Friday Five : 12 January 2018

Friday, 12 January 2018

Hi. Long time no blog. But old habits die hard so I'm back to what I do best - having a little witter on my Friday Five. Just easing myself gently back in. Hope you all had a good Christmas by the way - see, it's been that long!

Friday Five (2 of 5) Sales Bag Bagged

Pieces Pcjase Leather Bag (here & here) & Jerome Drefuss Bobi Bag (here)

Some time before Christmas I spotted a bag which I thought was a bit of a ringer for the Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi bag. I kept my eye on it and even thought about asking for it for Christmas but I decided to play the waiting game and sit it out and hope it would hit the sales. It did and it came in at half the original price. I bought it. And it's a tenth of the price of the Jerome Dreyfuss. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Bad Hair Days

When my hair was behaving better.

Over the last couple of months I've had a bit of a static problem with my hair. It's been pretty bad and I've had some serious Ken Dodd moments exiting changing rooms after a try on session. It's probably down to central heating and cold air and all that gumph I've googled but I've found that  having a little hand cream in your handbag and putting just a smidgeon on your hands so it sinks in and then smoothing down the flyaway bits helps. That's the flyaway bit, however, my hair has also been a little flat of late and I've resorted to washing every day to put the bounce back in. The other day, I thought I'd try the Phillip Kingsley Instant Beach Texturising Spray which I got as a sample in one of the M&S Beauty Boxes. This has actually been the best thing I've tried so far - my hair has retained some volume for more than a day and best of all - little to no static and I tried on five jumpers in M&S so it's been well and truly tested. This is good if you like having the bed hair look (aka too lazy to brush).

Friday Five (3 of 5) Coriander

Three weeks later (sounds like a movie title doesn't it?)

The hubs bought a bunch of coriander from the Chinese supermarket about three weeks ago. He decided to put it in a glass of water on the window sill instead of putting it in the fridge which is what I'm inclined to do. I moved it from the glass to a prettier vessel for aesthetic reasons (and gave the ends a little trim) but pandered to his whim. The coriander has been there three weeks so far and I just take what I want from the bunch when I need it. The hubs also asked me to credit him with this addition to the Friday Five this week. 

Friday Five (4 of 5) Hyacinths Season

There's always one isn't there? That one on the right!

Florist Assistant : Chloe Bowie the Fierce

Yes, it's hyacinth season again in Aldi and I've bought some and I'd forgotten they do the floppy head keel over thing until they did the floppy head keel over thing. The thing behind that is that their heads are too big to be supported by their stems and after a bit of googling last year when it occurred - apart from tying string around them to try and "bunch" them together a bit, an alternative suggestion I came across was to stick a wire up the stem. I remembered this and tried it with a wooden skewer instead like you have for your kebabs (cut to right length) and it seems to do the job. Winner Winner. Roast Beef dinner. 

Friday Five (5 of 5) Better Late Than Never

The Kooples Parka (A/W16)
Selected Femme Jumper (sold out but cream & grey version here)
Zara Jeans
Ugg Kristin Boots (best price here)

Remember how I don't like to wear things straightaway? Well last year at the beginning of the year, I blogged that I received a pair of Ugg Kristin's for Christmas in one of my Friday Five's. I also mentioned that I was waiting to use an Ugg protectant on them. A couple of weeks later I got the spray. One year later, I sprayed them and I can finally declare that they are officially engaged in everyday wear action. If you're interested in them (they're not like the Uggs of old) they are a slimmer silhouette and do come up small so size up one size. They also do a black waterproof leather version   here which I'm coveting as since I've started wearing them - I have come to appreciate them wholeheartedly though not in wet weather.


  1. Ha Sue I remember I asked you a question about the Uggs just about a year ago - I love that you don’t rush to everything new straight away like I do and then feel the initial excitement quickly ebbing away and your discipline in returning items that aren’t quite right. I’ve got a shed load of “not quite rights” props to your hubs for his wondrous work with herbs! Happy new year lovely - good to have back! Have you explored Arket yet? I’d be interested to know your views....

    1. Hi Pippa, did you get the Uggs then? I can't believe (well I can) how long it's taken me to actually get round to putting the spray on and actually get them on my feet. And now that I have, I'm thoroughly enjoying them. I'm not always brilliant at returning everything but I have come to realise a little better what doesn't fit with my style and my life. And boy oh boy are big balloon sleeves annoying if you can't get them in your coat sleeves! And I have been in Arket, I went just before Christmas and it was nice to have a mooch - I like the pared back style and hope to pay another visit when I get back to London again. I did have my eye on a few things but as always I didn't rush in to buying anything - it's like COS - really hard to tell if some of the shapes work on my height and size. Happy new year to you! x

  2. The bag ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I sent for the real one fromFrance but sent it back, it was very small and it didn’t have the old logo on ๐ŸคฃVery tempted to order this though!

    1. I used mine today partly because I also have my eye on the burgundy one and was road testing it. It fits a good size purse in it but it's not huge huge. If you look on the Amazon site (second link I think) it shows you the purse size against a person. For the money, it's a nice little leather handbag in a cool design - you can pay more for plastic these days. x


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