Friday Five : 03 Feb 2017

Friday, 3 February 2017

Hi! I'm getting the hang of these Friday Five now.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Baskets

What do you think? Got a touch of Rae Feather about them? I thought so too but luckily these are minus the price tag as I spotted them in the sale and did a double take. Which one do you like? Me? I think I like the white and yellow one. If you're feeling crafty, I'm sure you could stencil your initials on to give it that little personal touch. #basketcase

Friday Five (2 of 5) Parkin

I'll just have the one ... packet!

I'm hopelessly addicted to these Ginger Parkin biscuits from Aldi. A packet has fallen in to the basket nearly every week for the last six months. That's a whole lorra lorra Ginger Parkin biscuits. I like that they start off crunchy and then after a day or so, they take on a chewy texture. Not stale ... just slightly chewy. Slightly yummy. Slightly more'ish. I'll just have another! #gingernut

Friday Five (3 of 5) Starting Early for Summer

Primark Top (instore)

I did a quick whip around Primark at break neck speed - parking isn't cheap in Leeds! And that black top caught my eye up there. Kind of easy to throw on and very forgiving on the flabby arms and flabby tum. We like clothes that forgive and forget our excesses. This is a great top as it's smart enough for the office and yet would look great with a pair of jeans and tan sandals on a summers day. It would also be perfect for holidays as I have a feeling it will drip dry really well and there should be no ironing required. Something, I can really get behind!  For the record, I was able to size down in the top. I may have also bought the khaki colourway too!  #forgiveandforget

Friday Five (4 of 5) Reading.

I reckon I can finish before the end of Feb if I get off social media.

Yup. That old chestnut. I bet none of us does as much of it as we would really like. So I've set myself the goal of re-reading all the Harry Potter's before the year is out. I've done the Philosphers Stone and I'm now on The Chamber of Secrets. This has all come about as I watched the last Harry Potter film on New Years Eve and couldn't remember a jot about horcruxes and who was good, bad and indifferent and had no idea what was happening so I thought it was time to have a refresh. Besides I want to see if I missed anything along the way when I speed read them years ago when they came out. Who else did that? #Fessup

Friday Five (5 of 5) Classic

Accessorize Bag (other colours here)
Adidas Superstars (old)

That coat was not an intended buy. I was skipping (la di da dah) through John Lewis and spied that infamous camel coat of Frances. I'll try that on just for a bit of fun I thought. What happened next was "Oh, it FITS!!!" and "Oh I LURVE it!" and then there was a swear word. I didn't buy it in the camel despite having looked for a camel coat for years, I wanted the midnight one. And I bagged it also during the Black Friday weekend last year. It's beautiful. #youreworthit


Last Note :

  • Sometimes I buy cheap and sometimes I splash out. It's all about balance.
  • Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Totally about balance but there has always been something about you that makes those Primark buys lustworthy. You were it well as Rod would say x

    1. Ha thank you Sharron. It's definitely all about balance these days!

  2. Ooh I just got one those JL bags...yearning for summer

    1. I think they've been popular. And yep, roll on summer, I want to lose the layers!


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