Monday, 15 October 2018

Monday Musings : 15th October 2018

Just can't seem to get my act together on a Friday for a Friday Five. To be honest, I just can't seem to get my act together most days. So Monday Musings it is then. Again.

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Black and Blue

H&M Long Crepe Dress (keeps selling out)*

H&M Patterned Maxi Dress (keeps selling out)*
Black or blue????

I bought that blue William Morris H&M flouncy dress a couple of weeks back. I said that I would buy it and then decide - it's what I normally do. And then guess what? They brought out the same style of dress but in a black print. Black is really more my bag so I had to order it to compare. Now I can't decide. What's a girl to do? Black or blue, black or blue? Or neither?

Monday Musings (2 of 5) Chop Chop

Revelation! Use scissors to chop the pesky bits!

Or rather cut cut. I used to strip off all the rosemary needles off the stalks and then try chopping them with a knife with varying degress of success. This week, I did something different. I didn't strip the leaves off but bunched them together a bit and cut them instead. Game changer! 

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Basics

Primark Chenille Jumper
Zara Jeans

Errrm. Hands up if you do fashion seven days of the week. I do fashion maybe three days at a push. The rest of the days when I am at home, my go to is an old burgundy fleecy scruffy sweatshirt with jeans or this navy blue chenille jumper which I picked up in Primark recently. I picked up this jumper because it fitted my criteria of a basic plain jumper, in a colour I like, which washes well, doesn't fade, doesn't pill, keeps me warm and doesn't make me look like a scabby cat on a bad day when I'm dressed for comfort. The burgundy fleecy one makes me look a scabby cat on a bad day.

You don't want to look at this sweatshirt close up.

Monday Musings (4 of 5) Old Skool

Eldest sent me a text to say I hadn't topped up his account at school so he could buy his lunch. Now I'm scared half to death that the next generation will be writing exam essays using text speak and failing! Not Gr8!

Monday Musings (5 of 5) Cold

Melissa, Joanna and Me!

It's jumper weather. Has anyone put the heating on yet?


Last Note :

  • The H&M dresses keep selling out but I've left the link there as you can always save the item in your Favourites section on the H&M website to easily check if they are back in stock.
  • Love that my son thinks I "roasted" him with my response. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Quick OOTD : 18/09/18 Little Girl Blue

M&S Sunglasses (Current Sale in store - yes I bought another pair)
COS Funnel Neck Jumper (SS18 but similar here)
H&M Skirt (SS18 but black version here)

I think my favourite colour is blue.


It's quite easy to recreate this look if you have similar components in your wardrobe. The idea is just block colour but I like the light relief with the different colour trainers (my Novestas are pale grey). 

1. The M&S navy cashmere hoodie is a bit luxe - but there are plenty of cotton mix hoodies in the stores for all kinds of budgets. You might already have one in your wardrobe.

2. The M&S blush trainers. The white version of these with the blue trim sold out really quickly and understandably. They looked good and they had more than a nod to Veja with the navy side detail. But did you spot this blush suede version? Kind of subtle but with enough punch to make you look again. I had the ginger coloured Vans last year (still have them actually), and this is like the pink equivalent of when you want to do that "pop of colour" which people so like to say.

3. The navy skirt. This could have been a boring navy skirt but to give it a bit of oomph, it has the front zip detail. Too much for you? A simple navy pleated one is also a good option like this one

4. And the bum bag. Sorry, I mean, leather belt bag. This white one is rather chic don't you think?

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Quick OOTD : 12/09/18 Check Mate

Uniqlo Jumper

Sometimes it's good to keep your eye out in the Next Clearance section when you come across a gem of a tablecloth.


Last Note :

  • The link to the skirt is to the page where the skirt can be found. When it's Next Clearance, the links are a bit all over the place.
  • The skirt has an asymmetric hem where the front dips quite a bit longer at the front. I had to have this bit nipped a tiny bit so it didn't look over long on me. On a taller person (taller than 5ft 1), it should be no problem.
  • Hardly a crease after a days wear - that's good.
  • True to size I would say - I'm wearing a size UK10 which is what I am and it's a very comfortable 10. 
  • I have it on good word that checks and asymmetric hems are in. #yay
  • It has pockets. Enough said.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Monday Musings : 27th August 2018

Howdoo. Friday came and went a bit fast. Going to use that Monday Musings get out clause again. Where does the time go?

