Friday Five : 27 Jan 2017

Friday, 27 January 2017

Friday five already. I think I'm going to keep up this little Friday routine until I forget to do it one week.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Candles

Miller Harris Candles available here.

This week I lit my Miller Harris candle which I've been saving for some time. I wasn't that big on candles until the other year when I was gifted a White Company Fig candle to try out. It was lovely and it made me appreciate the fact that some of the candles which cost a little more (err more than a fiver nabbed swiftly whilst on the supermarket shop) do actually burn better and are more highly scented and the fragrance lasts longer. I also love the Cabbages and Roses candles and they smell wonderful though I found that they didn't always burn so cleanly in the jar and I often ended up wiping the sooty bits off the inside of the glass. But I most definitely can't fault them for fragrance. For a really interesting and informative read on candles which really opened my eyes, head here.  #lovemeanicecandle

Friday Five (2 of 5) Pink Cardigans

Isn't this pretty? What a lovely powder pink shade. Not too baby but more a blush. I always like a nosey in the H&M Premium section, this is where you find their "nicer quality" bits i.e. the things which tend to be made more of natural fibres and are slightly less flammable. And isn't this cardigan the prettiest shade to take you in to spring. But if you just don't think you can pull of the girliness of this shade, guess what? They have it in grey and even better, it's on offer too and discounted by £20. #sorelytempted

Friday Five (3 of 5) Stripes Again

I've spent years looking for the perfect red toned Breton. I tried with an Armor Lux one years back but it was humongous on me. Shame as it was the perfect raspberry red shade on a natural background. I had a J Crew one which was a lovely burgundy shade but washed awful and was resigned to the charity bag at some point. I had a lovely Sezane one which I bought a couple of years back and I sold on - t'was a bit snug but sending it back to France seemed a troublesome step too far. I ordered a Uniqlo one last year but didn't like it enough - the colour wasn't quite right so I returned it. And then I ordered their latest offering with not too high expectations given that my success rate has been diddly squat all these years. And guess what? I really really like it! A mid weight jersey, not too long or short in the body, not too clingy on the doughnut tyre and I love the colour - it's so reminiscent of the original Armor Lux one I bought but fits oh so much better. If you prefer a slightly different shape this one also looks good. #realbretonshave21whitestripes_mineisnotarealbreton

Friday Five (4 of 5) Earrings

Just before Christmas, I treated myself to a pair of earrings. Nothing expensive and it was basically to give myself a bit of a kick up the backside in the accessories arena. I wasn't buying anything new to wear at Christmas but I could at least treat myself to a pair of earrings. So I did and I even managed to keep them in all night till I got home instead of whipping them off after the first compliment and then relegating them to my handbag. Well since then I've been looking and looking for another statement pair. And I rather fancy those up there from Cabbage White England (I have a birthday coming up). You've got to admit, they're a bit #zowiebowie

Friday Five (5 of 5) Cock a Doodle Doo

I've got another four packs of these not in the picture! #pah

Oh yes, the eldest boy told me that I needed to go to the Chinese Supermarket to buy those Chinese candies and White Rabbit sweets that all his class like. They're expecting them for Chinese New Year apparently. So off I duly trotted to the Chinese supermarket, bought a stack of sweets and then it turns out that it's school policy not to allow sweets so now I have all these spare sweets on my hands. What a to do!

Anyway, it's the Year of the Rooster. I never know these things till someone tells me and I didn't know this till my George told me the other week as they're learning about China at the moment. And I had a moment of dread when George came out of the class the other evening and said his teacher wanted to speak to me. It's every mum's nightmare when they hear the immortal words "Mrs ....  could I just have a word with you please?" 😲 This happened the first year of school for Ben when I was summoned to the teacher but instead of being told of my son's crimes, I was asked if I could go in and talk to the lovely children about Chinese New Year. I spent a frantic couple of nights googling up on the Chinese New Year as I knew not one jot. I remember telling them however that dragons were scared of the colour red after a myth about a dragon which was scared away by a child wearing red.  Anyway, there's alway that one child in the class that has to push it and ask questions like "Does it have to be red?". "Are they scared of blue?" "What about dark pink?" or "Orange - that's a bit like red, are they scared of orange?". #awkwardbeggars

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to you all!


Last Note :

  • Thank you to all the lovely people who did the candle survey last week. My friend is made up with all the responses. She says "Thank You".


  1. Love the cardi ... it's similar in colour to the powder American vintage one I missed out which Fran (fashion lift) has and makes me go 😍 Every time I see it as well as a bit 😐 At my own grey one. Off to take a peek... I agree about the difficulty in finding the exact shade of red in a breton, but having no shoulders and being microscopic - just find a breton to fit me is a bonus 😆😘

    1. It's a gorgeous shade and yes somewhat similar to the American Vintage one. There is another one on the H&M site but I don't think it will wear as well as the mohair one even though it looks a little more robust - I think it might pill quite quickly. And I sometimes wonder if I'm just too picky but I do think the right shade of red for a stripy top is very important #needtogetalife And look on the bright side - you can always get away with a bargain from the kids section - I sometimes do!

  2. Love that cardigan and have to admit to being a scented candle addict. The White Company Fig one is gorgeous as you say and I am currently burning a Jo Malone I got for my Birthday so I'm very happy. x

    1. Ooh I've not tried the Jo Malone ones - I'm waiting for someone to gift me one of those - I try to eek my nice ones out as long as possible! And love that you are going back to blogging - it's been a while Sharron! x

  3. Hi Sue - candles.. I love them. I buy Max Benjamin ones, an irish brand and I got gifted a Jo Malone one for my 40th which is gorgeous. However, for an everyday burn you must try the Aldi No.1; No.2 & No.3 brands. The fragrance from them is insane for the money. They probably don't last as long but I don't mind as they are only €5 a pop! Really nice. Great blog as always. Audrey :)

    1. Hi Audrey and thank you for bringing a new brand to my attention - I've not heard of the Max Benjamin ones. I did try the Aldi No.1 and it was okay but the room diffuser - now that was awesome - better than the candle for me. I even went back and stocked on a few spares! x


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