Friday Five : 24 October 2017

Friday, 24 November 2017

Hi, back with a Friday Five after a couple of weeks off. I'm a lazy moo aren't I?

Friday Five (1 of 5) Bambi

Topshop Baxter Jeans (old but this season's available here)
Vans in Glazed Ginger (size 6 upwards here)

What do you think? I think this could be my Christmas sweatshirt 2017! I sometimes think let's stop being such a style bore and get a garish acrylic number but hey I can't quite bring myself to do it. But a grey cotton sweatshirt with Bambi and some snow - yeah, now we're talking.  I ordered this the other day at full price and now I have to re-order it as there's 20% off and that's not to be sniffed at.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Not Your Average Girl

Pretty things at Wacoal Press Day (covers Fantasie and Freya lingerie too)

Well I thought I was pretty average bar the whole being a little bit vertically challenged but I've always been able to buy stuff off the high street and online with relatively little problem (or I'd got my head around what I needn't bother with) and I was just Mrs Average with average sized boobs - 34B. Well my brain just got blown when I went to the Wacoal Press Day with my buddy Michelle and I got myself measured. By measured, I mean the bra fitting lady looked me up and down (no tape measures involved) and at my badly fitting bra and said "What size do you think you are? And I said "34B" She replied "That's the most popular size people ARE NOT".  Me told.

Turns out I have a really small rack. Or should that be a really small back. She put me in a 30D which is actually life changing in my eyes because 30 sounds tiny and D sounds huge and the two together? Well I'm finding it quite hard to comprehend this new size and am now thinking that pickings out there are slim and I totally need to restart my lingerie drawer again. Gah! But yep, if you have time, go get your boobs measured - even out of curiosity if nothing else. It's a whole new boob game and quite interesting.

30D seriously???

Friday Five (3 of 5) Hygge
Bombarded by all the Black Friday discount emails? I was - I mean I should be delighted by the 20% off here and there but I think I was more overwhelmed than anything and shut down instead. And then I got my sensible head on and thought about what I wanted. And what I wanted was a cardi. I have one grey Uniqlo cashmere cardigan which has stood the test of time and that's a lighter piece but I have no really nice chunky cardigans which are fit to see the light of day. So I've ordered myself a Christmas present from the hubs. It came today and it's lovely. The size small is perfect and doesn't overwhelm but still is roomy and slouchy. I'll be delighted to open that on Christmas morning.

Friday (4 of 5) The Style Inheritance

Rosie and Sophie

I love this little IG account called The Style Inheritance which belongs to a mother (Rosie in London) and daughter (Sophie in Sydney) who converse with each other over IG about their outfits. It's like a little film just waiting to happen. It's such a lovely account and I love how both ladies can wear the same things and do it so stylishly but age appropriately.  Go have a look.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Should Have Gone to Specsavers

Aldi Spiced Caramel Pies (in store)

Wandering around the Aldi Aisles of Joy as usual, I happened amongst some more mince pie offerings. The last ones I bought turned out to be cognac steeped which I hadn't really spotted after I fed a load to the youngest who pronounced them really good. This time I spotted some little dinky sized ones which said spiced caramel on them. Turns out they're not really mince pies at all but have a little caramel middle with a little bit of cinnamon and are infact really yummy (eaten six so far). I really should get my eyes tested.

By the way, I don't actually like mince pies that much. I buy them for the little one. Honest.


Happy Black Friday weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Sue - good to have you back! Love the mint velvet cardi and like you I prefer more subtle Xmas sweats!
    I don’t know if you remember but I did a whingey blogpost called Smalls (I think!) a while back complaining about the lack of variety in 28 and 30 back bras... and most of the brands that do these sizes are for properly well endowed ladies, and as such the shoulder straps are about an inch wide! Pah! Anyways... Elle Mcphearson bras come up small across the back... 32c is equivalent to a 30d... xX

    1. Hi Bean. I've been a bit slack on the old blogging front but hey ho that's the way life rolls sometimes. But good to know about the Elle MacPherson bras - how strange that the 32c is equivalent to a 30D. I need to get in to a shop to try a few more on to see how they fit - can you sense the joy I'm feeling at this task ahead? x

  2. You've just had a bra intervention! A D cup with a small back is still tiny, cup sizes increase with back sizes so a 30D is much smaller in volume than a 36D. I'm considerably more 'gifted' in the boob department than you but as a size 10 I also have a small back, I wear a 30FF so am absolutely in the Bravissimo category (because the high street tries to squeeze us into a small range of sizes to cut tbeir costs). The dreaded M&S will do bras in your size but don't take their sizing advice, the other department stores are better at sizing and stock a good range of brands. Once you know which brands fit you well there's loads of choice online.

    1. I have. And it's amazing. I actually thought my new bra was too small at first as it felt so much tighter than my old one but it does seem to be holding me in place by the band rather than the straps which is what a bra is supposed to do - I read that somewhere. I know I'm not huge but finding a 30 bra is proving a little more challenging. I've been measured by M&S a few times, very different each time and probably why I've just ended up making an assumption about what size I am. But yep, I think bra shopping is going to be online in future. x

  3. Getting measured for a bra is something I've meant to do for ages. Like you, I've been a 34B forever (supposedly) but my sister, who used to work on the Rosie range for M&S said no way - she thinks 34C or (more likely) 36B. I rode racehorses for years and, as a consequence, have something of a gladiatorial upper body unfortunately (I'm under 5'2, so look more like a weightlifter than an amazon). I really should get measured - thanks for the inspiration! Although now you've introduced me to *SPICED CARAMEL PIES* I'll probably be a size bigger by Christmas. Aldi's 'Exquisite' mince pies are the best I've had anywhere, so I have high hopes for the spiced caramel. Mmmmmm.

    1. Well I was thinking I needed a new bra and it was just timing that I got measured before I bought any more new ones ... in the wrong size. I had a suspicion that I might not be 34b any more but I really needed it spelling out for me. AND the spiced caramel pies. I think I ate the majority of them - they were only small! ;o)


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