Tuesday, 31 January 2017

So I'm a little winter'ed out and I need a little fashion injection in to my rather lack lustre wardrobe. I'm a bit bored of my Mom uniform of old black parka, black jeans and black Ugg boots and though I'm very comfy, I look as boring as sin. I'm looking forward to shedding these layers and lightening up a little. What have I spotted? What would I like? What's going to breath new life to my fashion mojo?

1. Topshop Gingham Ruffle Skirt

It's so utterly not me but I love it. It's got ruffles flamenco style. OH lay!  Don't we all need a little something to excite the wardrobe sometimes? I think this might be my summer fashion wildcard.

2. Adidas Gazelle.

They're a classic. And I've picked navy simply I wear a lot of navy in the summer and technically these should go with a lot in the old wardrobe. I'm constantly on the look out for the next pair of trainers to hit my shoedrobe - these might be them.

3. H&M Navy Hooded Top

I'm embracing my inner teen here. I have the grey jumper hoodie seen a couple of posts ago but before I saw that, I did actually spot this navy one. It's still in the back of my mind and it would be oh so useful. I could even give it to the eldest boy if I tire of it so there's no wastage there. 

4. M&S Sporty Tote

It's silver and shiny and holds a lot. And it has go faster stripes. Love.

5. New Look Pink Trainers

So I'm not actually over the pink trainer thing yet. I'm like a dog with a bone with this one. I gave up as the weather got colder but now the weather is getting warmer (well it's supposed to), I should finally be able to get on top of this one. These New Look ones could be the ones to get me dipping my toe in the pink trainer pond.

6. Zara Blue Jeans

I love my jeans and I like them a lighter shade for the summer months. These look like the perfect summer shade and even better, with no rips. I'm not getting any younger so I'm buying my jeans without rips these days. If they rip due to wear, then I can live with that. It was meant to be.

7. Jigsaw Sculpted Jumper

Who loves a grey jumper? Meeeee! And it's nice to find a good classic like this one in Jigsaw which is in the sale. I don't need to tell you what it goes with as you already know it will go with everything. Just look at that collage - I told you!

8. Jigsaw Dusky Pink Black Backpack

Oh come on. It's cute. It's the perfect size and it's dusky pink. You can tell spring is coming as I'm looking at pink things again. I can't help it. It happens every year at this time of year. Just let me be.


Last Note :

  • There are a lot of bells and whistle stuff out there but I'm looking really at the things which feel like me and which I think will still add a little oomph to my wardrobe. 
  • The oomph'iest thing is the ruffle skirt. So far, I've resisted the frills fad. If they're on the shoulders, I look like an American football player (a camp one at that). If they go across my chest, I gain half a stone. But I spotted the frilly skirts and I really really liked them. This one is not too flamenco and reasonably flattering in that it's slightly fitted around the hips and the ruffles start below so they don't add extra inches where you don't need them. It's also true to size. Infact, I brought it home with me so I could make my mind up about it at home and I've tried it with a few things and it seems to be a go'er. I might still decide it's not me but hey, I still have a few weeks to decide :)

What do you think?


  1. Love all these colours together that you've picked out. I'm still rummaging around in the dregs of the sales but like you I'm beginning to feel the need for some spring buys.

    1. It's nothing ground breaking that I've picked out but it doesn't always have to be does it? I've not had that much luck with the sales - I'm always chomping at the bit by the end of January.

  2. Love these pieces, perfect for updating the wardrobe for spring :)

    Rachael xx.

    1. They are aren't they? Nothing too out there but all interchangeable and very wearable. x


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