Dress Up Dress Down

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

That navy Jaeger coat I mentioned in the last Friday Five post. I thought you might like a better picture of it. 

Yep, that's the coat that I had no need for but fell in love with when I tried it on. Yup. Big love. HUGE love! 

I like the perfect shade of midnight (dark navy) that it is. I don't hold with these light and off shades of navy. It has to be a true dark navy for a coat and that makes it look more expensive. I like that it feels amazing to the touch - that's probably down to the 90% wool and 10% cashmere composition and it has a lovely weight to it that makes you think of it as a solid coat. I worried over and over about keeping this coat as essentially I don't often wear coats like this. I tend to have quick throw on casual coats and wondered if I was making an expensive mistake. Well time will tell but now that I've started to wear it, I've not stopped. That's just how I roll - it's just taking that first step and letting it out of the wardrobe. I love that this is a coat that you can dress up or dress down. But you know me, I'll be dressing down all the way.

And for a titch like me, it was wonderful to find a longer length coat which didn't drown me! I loved the grey M&S Limited Edition coat which was making the rounds last year and I tried it umpteen times and heck I even bought it but I knew, I just knew it wasn't quite right and it was just that smidgeon too long on me to make it credible. When I put this one on, I knew it was the right length straight away. Trust it to cost more.

New Look Side Stripe Jeans (H&M Version here)
Adidas Superstars (past season)

And I don't know about you but I'm loving the "slightly" warmer temperatures of the last few days. It's meant that I can get the ankles out and the cropped jeans back on. Those side stripe jeans up there,  I picked up in the New Look sale last year and they've sold out since. I'm only just resurrecting them again but it's nice to see that H&M have only just put out their version so maybe I'm not quite out of fashion just yet. #phew


Last Note :

  • The coat is true to size. It's a boyfriend fit so it's roomy but neat enough across the shoulders so it doesn't drown you. It fits a big jumper inside comfortably. As you can see.
  • I've turned the sleeves under for now till I get them altered professionally.
  • This coat didn't go in the sale and believe me I've been watching it all through January.


  1. Oh that coat is just stunning - far prefer it over the camel colour way and it looks great with the hoodie. Must try that look....though I need to buy a hoody first :)

    1. It is just lovely Avril and I knew I wanted it in the midnight colour as soon as I saw it. Having said that, if the camel one ever goes in the sale, I might have to nab that too! And the hoodie thing is quite new to me too - hopefully I don't look too ASBO in it. x


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