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Favourite Polish


Normally I'm a dark polish girl. Dark navy, dark grey shades all summer long. But this year, I've actually found myself reaching for something a little lighter -  a Sally Hansen polish in the colour Greige 372 which just happens to sum it up beautifully. It's the perfect beige mixed with a hint of grey. And I like it because it's easy to put on and in my humble opinion - quite classy. With dark shades, you need to be precise or all the wonky edges show up. Something like this greige shade, needs a little less care but still makes you look perfectly polished. Pun intended.

Monday Musing  (2 of 5) Pink Leopard

I just literally opened up the ASOS site and spotted that cute pink leopard blouse. Pink with red leopard spots. I kind of like it a lot better than the traditional brown leopard shades. Doesn't feel so leopardy if you know what I mean?

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Books & Mini Toblerone

Well I finally finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It took me a while to get in to my stride with reading again and I stopped started it a few times but this last week, I finally got going. And I did that thing I haven't done for a long time, I read till the early hours of the morning to finish the book, just like in my teenage years. And now I've chosen my next book This is Going to Hurt. Oh yes - the mini white chocolate Toblerones. Aren't they cute??? Perfect accompaniment with a cuppa. Cutting to the chase - I found them in a big Tescos.

Monday Musings (4 of 5 ) Mushroom

Petit Hauts Blouse (old)
Golden Goose Trainers (old)
MiH Jeans (old)

Remember I mentioned in a previous Friday Five that I couldn't decide between the black Village England Egton bag or the mushroom colour? I went for the mushroom. It's good to have a change and it's good to find that it goes so well with my old trainers. I opted for the mini version - as I thought it rather sweet. If you're quick, you can still make use of the 20% discount code BIRTHDAY20 till 31st Aug.

Monday Musings (5 of 5) Camping.

Says it all doesn't it?

I'm going camping this week. I hear there is rain forecasted. Probably no wifi either. #prayforsue


Last Note :

  • Have a good bank holiday y'all!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Quick OOTD : 21/08/2018 Not Quite the end of Summer

Black TK Maxx Sandals 

Busting out one of those summer dresses I've not worn yet. You know me.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Monday Musings : 20 August 2018

Hello again. It's Monday. I missed a Friday Five as I was out watching the cricket but I started one so I thought I'd drop it through as a Monday Musings. Okay with you?

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Magique Magique

I'm currently obsessed with this print. I love the Hotel Magique prints but this pink one in particular is giving me all the good vibes. Just wondering if I could paint my own version? Be cheaper.

Monday Musings (2 of 5) Leopard

Zara cardigan (ss18)
H&M Bag (ss16)
Primark Skirt (instore AW18)
Golden Goose trainers (AW17)

It's August so it means the autumn stock is filtering in. My first "autumnal" purchase is a leopard skirt from Primark which I am still deciding on i.e. whether I will wear it enough to keep. I had a Zara one which I sold on Ebay just recently because I thought it was just a fraction too short for me which meant I never wore it. And then I dallied with another Zara one in the sale but the stitching at the side was a little off kilter so I returned that and then I stumbled on this one in Primark. For £10, it's quite well made and has a nice amount of fabric and swish to it. I don't normally look at the pleated skirts in Primark as the pleats are not that well done and very noticeable on the plain colours but with a busy leopard print, you can get away with a lot more. That said - it's a really good skirt for the money. 

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Robinsons Lime & Mint

It's really nice :)

I did a supermarket shop yesterday and happened across this Robinsons Lime & Mint cordial. I'm trying to drink more water but frankly I find that a little dull so a little dash of the cordial just makes everything go down that much easier. And if you really want to jazz it up, go add some real lime slices and mint and a good handful of ice. Refreshing and yum.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Trainer Update

I need new trainer blood in the wardrobe. I saw this pic of Sienna Miller early on in the year and was on a mission for pure white trainers. I wanted them to look "box fresh" instead of my usual worn in ones. And then it got too cold and I went around in my Ugg boots instead and promptly forgot about them. Until now and I'm back on it. I actually picked up a cheap pair from Primark who do a good lookalike pair and after trying them on a few times with different outfits, I'm returning those and I've just ordered myself the Reebok Classics from ASOS as they have a 20% off code today GOFORIT. I also have a coat very similar to Sienna's so I can be a total copy cat. But why not, when someone looks so good?

