Friday Five : 19 January 2018

Friday, 19 January 2018

Go me! Go me! Go me! Another Friday Five!

Friday Five (1 of 5) Spring has sprung.

I know it hasn't really and it's actually freezing but I'm looking ahead because those warmer days are coming - I can feel it in my very cold bones. And the looking ahead basically amounts to me buying this little summer top from Topshop. It's one of those cute little numbers which you wear with jeans and tan sandals whilst swinging your little wicker basket bag. Indulge me. Anyway, it was in the sale, it was pretty and it's my kind of thing. The pink cardigan, I've actually tried on in M&S and it's soft and cosy and I want it. The lovely dusky shade will work nicely come the lighter days. The sunglasses? Well I've had my eye on these for a while - I really like the pinky beige frames and I do love my existing H&M sunglasses - more so than my more expensive Whistles ones. The tan sandals I bought last year when I found them reduced in store but they have reissued them again this year, grab them whilst you can - they're pretty. And I had to put that bag in. I love it.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Amazon Dash.

It is what it is - a button. For Catlit. Check out the other buttons here.

I don't story very much on IG but if anybody did catch any of my stories, they may have seen the one where I did an unpacking one on a 20kg bag of Catsan cat litter that the hubs had ordered for me. Who says romance is dead? Anyway, when that started to run low, I asked him if he could order me another bag from Amazon (because it's a good price on there and delivered to your door free if on Amazon Prime). He did but he also put in an order for an Amazon Dash button for the Catsan. What's this you ask? It is a wireless button that you keep in an appropriate place (next to the cat lit in my case) which you press when you find you are running low and more supplies are despatched immediately for next day delivery! How cool is that? I will never run out of cat lit again! Hallelujah! And it isn't for just cat lit you know, there are a whole variety of goods that you can get buttons for. It costs £4.99 per button but it get's knocked off again when you place your order for your delivery. I did think the hubs was a bit bonkers when he first suggested it to keep us stocked up on our supplies of Earl Grey tea but when it comes to 20kg bags of cat lit - it really makes sense. This is great for mums of babies - think of the boxes of nappies you don't have to lug in and out of the car! 

Friday Five (3 of 5) Coming up Roses

Nail Colour : Chanel Rose Confidential

The other week, I bought a bouquet and there were a few roses in it. Out of the six roses, there were two which had done the head droop thing. Now I put those two to one side but couldn't quite bring myself to bin them and thought, I need a pin to prick round the base of the head or something like that to release some air or to let some air in (can't remember the deets) but do you know what, I couldn't be bothered to go upstairs to get a pin. How lazy am I? So I cut a bit of the bottom of the stems, plunged them in to a couple of inches of boiling water (out of the kettle - I'd just made a cuppa) and kept them there for 10-15 seconds. Then I popped them into some cold water and prayed I hadn't killed them. As it was, they perked up and are still going strong a few days later. It's probably a bit like electric shock therapy but for plants. I also use this trick for hydrangeas when they look a little peaky.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Skirting around.

Grey Sweatshirt (Gap - old)
Skirt (Cameo Rose at New Look - similar here)
Converse (here)

I quite like a nice floral midi. I got one last year and I was surprised how much I liked it especially worn with a sweatshirt and trainers (above). I liked it enough to think about getting another for the summer - I'm currently debating on this one below. It's remarkably similar to the one Alexa is wearing don't you think? :)

Friday Five (5 of 5) Onion Goggles

George's swimming goggles coming in useful.

I went for brunch with the hubs last Sunday and we browsed around some shops and in one of them I found a pair of onion goggles. Yes, you read that right - onion goggles. The purpose of these is to stop your eyes watering when you peel onions. They are essentially goggles with a bit of foam underneath to prevent the onion odour from irritating the eyes. This reminded me of the time I was asked if I would peel something like five bags of onions for the annual cricket gala. Oh the glamour. And the tears. I did it though and do you know how I got through the pain barrier? I wore swimming goggles.  Same principle - stop onion odours from getting to the eyes. Swimming goggles work. Or you could just buy the Onion Goggles.


Last Note :

  • The coriander is still hanging on in there on the window sill (four weeks and counting).

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  1. Finally a moment to relax, grab a coffee and digest my favourite Friday five! I do love my h&m sunnies and really like the look of those new ones: lovely! And... onion goggles: my youngest was delighted when he ‘won’ some ‘Elvis Onion goggles’ on NYE (goggles with side burns attached) which I borrowed for onion chopping yesterday - they’re great - they really work! And I rather like the gold trim and side burns �� Xx


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