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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Happy flowers

I know, I know, I'm talking boho summer tops when we're still in January and yesterday was Blue Monday whatever that was all about and how it was meant to be a mega depressing day (who thinks all this stuff up to give us more reason to feel bad in January anyway) but it wasn't a bad day for me. For one, I bought a huge bunch of roses for £4 and that put a smile on my face. I don't actually buy flowers all year round especially towards the end of the year when there are no good flowers apart from lilies and roses and so I buy virtually nothing. When January comes forth, I start again with the tulips and hyacinths and then move on to peonies and then hydrangeas and then I stop. And now I'm waffling when what I wanted to say was the second good thing that happened was I spotted a couple of nice tops in River Island - a shop which is not my normal stomping ground.

Anyway, I found two tops. One I knew about already after spotting it on Chantel's IG stories and the other was just pot luck and hanging up with it. I took both tops in and tried. I could have bought both, I didn't need both, I just bought one.

First top was the Dodo Bar Or inspired one which was the one I went in to store to seek out. 

Again a true size 10 fit and this one was more a straight up and down shape. The detailing is good and neat and excellent for the price. The sleeves are not too billowy which make it a little more wearable for some of us small folk who seem to look like we're being overtaken by balloon sleevage. The elasticated hems on the sleeves give the option of being shrugged up comfortably without looking bonkers and wrong. I've got a way with words - can you tell?

Anyway, top two was this quite classic cream smock style top - very me for the warm months. 

Would you believe it?
Not online!

Not too see through either and has a nice swing to it and the bib detail seems to sit on a good part on me  i.e. it doesn't make me look "preggers" which some smock style tops have a tendency to. I like the little pom pom detailing on the hem and thankfully they didn't do sequin overload which makes it so much more wearable in my eyes. I liked it on first try on. I'm in a size 10 and this is true to size and sits well on the shoulders and the sleeves are not tight or restrictive. Infact they are full length but I've just shrugged them up slightly - I have a thing with overlong sleeves -I don't like them.

I actually thought I was going to go for top one when I took both tops in to try but I bought top two. And now I have to return it because as luck would have it - da da dah - Grazia have presented me with a River Island discount code today which I shall deploy on said blouse again. And whilst I'm there, I might have to check these culottes out which I didn't see in store (was a teeny store admittedly) but they also do it petite!

And to make up for the fact that you can't check out that second top online, I thought I'd pop one up for those who like a bit of Broderie Anglaise prettiness. Gah - if only I could do high necks!


Last Note :

  • Grazia discount code to get 20% off is GRAZIAJAN18 till Monday 22nd January. Have fun!

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