Monday Musings (5 of 5) Youth Truth

Spot the grey ones!

Last week I went to the hairdressers and had to take my two boys with me. When I came out, the eldest said, "Your hair looks okay but they didn't cover those grey hairs of yours very well".

I didn't have them done, that's why.


Last Note :

  • Before I ordered the Reeboks, I ordered these Nike Air Max. I did think in all honesty that they would be returned before they even arrived but they have arrived and I rather like them. A lot. So Reeboks or Nike? Talk to me.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Friday Five : 10 August 2018

What's this? A Friday Five? :)

Friday Five (1 of 5) Saltwater Dupes

2. Tan Saltwater Sandals (sold out!)

My go to sandals for this summer have suddenly become my tan Saltwater sandals which I bought last year. I didn't get much wear out of them then (heel pain and I couldn't wear very flat shoes) but this year, I find that they are  turning in to a bit of a pair of "reach for" sandals. Anyway, I know they are not the cheapest pair of sandals on the block but if you are wanting the look,  I think the New Look ones are worth a look.

They're actually from the teen girls range (go up to a size 6) not leather but they look pretty good and the tan ones are now down to £12 though limited in sizes and they even do rose gold ones though they are a little shiny for my taste. And me? I decided to give the Saltwater Slides a punt this year and ordered these white ones here in the sale.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Watermelon.

Costco do seedless watermelon. This is major. It means I no longer have to pick out all those pesky seeds before I can enjoy my watermelon. And if you can't get to a Costco, I have found that the ones in Aldi are not bad on the seeds front - few and far between and almost negligible. Also for those who don't like getting sticky chops chomping in to their big slices of watermelon, try cutting them in to little sticks like this. Makes it so much easier! #sharingiscaring

Friday Five (3 of 5) Kodak Moment

I'm having a Kodak moment and there is a reason behind it. My brother used to work for Kodak and I have fond memories of my first camera which he bought me in 1982. A Kodak Disc 6000. Heaven knows where that's gone now but I do still have a bright yellow and red Kodak beach towel lurking somewhere. Having spotted that tee on the H&M website, I might just have to purchase for the memories as this is one thing I feel I can legitimately wear! Oh yes, the Worishofer Sandals - don't mock. They look like nana sandals but they are cool. Look at Bean.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Neapolitan

Someone said my Sezane jumper from last year looked like a Neapolitan ice cream. I can see where they are coming from. And if you too want to look like an ice cream, you can pick up this rather pretty jumper now (forget the temperatures, it's time to look ahead, early bird, worm, you get the picture).

Friday Five (5 of 5) Blogging.

Just a girl, standing in front of a mirror, taking a pic ....

Well sometimes I wonder if people still read blogs but basically that's where I started and that's still where you will find me although there may be periods where I go AWOL. But I managed two posts this week, so I guess you don't get rid of me that easily.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Quick OOTD : 07/08/18 Hello

Urban Outfitters Culottes (last year)
Handmade Crochet Bag (but not by me)
Aldi Sunglasses (sold out)

Hello there. Long time no blog on here but you know once a blogger, always a blogger so I thought I'd pop past and just say, I'm still around. Just.

And my culottes are khaki but khaki is a strange colour to photograph and always comes out greige. Just so you know.


  • Mango top . The one I have is actually in the ivory colourway but that appears to be sold out online and there are very limited sizes of the pale green shade online but it has been reduced to a bargain price. I have downsized to an XS (normally a small) in this as it's quite swishy.
  • I couldn't resist including the latest Village England mini bag on here and partly because there is a 20% discount code (BIRTHDAY20) too. It literally has just dropped on to the site and I am currently deciding between the mushroom colour and the black. I should go for the mushroom but the sensible head says black. My head always says black.
  • The Novesta white plimsolls are on a wishlist which I am trying to justify. I picked up a pale grey pair in the ASOS sale last year and I am seriously impressed with them. They even have removable insoles which incidentally are very cushy and very comfy. They also make a nice change from the ever popular Superga and Converse.
  • The Tiger bag. The Tiger bag - what can I say? This is so not me and I would not have looked at it were it not for the fact that Sarah has it and she has made it such a statement piece and it totally works with so much! Forget leopard print - we want Tiger!

