Friday Five : 13 October 2017

Friday, 13 October 2017

Hi, it's that fun Friday time again!

Friday Five (1 of 5) Sezane Jumper of Dreams

I ordered a top from Sezane a couple of years ago and sold it on as I had to admit it was a little neat on me. I haven't ordered anything since till now. My Leopold jumper arrived this week and this was one of those makes you squeal type purchases when you open the box. I'm in love. I'm in big love. I'm not returning this.

Friday Five  (2 of 5) Supermarket Superstar

Following on from last week and the above purchase, as you may or not have guessed, I'm on a jumper bender at the moment. They've been flying in and out of SoSo Towers like I don't know. Just as I think I'm committing to one, something else comes along and another gets returned to make way for the latest in favour item. Anyway, I had to try this one on that I spotted as I sped through Sainsburys. I just loved the colours on the yoke - it's a great jumper for dressing up and down. Perfect for country walks with jeans tucked in to a pair of wellies or boots. Sassy with a leather mini and opaques. And dress up with a pair of straight cut jeans and a pair of heels and a natty clutch - a bit like I how I styled a few years back below.

Dec 2014

Friday Five (3 of 5) Working Out My Style

I'm thinking of getting this book. Is it any good? Do I need this book? Anyone got it? I think I sort of know my style and what I like but I do like to read other people's thoughts on being at one with yourself and what works for you. I hear there's a chapter on flat shoes - I think that will be a good one.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Pink

Primark Pink Dress (instore)

Anyone spotted this in Primark yet? Yes it's Primark! Is pink your thing? Pink can be my thing but not this shade of pink as I found when I tried it on. I have to say, it was pretty pukey on me but I know on the right person, this is going to be stunning. If you find it, if you buy it, if you look amazing in it, tag me and let me know eh? I'll live vicariously through your pink hued dress dreams.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Pound Coins

Don't forget to get rid of your old pound coins before Sunday as that's the official date for when they will no longer be accepted. I went round the house today and rounded up 30 of the little beggars after a quick turf of every drawer and handbag and coat pocket. That's a new purchase right there! Actually it went on this skirt as I had to spend the coins right? Anyway, if I recall correctly from the morning news at the beginning of the week, I think Poundland will still be taking in the old coins till the end of the month. Last chance.

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