Rat a tat tat! Who's that?

Thursday, 7 June 2012
It's the nice Parcel Force man who comes to my door bearing a huge box!  

I've not actually been that naughty.  I've been culling my wardrobe for about a year and stockpiled a mountain of clothing which was just a little too good for the charity bag.  I finally mustured up enough energy to do a little ebaying and have now reaped the rewards into my Paypal account.  And did you know that the number of shops online which now allow Paypal as a method of payment is increasing by the day - neither did I till this past week!  

I've had my eye on the Kurt Geiger Kook sandals for a little while.  For some reason, I have been irresistibly  drawn to them like a magpie to all things shiny and glittery.  They had them in a nice chic snakeskin version but no, I wanted the glittery ones.  My sensible head was saying "get the snakeskin" but my inner child was saying "glitter!!!".  There was a 25% off discount code going round last week from Marie Claire and so I finally got round to ordering the Kooks ....and the Krimbles.  Krimbles - who mentioned anything about Krimbles?  Err, it just so happened there was another pair of sandals I had my eyes on and it seemed to make sense to order them both and save on the postage costs and maybe keep one pair (or both).  Gosh, I'm good at selling to myself.

So one huge box containing two smaller boxes later .....

Box of Good Things

We have one pair of Kooks!

All that glitters is good!

And one pair of Krimbles!

All that is tan, is good with me too.

The Kooks fitted and glittered but most importantly, they were comfortable. Comfortable - sounds like a dirty word doesn't it? In a mummy's world - that is very important.  Pre-kids, I wore my heels high and proud and sometimes painful.  With kids - comfort is the way to go (with a lttle nod to style where possible).  

The Krimbles  are a slightly higher end version of my Primark wedge sandals featured in previous posts.  I need them like I need a hole in the head but I like them so that's my reason for ordering.  I don't drink, I don't smoke, I'm a good girl - I am allowed these shoes paid for by my Paypal proceeds because I didn't really use real money.

I make a convincing argument don't I?


  1. They are lovely... no harm treating ourselves!! The glitter kooks are gorgeous:)

    1. Woman after my own heart! Absolutely - I totally believe in treating ourselves :o)

  2. Hear hear! B.C (before child/children), I could take a little pain but it's different when you've got to be able to take off on a moment's notice to chase after those rugrats. These are perfect choices for summer. Love the glitter with natural leather. The other is beyond lovely.

    1. I have to admit, I am rather taken with both. I really feel for you - your feet are so tiny that you barely register on most shops starting sizes! I thought my sister had small feet (size 3) but you're a size 1-2? Nightmare!!

  3. They are both beautiful, especially the Kooks. I have a huge ebay pile you have just given me the motivation to list :)

    1. Bet my ebay pile is bigger than your ebay pile! I've just got to get motivated to do the next batch ...big sigh.


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