Monday, 14 May 2018

Monday Musings : 14 May 2018

Do you know? Friday comes round really fast for me and before I know it, most of the day has gone and I've not even started my Friday Five. Can I make it up to you with some Monday Musings?

Monday Musing 1 : Sunglasses.

Instore in Primark

You know those crazy love heart sunglasses doing the rounds at the moment? You can get a pair for £2 at Primark. Did I get them? No. I already have thirteen pairs of sunglasses and at some point, you really can have enough sunglasses.

Monday Musing 2 : Spotty

A couple of months ago, I was having a try on in Urban Outfitters of this rather cute dress which I put on Instagram Stories. I didn't tag it at the time and received a lot of messages about the dress which I replied to when I got home. Fast forward time and the trying and returning of a gazillion dresses in the meantime and guess what? I went back to the first one I tried on. The black spotty one. It's the perfect day dress for me. Girly enough for those who want to wear it that way, and tomboyish enough for me to don a pair of trainers on with. It's a winner. And I don't have to fiddle with it. Sorry, it literally sold out this week but the odd one comes back online and there may be the odd one in store.

Monday Musings 3 : Shoe Dupes

So we finally get to free the toes and what better way to show them off than in a lovely pair of sandals. And what's even nicer is if you don't have the budget for the big guns, the high street's got your back. All the odd numbers are the pricier ones. And the evens are the sweet on the purse strings. I can't take the credit for number 6 - Lynne had these on her IG and I was thinking "well hello there!". I tried them on today and they are lovely - I prefer them to the Zara version doing the rounds as they are lightly cushioned.

Monday Musings 4 : About Time

Bought the skirt in March. Could have worn it before now but it never seemed right. But we're there now and the tags are off. Woohoo. Oh yes - the cotton linen Uniqlo blouse - love it. Especially the colour.

Monday Musings 5 : Hayfever

It's the pits.

Monday, 7 May 2018

New and Old

I've been a bit slack on the old Friday Fives and sometimes I bob a couple of lines about anything new that I've bought on there. In lieu of the lack of Friday Fives, I'd just thought I'd let you know about three new little buys which made it in to my wardrobe.

Last time I spoke about the Hush skirt, I said I was favouring this Picante colour over the Jolly Green version which has sold out every where. I actually managed to get my hands on both colours but no matter what I wore the green one with, it just didn't feel like me. I guess I'm more a Spice girl.

F&F Basket Bag (old)
H&M Scarf (old)

I finally cut the tags off on Sunday as I was out for the day and to be honest, I wasn't sure if it was going to crease and crumple after an hour of sitting in the car but it stayed beautifully neat and crease free all day. The elasticated waistband came in to it's own - I had a Sunday lunch and a Korean barbecue - so it was tested to the max. And it has pockets. Pockets are always the icing on the cake on any dress or skirt aren't they? They can be deal breakers for some but in this case there was no deal breaking scenario to have to consider. Basically, the skirt has pockets.

Another pleasant surprise - the wooden earrings. I have the pink resin version which are similar but I  didn't get on with them for some reason. It might be that they're just pink and didn't go with much but I much prefer how light and neutral these wooden ones are. I wore them all day and didn't feel the urge to fiddle with them or take them off till nearly bedtime. That's good for me. Really good. Fantastic actually.

And the Posse sandals. These have been getting a lot of love on IG. I remember seeing them around last year but chose to leave them as I didn't want to deal with ordering from overseas. Then a lovely lady put a pic of them up on her IG and we had a dialogue about them. After a couple of weeks deliberation and many many try ons of other woven slides, the Posse ones arrived at my house. The heart wants what the heart wants. A word of warning - there will be a customs charge to pay of around £20 - you need to factor this in if you're interested. Besides which, that's the last pair of sandals I will buy this summer. If you see me in a pair of black Birkalikes - I've already got them but not worn them yet.

