Wednesday, 26 April 2017

H&M Shirt (old but similar here)
Swedish Hasbeens (old but current version here)

I gave my old cotton Gap trench to a friend. It was an XS and in my heart of hearts, I knew that I should have picked up the size S when I had a chance. There were two left in the shop and I thought I'd have a think and I went to get my hair done, came back and there was only the XS left. I nabbed it pronto and left the shop. And I have worn it but really, just an extra inch breathing and jumper room would have been nice. So I was ruthless and passed it on. 

Which left a trench gap in the wardrobe. Until I spotted a rather plain little number on Uniqlo at a very modest price. I added it to an order I was making and hoped it was okay. And in all honesty, it was fine but not exactly setting my heart a pitter patter and it was a bit long and I was feeling a bit lazy about altering it so I packed it up neatly and put it back in the bag. A day or so later, I saw one of my favourite Instagram ladies wearing a Uniqlo mac and being nosey I asked about it and was told, it had been shortened. I unwrapped my mac, pinned it up and thought, I can work with this and I can shorten it. So I did. Result. Thank you Mandajrt.

Anyway, I know trench coats are having a little bit of a moment right now, so I've put a little compilation of how I'd like to wear one.

1. Topshop Bonjour Boys Tee
It's cute. And it's in a lovely soft cotton. And I've got this. As Baby Bear would say, "It's not too big, it's not too small, it's just right!"

2. M&S Straight Leg Jeans
I bought these a little while back and they sold out in the colour that I'm wearing. I got them in a size 10 originally but found them pretty loose and went back for an 8 and they are a bit of a squeeze but I'm in them just about! They are also 100% cotton so there's no lycra but if you want something to hold you in a bit - these are the jeans for you. I've since been back in store and tried another pair of size 10's and they are not quite as roomy as the first pair I tried on, so errm I've picked those up as I love them that much and now I have a pair for thin days and a pair for fat days. They are like a Levi jean for girls who don't get on with a Levi fit (me).

3. Uniqlo Trench
Simple clean lines in this trench. I like looking at the APC and Margaret Howell websites to reaffirm why I buy plain simple things and they often have similar styled trench coats. It's quite a light number so perfect as a little throw on for these late spring days and cool summer ones.

4. Next Bronze Clog Sandal
I like a cloggy sandal. And these look like a good cloggy sandal and in a bronze colour way for a bit of extra oomph. But if you like them in a more traditional finish, they do them in a tan leather too. The great thing about these kind of sandals is the little platform at the front but which aren't too chunky so you get the height and extra cushioning without the pain. And the price is so much kinder on the purse than traditional Hasbeens.

5. Hobbs Trench
I love everything about this khaki olive coloured trench. It probably won't fit me but if it did, I would seriously consider it as I'd love a khaki trench and this one looks beautifully made. Infact come to think of it, I want a navy trench as well as a black one and a khaki one.

6. M&S Leather Angular Heel Sandal
These are happy shoes. I tried them on in store and I had a couple of ladies cooing over them whilst I was messing around trying to take a picture. They are surprisingly walkable in as they are a block heel albeit an "angular" one  and they go well with the Mango tee coming up. They also come in off white, I loved them both!

7. Mango Femme Tee
If you can go to the effort of ordering and waiting oodles of weeks for a Sezane tee, do. If you didn't fit the Topshop version which I hear is well huge, then maybe this Mango one might fill the gap. It's more of a traditional stiffer cotton rather than the soft worn in styles. But the yellow and black detailing is spot on and oh so current.

8. H&M Slim Regular Jeans
I still wear dark grey/black jeans in the summer. And they still go with a lot of what I already have - even the summer stuff. Black is always in.


Last Note :

  • Can I bend your ear? I love it when online shopping sites have a place for reviews and Uniqlo does that. So I was reading their reviews on some of their trench coats and came across one where someone had returned a trench because the sleeves was one inch too long. One inch too long!!!! Get over it! Get them altered!!!! You could have the most amazing item there but for that one inch which you (or your seamstress) can actually do something about. Get the necessary alteration done. There is no amazing all singing all dancing item which fits all, it's not just possible. We are all different heights, shapes and sizes and there are even variations within these sizes. Just do yourself a favour and get the garment altered. It will make all the difference. I promise.
  • And items which get returned just because they are a bit crumpled. Iron them or steam them. Maybe I've studied too many fabrics but some items I know that as soon as they've encountered a bit of steam, I know they  will come out okay and even more interestingly, they don't crease half as badly upon wearing as you would imagine. I usually press or steam out the creases and then do a crumple test back on the garment. You'll get an idea of how well it will wear.
  • I'm a titch - I don't expect everything to fit me. If you're a giant, you'll have the same problems. If you're in between - jammy bovine.
  • I'll shut up now.


  1. Great post Sue - love the trench! Your after thoughts really made me chuckle - it's timely too, as I photographed a couple of 'before' pics of a dress today - length isn't a problem, but a little tweak will make all the difference to how the dress looks on my frame... I'll be posting /blogging it tomorrow: if of course all turns out well! 😜😆

    1. A little tweak really makes a huge difference especially on something for someone our size doesn't it? I think I've got so used to things not fitting perfectly especially with sleeves that I'm no longer phased by it or think it's a problem. As long as the overall fit is doable. Be good to see what you've done on your dress - hope it all turns out well. x

  2. Love the trench Susie, I'm very tempted especially having seen how lovely it looked in the flesh. Can I ask what size you went for? X

    1. Hi Melissa! You most certainly can ask. I'm wearing a size Small and I'm a size 10 and this one does allow me to fit in a jumper underneath which I did today. The sleeves are a touch long on me so I've folded them up and I like a bit of wrist showing anyway and I took it up by about 2-3 inches? So probably perfect length for yourself really. Hope that helps! x

  3. Lovely yellow shoes, thanks for the tip off. Im going to add them to my basket and wait for some kind of discount. Btw, theres a very cool t shirt in H&M I'd say you would like- faded black with a tiger on the front, keep and eye out for it. Its only left in xs online but I bet its still in the shops. I wore it under a blazer to my school reunion (an outfit that got a LOT of planning) and I was asked about it. Its reduced to €6.99.

    1. I know which one you mean. I didn't get that one but I did pick up another one in there which kept calling to me each time I walked past it till I finally succumbed and tried it on. And then I bought it. I am so weak.

  4. Thanks for the mention Sue. Mac looks terrific on you! I may or may not have one of these in my shopping basket!

    1. It's going to be such a useful little number and to think I nearly sent it back. It's become my go to little coat to throw on now. I even ordered the black one as I thought it was so good but the colour is too harsh and too solid in a black so that is going back. If only they had done one in khaki .....

  5. My Trans-Atlantic (?) derriere is lost:

    I'm a titch - I don't expect everything to fit me. If you're a giant, you'll have the same problems. If you're in between - jammy bovine.

    ...titch is a small person? a jammy bovine is a cool cow?

    teach me the slangs! <3


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