a good basic - mine is a cashmere one from H&M from a couple of years back. Still going strong. I just give it a quick shave each autumn before I start putting it through it's paces again. Expensive or cheap - all cashmere pills to some degree.

I've been looking at some more Stans. I have two pairs. A really old knackered pair which is great for gardening and odd job stuff outside and some cork soled ones which I love which I'm becoming more and more dependent on and I don't want to over wear. I've just spotted the ones with a burgundy trim now and I can't decide between the regular lace up ones shown above or the velcro strap ones which are what my heart truly desires but only one place does them here and has ramped up the price. Grrrr. 

Socks - for mornings when it's getting colder and you need something to take the edge off. Yes I succumbed to the H&M Erdem hype and bagged myself the socks. I do rather like them though and they do add a little something to your ankles.

The Arket burnt orange jumper? I saw this online and finally got to check it out yesterday in store. Yup - still love it. But I didn't buy then. Why? Because I like the safety net of an online return. Got to cover yourself. Got to cover yourself.

* gifted item

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