Everything else is old - the scarf is a couple of years old, the basket is about fourteen years old and the Everlane shirt was a buy from last year. All firm favourites which won't be seeing the likes of Ebay any time soon.

Toodle pip.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Quick OOTD : 04/05/18 Simples

Forgive me. Sorry there's no Friday Five this week (or last for that matter). I'll be back on it soon, I'm just busy doing stuff. But here's a quick #OOTD. It's my first one this year!

Nobodys Child Blouse (similar here)
MiH Jane Jeans
Primark Raffia Bag 

I've waited months to bust out those sandals.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Buffet Dress 2018

Right, a little short and sweet post from me as I just wanted to tell you that I've bagged my 2018 buffet dress. I popped in to M&S in search of a skirt. I found the skirt and found this dress next to it. The skirt was awful but the dress was good. 

Good Points :

  • It's a buffet dress - eat all you like in this one and no one can tell when you have a third trimester food baby in there.
  • It's a bargain price and if you were to pick up similar in Anthropologie (it wouldn't look out of place in Anthropologie for what it's worth), it would be three times the price.
  • I got to size down one size in this (it gets a gold star from me for this).
  • It's such a good throw on dress - it has a little weight to it so it swishes delightfully too. 
  • It spent 4 hours stuffed in the bottom of my big shopping tote and came out pristine and not at all crumpled. Yusss.

Bad Points :

  • It's from the M&S Collection section. Which is usually the preserve of the much older  shopping demographic. I'm ignoring this fact. 
  • It's not for everyone. I'm only 5ft nearly 2" at a push. This just comes below my knee but hits me at a good point on the legs. You need to factor your own height with this to see if it works for you. 
  • It is roomy so remember to size down - it has mixed reviews based on the fact that people who have bought their regular size have found it too big. I took one look at it on the hanger and thought "size down". You can't tell that from a picture online.

That's it. Have a nice day.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday Five : 13th April 2018

Nearly the end of the Easter hols and I may be inwardly whooping with joy.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Big Buckles

I like big buckles and I cannot lie. Well I like the big buckles on the new Birkenstock Madrids. I've just spotted them and think they look a little cool. I like. I like a lot.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Feather Cushion Inners and Oil Cloths

Dunelm PVC Cloth (check instore but other designs here)

All the glamour. All the glamour for you guys. Cushion pads and table cloths. I haven't been in to an actual Dunelm for a few years but in the last month or so, I've been a few times - they do the exact size of feather cushion inner that I like. You should always get them a fraction bigger than the actual size of the cushion cover. So for a 40x40cm cushion, you need a 42x42cm cushion inner so you get extra plumpage. And I like feather as you can bouff them back in to shape a lot better than the foam filled ones which go really uneven and bumpy ... and flat. And the oilcloths from Dunelm? Well, they're a little Emma Bridgewater and Orla Kiely inspired don't you think? 

Friday Five (3 of 5) Hush Skirt

Well the Hush skirts came that I blogged about last week. The jolly green was a little jolly for me but I rather liked the paprika which felt very much like one of my colours. Infact the more I swished in it, the more I liked it and the pockets helped no end along with one of my favourite Pinterest pics. So I'm holding on to it for the time being.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Tassel Garlands.

So simple but so effective.

Whilst in Poundland, I spotted some packs of gold and silver tassel garlands and pompoms which I thought looked okay for any events or parties you might have coming up. I thought you could buy few packs of the garlands to group/weave together for quite a full on fancy effect or you could add your own colour ribbons and tags and tie those on to the main garland. Or if you just fancy being an early bird, I'd get along pronto and bag a few packs for your hallways and fireplaces and put them to one side as Christmas is only eight and a half months away. 

Available in store in Poundland

Friday Five (5 of 5) Chicken Dinner

My roast chicken pic was a bit rubbish so I "borrowed" a pic.

I sometimes do a roast chicken dinner on a Friday evening so I have left overs to go in a soup or anything else I want for the weekend. The only thing I hate ... working out the cooking times. If you get a chicken from one of the big supermarkets, they usually calculate the times for you and have it on the label. If you pop in to the butchers like I occasionally do, there's no helpful label but I have found a useful online cooking time calculator which helps enormously!  :)