Friday, 8 June 2012

Big breath ......

  1. When one of your favourite shops has a discount code offer and you finally go and order the item you want, to find it has sold out in your size.  (Yes - the Wilpshire cardigan in red is totally sold out)
  2. When your new jumper pills after the first wear.
  3. When your ivory cashmere jumper sheds over all your dark clothing.
  4. When your white cat rubs up against your black leggings / tights / dress / suit / anything.
  5. When you buy a pair of shoes and you get home and you find that one pair is a slightly different shade to the other.
  6. When you buy something at full price and it goes in to the sale a day later.
  7. When your hemline is 1 inch too short for you to be comfortable.
  8. When you nearly finish ironing something and then find a mark which didn't come out in the wash.
  9. When your dry clean jumper which you chanced in the wash comes out significantly smaller
  10. When you get sauce splash back on your white top.
  11. When the stripes are not aligned on your top/dress.
  12. When the item you thought would go with everything in your wardrobe - doesn't go with anything in your wardrobe.
  13. Jeans which give you that strange camel toe crotch effect.
  14. White jeans/dresses/skirts/trousers where you can see the garment pocket lining showing through.
  15. Sleeves which are too tight around the arms.  We don't all have stick arms.
  16. The pj bottoms you took up because they were 5 inches too long, shrink in the wash and are now 2" too short.
  17. You find a white hair that got missed when you dyed your hair last night.
  18. Your espadrilles are not waterproof.
  19. You and your friend come out of the changing rooms wearing the same clothes. She looks ten times better than you.
  20. When your husband says "what are you wearing??" with a faintly bemused expression when you model your latest fashion find.
  21. When the only bag in the Plumo sale is the only bag not in the sale. Why????

I only had 20 until Plumo sent me an email to say they had a sale on.  Pah!  

What have you got to add?


  1. Great list...my bugbear is when I'm out browzing I always see loads that I want to buy but when I actually have the cash everything seems to be total rubbish!! Have a lovely weekend:)

  2. Ha! Love this and everything so true and I have witnessed most of them!

    1. Thanks for inspiring me after our comments about bugbears last week! Have a lovely weekend and look forward to hearing about your new dress and Boden top. I have just ordered from Boden for the first time too ....

  3. Ha ha all of these, especially the bemused husband and shrunken cashmere. I hate clothes that assume your waist starts as soon as your boobs finish, seriously unflattering.

  4. Hahaha... definitely experienced all these so I can only nod in agreement :o)


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