Saturday, 6 June 2015

I posted this on Instagram.

Day 5 of my #mystylephotochallenge and the theme was "Stars". Luckily I already had a sweatshirt which fitted the theme. It seemed to get a lot of love on Instagram - it might have something to do with the silly face too :)

The sweatshirt is by Twintips. Not a make or brand that I'm familiar with but I happened to be browsing on the Zalando site and came across this one whilst looking through their range of sweatshirts. Can I say now - they have a stonking range of sweatshirts. I could have quite happily clicked the button on quite a few but limited it to this one. Why this one? Well round about Christmas, I made some little bracelets which had little moons on. And Eve liked them because they reminded her of how much she loved her girls - "to the moon and back". I liked the saying so much, I wondered if I could find a little sweatshirt with something similar and I found this one. I just thought it rather nice :)

Anyway, as you know I do love a good sweatshirt so I thought I'd share with you some of my current favourites. The ones I'd be more than happy to give a good home to. Don't be surprised if any of these turn up on my Instagram feed or here in the near future. You know how I love a good sweatshirt :)

1. Gant Rugger Girlstown Sweatshirt.

I love the laid-back vibe of this one. This is currently half price on Zalando so a pretty good bargain to be had there as it's full price everywhere else.  What draws me to this? Err this picture. I am a marketing guy's dream. If I buy this, I will look this cool (not).

2. Love Stories Mick J Pyjama Top

Yep that's what it's called and yep it's a pink sweatshirt. I do pink, I honestly do! You just don't see me in it often but that doesn't mean that I don't wear it. I'd want one of these for lazy weekend mornings which I can only dream about. I want to lounge around reading my papers, having a relaxed Earl Grey and pad around in my bare feet, pink sweatshirt and some perfect blue jeans. I know it's just a dream because I can't remember when we didn't have anything on for the boys each weekend morning. It's been a while. I'll just have the sweatshirt if I can't have the mornings.

3. Mango Cotton Blend Sweatshirt

Who missed out on the Alexa Chung for AG Jeans New Wave sweatshirt? Well even if you didn't miss out and you just didn't want to blow £145 on a sweatshirt, you could get this very similar one. The resemblance hasn't gone unnoticed (for the record, Mango have certainly taken Alexa's AG collection to their hearts right now). The white colour way is also clean and fresh.

4. Etre Cecile Sweatshirt

What another pink sweatshirt? I fear there is a pink thing going on in my brain at the moment. There is a grey version too but something is drawing me back to the pink. Could I be getting girly in my old age? Anyway, I love the badge - it's got a unicorn on it!

5. Mango Beautiful Day Sweatshirt.

Being a cautious soul, I went and google translated "beautiful day" in to Japanese to see if it came up with the same characters as on the sweatshirt. Of course it didn't. It came up with something similar but not quite the same. Which worries me a little as to what I could be wearing on my chest and what it could be proclaiming. Does anyone know Japanese and can they tell me that it's not anything rude?

6. Maison Labiche Crazy in Love Sweatshirt

I like this because it is so simple. Less is more. That's it. This is the logo sweatshirt for people who don't do logo sweatshirts.

Any take your fancy?


Last Note :

  • I am wearing a size small for reference. The medium is only just slightly bigger. The sweatshirts are cut in quite a flattering fit - on the right side of loose but not baggy. 


  1. My brother (who loved in japan a few years) assures me the mango one says "awesome day" so definitely close enoug :-)

    1. Right, I'm waiting for the sale for that one. Now that I have been assured. Thank you so much for checking it out for me!

  2. Love zalando for something different. I have a jacket-sweatshirt from there which I wear a lot of in the summer. I really like stars too.

    1. I get a bit overwhelmed when I look on Zalando sometimes but as this was a specific shirt on sweatshirts, it was quite easy to go through. Still there is such a huge choice of them but the prices start from very reasonable.

  3. You wear sweatshirts so well, Sue. They just don't suit me at all and I wish they did. Love your star one. Lynne xx

    1. I have to say, I haven't really seen you anything like a sweatshirt really. I guess you either like them or you don't. Everyone has their thing which isn't their thing. I'm still trying to get my head around denim jackets whereas you love them but can't do sweatshirts. #funnyoldworld

  4. I think you have the best of your picks.....I love the star one too, even more that I've heard the story behind it! We love the 'to the moon and back' saying in our house as well! xx

    1. Ha ha! It only takes a little something to trigger me off on a search for something. I do like my little sweatshirt though - it's a nice one without being in your face. I had a friend who noticed it the other day infact she has been noticing that I seem to have a wealth of sweatshirts #lovethem

  5. You are funny with your pink! I like the one you bought the best - like the idea of it with your moon bracelets too!

  6. Oh I do love a sweatshirt, and how did I not realise that Zalando sell clothes? I thought they were just shoes! What planet have I been on?? (See what I did there? ;-D) xx

  7. You are the QUEEN of sweatshirts and the reason why I now have a slight obsession with them! Thank you!


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