Monday Musings : 20 August 2018

Monday, 20 August 2018

Hello again. It's Monday. I missed a Friday Five as I was out watching the cricket but I started one so I thought I'd drop it through as a Monday Musings. Okay with you?

Monday Musings (1 of 5) Magique Magique

I'm currently obsessed with this print. I love the Hotel Magique prints but this pink one in particular is giving me all the good vibes. Just wondering if I could paint my own version? Be cheaper.

Monday Musings (2 of 5) Leopard

Zara cardigan (ss18)
H&M Bag (ss16)
Primark Skirt (instore AW18)
Golden Goose trainers (AW17)

It's August so it means the autumn stock is filtering in. My first "autumnal" purchase is a leopard skirt from Primark which I am still deciding on i.e. whether I will wear it enough to keep. I had a Zara one which I sold on Ebay just recently because I thought it was just a fraction too short for me which meant I never wore it. And then I dallied with another Zara one in the sale but the stitching at the side was a little off kilter so I returned that and then I stumbled on this one in Primark. For £10, it's quite well made and has a nice amount of fabric and swish to it. I don't normally look at the pleated skirts in Primark as the pleats are not that well done and very noticeable on the plain colours but with a busy leopard print, you can get away with a lot more. That said - it's a really good skirt for the money. 

Monday Musings (3 of 5) Robinsons Lime & Mint

It's really nice :)

I did a supermarket shop yesterday and happened across this Robinsons Lime & Mint cordial. I'm trying to drink more water but frankly I find that a little dull so a little dash of the cordial just makes everything go down that much easier. And if you really want to jazz it up, go add some real lime slices and mint and a good handful of ice. Refreshing and yum.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Trainer Update

I need new trainer blood in the wardrobe. I saw this pic of Sienna Miller early on in the year and was on a mission for pure white trainers. I wanted them to look "box fresh" instead of my usual worn in ones. And then it got too cold and I went around in my Ugg boots instead and promptly forgot about them. Until now and I'm back on it. I actually picked up a cheap pair from Primark who do a good lookalike pair and after trying them on a few times with different outfits, I'm returning those and I've just ordered myself the Reebok Classics from ASOS as they have a 20% off code today GOFORIT. I also have a coat very similar to Sienna's so I can be a total copy cat. But why not, when someone looks so good?

Monday Musings (5 of 5) Youth Truth

Spot the grey ones!

Last week I went to the hairdressers and had to take my two boys with me. When I came out, the eldest said, "Your hair looks okay but they didn't cover those grey hairs of yours very well".

I didn't have them done, that's why.


Last Note :

  • Before I ordered the Reeboks, I ordered these Nike Air Max. I did think in all honesty that they would be returned before they even arrived but they have arrived and I rather like them. A lot. So Reeboks or Nike? Talk to me.


  1. I prefer the look of the classic Reebok to the Nike.

  2. Reeboks! I have the rose gold Melted Metals ones and they are so bloody comfy it’s unreal!

  3. The Reeboks definitely in my book.
    But also, you can post your 'five' any day and every day as far as I'm concerned; very grateful for the fact that you're not advocating I sell a kidney (I'm quite fond of both of mine!) in order to aquire a maxi skirt.


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