Inbetweeny Days

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

So we have glorious sunshine one day and piddling rain the next. However the temperatures are still in double figures and for that we should be grateful. So what do we wear on days like this? I chose this.

Staying on the dark side but with a sheer jumper to keep the whole look a little less February and a little more May.

Zara bag (black & blue version here)
MiH Jane Jeans (similar here)
Golden Goose Trainers (similar here)
H&M Loose Knit Jumper (similar here)

What do we have. A khaki tank racer vest which I picked up in H&M recently. It's one of those which skims the body - I'm past the days of cling. Well well past the days of cling. And as it's not too flappy, it's okay for layering under my old H&M loose weave jumper I picked up a couple of years back. H&M seem to specialise in these kind of knits and do a different style from year to year. The MiH jeans were picked up on ASOS for less than you can imagine and so consequently, I felt a little more happy getting chop happy when I hacked them to the length I wanted. They are a funny shape - loose but still with a kind of flare but I can do this look so much more than the skinny kick flares The little bag - I've already extolled it's virtues here and the GG's are a present I bought myself for Christmas. 

What was I saying about H&M always doing some version of these mesh jumpers? Well this appears to be the SS16 offering. A little longer in the body but still has that loose weave to let the wind blow through.

2.Mango Panels Leather Sneakers

And these have been popular on IG from what I gather. For those who like a touch of leopard and their trainers/sneakers pre-distressed a la Golden Goose style. 

3. Next Star low Tops

These are actually from the girls section in the Next Directory. I spotted these a little while back and had a little chuckle and thought nice one Next! If you have a young daughter who's a bit of a little fashionista, you could do worse than buy her a pair of these. Or bearing in mind that they do go up to a size 7, you could buy them for yourself if your size is available. I think there are some canny ladies out there who have already snapped them up for themselves. 

4. Uniqlo Premium Linen Mesh Jumper

Good old Uniqlo comes up trumps with a nice loose weave summer jumper. This comes in a variety of colours (the white and navy are particularly nice). Shorter in the body like my black one - this would be fab teamed with culottes. 

5. H&M Racerback Vest

This actually comes in a plethora of colours. I have the khaki and of course, that colour way is sold out online but they do seem to have all colours in store when I've looked. They are a loose fit and are particularly kind on doughnut loving tummies.

6. Converse Trainers

These are in white and mouse. That's the colour way description they've been given and again, these are another pair which have that much coveted distressing on them. I rather like these - they're still very neutral and look a little loved.

7. Golden Goose Trainers

Well I had to pop a pair in and the pair I popped in happen to be a metallic pair just because my pair are a metallic pair. But you know what they say about gold and silver shoes - they are a neutral. Believe me ... they are. 


  1. Perfect weird weather ensemble Sue! Before you know it we will be in shorts and cami's I bet! ;0) xx

    1. Fingers crossed you're right Michelle!

  2. Love this look so much! Need to get myself a mesh jumper me thinks, as I'm not much of a cardigan wearer and this would be great for throwing over a vest in the summer. Jane X

    1. Brilliant for those who don't really do cardigans. It feels a little more with it doesn't it?


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