Friday Five : 14 Apr 2017

Friday, 14 April 2017

I've been really slack haven't I? I've missed two Friday Fives but I have been a little busy and I haven't had a lot to witter on about. But I'm back!

Friday Five (1 of 5) Bag Lady 1

I jumped on the round straw bag bandwagon with this Zara one. Things like the extra shoulder strap earned it extra bonus points.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Bag Tricks

I went out for lunch with my family the other day and my sister was worried about my tote bag resting on the seat behind me incase anyone came past and took it without me knowing. So I rested it by my feet but she wasn't happy with that either. And then she produced an S hook from her bag (like you do) and hooked it on to the table we were at for me to hang my bag on. It did the trick!

Friday Five (3 of 5) Bag Lady 2

Primark Tote (in store)

Bit of a bag theme running through the Friday Five this week. I kept seeing pics popping up on my IG feed of a black stripy straw shopper from Primark which looked pretty good. However when in store, I went for this Shibori tie dye effect one instead. I even stuffed my purchases in and carried it out of the store. It's perfect for summer hols and shopping returns and it even has some useful compartments inside!

Friday Five (4 of 5) The Flick Factor.

Those ads get on my wick.
They affect the magazine flick.
Oh lordy I'm now a poet
 And I really didn't know it.

I know that advertising is a biggie in the magazine world (I counted 80 pages before I found something to read the other day) but they really do hinder the flick factor of a mag. I have to tear out all the perfume and beauty sample pages so that I can happily flick through my mag to see which bit I want to peruse without coming across one of those thick card bits which suddenly make you skip about twenty pages in a go. Call me a grumpy cow but I've been doing this for years now. It's not going to change now.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Happy Easter

What I did last year.
Worked a treat.

I have two boys. One is older and generally quicker off the mark with most things than the other. That includes grabbing the majority of the Easter eggs which have been carefully planted/plonked around the garden for that wonderful Easter Egg hunt thing that goes on each year. I kind of cottoned on that if we put out twenty eggs in the garden, the eldest would come back with 15 and the smaller would come back with 5. And then there would be a lot of huffing. So now, I put a sticky label on with their initial on before the eggs get hidden. The boys are issued with the instructions that if they come across an egg that does not have their initial on it, they must leave it where it was found. Do remember to tell them how many they each need to find or they could be at it for hours. Actually, that's not a bad thing - forget to tell them how many and just stand and laugh.

Have a good Easter everyone!


  1. That Primarni bag 👌🏻 Thanks for the egg hunt tip, we need to do that! Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

    1. And you as well. And that Primarni bag - it's a good un!

  2. Really love the round basket bag... but I had my heart set on a natural one, and now I'm all confused 😬 need to get to a primark as that bag - though giant for me - will indeed be perfect for carrying all that 'stuff' to the beach from our cabin when we go Glamping this summer 👌🏻😘

    1. I was holding out for a natural one but they were all so big and I thought I might look a little ridiculous but the Zara one is a good size and I liked the combination of shoulder strap and regular handles. I didn't mind the black at all - I still wear a lot of it in the summer, it's a hard habit to break.

      And don't worry about the Primark bag being big - even more useful. I didn't feel it drowned me so I think you'd be fine. x


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