Parallel Lines

Sunday, 16 April 2017

H&M Stripe Shirt

For anyone who follows me on IG and had a peek at my Stories the Saturday before last, I featured this H&M stripy shirt and said it was good. It's even better this week as there's an extra £5 off it now. 

I love a shirt in the summer and usually default to my blue ones but I fancied something a little different. Something a little more interesting but something still quite me. Unlike the Next top a couple of posts back, this shirt is not something I had to mull over. I like the certainty of some items where you know it's a keeper from the off. I have arm coverage and I have tummy coverage and it gives good slouch. I did size up to a 12 just to make sure. Now just so you know, it's polyester but I'm okay with that - it gives good drape on a shirt like this and ..... it doesn't crease.

I've got lots that go with shirt in the wardrobe but if you're looking for ideas ......

I didn't get on the with the insta famous Gap version much as I wanted them. These ones are next on my list to try. And they have pockets.

Got to have a bit of wrist candy of some sort if you don't wear much neck candy. I like the masculine lines of this one.

Come on, they're cute aren't they? Wonder how big they are in real life?

It's not a bad little shirt. I picked through all the ones in store to check the stitching of course.

Ring handle bag. I always was a bit behind the times but I like them now. I can't afford the Simon Miller one but the Mango one is a good alternative.

Strangely drawn to these. I like a tassel on my sandals and I like this little hit of red - just elevates it a bit.

Straw bags are all the rage. Just saying. And I know there's a lot of ladies out there who are fond of a pompom or two.

In the basket. In the basket. Love.

A little subtler than the the H&M one but I quite like the boxy shape of this. It's silk too for those who can't stomach the polyester.

They're classic but not too skinny. Not suck you in skinny which you don't want when it's blazing hot out there.

Just spotted this gold one. I have something similar from Other Stories in silver but I'd love a gold one as you know, you have days when you're all over the silver jewellery and other days when you're a bit of a golden girl.

To give you that little bit of je ne sais quoi.


Last Note :
  • Parallel Lines. Fantastic album. By the high priestess Blondie.


  1. Sue, I bought the Next crop tie waist trousers and they're fab! I knew the Gap ones wouldn't work for me being such a shortie, but the Next ones are perfect. I might've also bought the top you featured a couple of posts ago 😊 Lynne xx

    1. I have the black ones in the petite but they don't do the khaki in the petite. I'm hoping that the length is okay on me in the regular or I can get away with it. And you will suit that super pretty blouse - I think I'm better with the more regular shirts - they feel more me. xxx

    2. You do suit shirts, but it's funny as I always associate those kind of pretty tops with you! The regular length is fine on me and I'm 5'2" xx


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