Day Tripping

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Little Deets

So a week ago, I found myself on a train heading towards London to meet my gal pal Michelle. She didn't know it but I needed someone who had a better sense of direction than me to get me to Clerkenwell to meet Jules Dobson from Village England. I read maps upside down don't you know?

Anyway it's not often you get an invite to have a cuppa with somebody behind an actual brand so that's got to be worth a visit alone along with the promise of seeing a new handbag collection. 

It's serious stuff this talking handbag business.

Jules has been working hard focusing on the new designs which she says is more representative of her own laid back style. A little more contemporary and a little more tomboy and edgy. But it's not all about designs, there's been a lot of cogs and wheels in the background over sourcing the perfect hides/leathers for the bags and setting up a new UK factory. I wasn't lying when I said she's been busy.

And on first impressions the new designs do look a lot different from the previous but look carefully and what you will notice is that some of the shapes still hark back to the original Village England designs but just had a good old 2017 tweak. If it ain't broke .... 

My eyes were immediately drawn to this bag.

It's an updated version of their Haworth bag which sold out previously and I have a feeling this one will do pretty much the same. Both Michelle and I made a beeline for it - the not too OTT stud detailing and the neat shape made it a winner. Not too big but roomy enough for all of life's essentials. And it's soft and squishy. Jules gave it a punch or two just to prove the point - the bags are made for everyday life and not just for showing off. And I know not everyone will be all over studs and fancy straps, you'll be glad to know that the traditional ranges associated with Village England will still be running alongside. I carry a Cranleigh and it's a brilliant design for me - no awkward zips, a good strong magnetic catch, enough detail to take it above the everyday ordinary and a good size. It's also a classic.

And talking about designing for everyday, one of the biggest bone of contentions is for ladies who don't or are scared to mix the metals. Am I carrying gold or silver hardware today? Carry both. It's covered with this bag.

Best of both worlds.

And moving on to the summer range, we have warmer tan and nude shades.

Lovely whipstitch detailing.

Much more relaxed and casual designs. Perfect with white blouses/tees and distressed denim and a tan. Sunshine most welcome.

So that was me day tripping last week. Michelle and I only meant to stay an hour or so but stayed quite a few hours more nattering away putting the handbag world to rights and going way over our allocated Prosecco consumption (apologies if anyone else was stopping past and there was nothing left to drink).  That Jules eh? She had me going with a cuppa indeed!


Last Note :

  • Thank you for inviting us down - it was lovely to meet you Jules and your ladies.
  • The new collection will be available soon, no exact dates as yet but I will let you know. A few tweaks are still being made based on feedback from the meet ups.
  • How nice to be listened to.   :o)

She wears it well don't you think?


  1. Glad to be of service getting you there Sue! ;0) I thought I'd died and gone to handbag many gorgeous styles to choose from! It was the perfect excuse to catch up...such a lovely way to spend the day with the inspirational Jules and her team. Thanks for letting me tag along xx

    1. You're most welcome. I'm glad you knew how to get us there! And it was a lovely day wasn't it? We need another trip now to fit the lunch and shopping in!

  2. Those handbags looks so gorgeous!

    Rachael xx.

    1. They really are. And really well thought out designs too!

  3. I have the Village England Chelmorton and it is hands down my favourite bag. I love this brand - looking forward to seeing their new collection. From your photos, I think there could well be some new favourites in there too!

    1. I saw the collection from outside as we were approaching and was saying to Michelle, those look good don't they? They have some really nice bags coming in. I've got my eye on a couple!


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