Tuesday, 5 June 2012
My nod to the red, white and blue theme. It will do.

Red Etienne Aigner Bag
Primark Peacock Scarf
Whistles Breton Top
Falmer Heritage Skinny Jeans
Carvela Krimble Sandals

We had a little wander down in to the village to see the Jubilee shenanigans. Thankfully the weather picked up though the sky was distinctly pale grey as we set off.  

Where is everyone?

They're in here!

Red, white and blue!

Honest - that's the Queen!

Left, right, left, right.

 Wait for us!

Face painting for anyone who wants to be face painted!

Catch me if you can!

And the band played on ...

Jubilee biscuits - tasted better than they looked

Jubilee buns - only for those with a sweet tooth (aka Ben & George)

And then home for a nice cuppa!  It is the Queen's Jubilee after all.

Nice cup of Earl Grey and a tooth meltingly sweet Jewel bun.  

The village is only small and as we set off we started to think "Where is everyone?" but it turned out that most people had gone to the church to see the mock Coronation of the Queen.  I took a few snaps, Ben took some as well but I have to admit that his were even more blurred than mine so between the two of us, this is the best of what we have of today. 

The Baking Belles had set up in the church where we bought our buns and didn't they do a lovely job?  Of course the boys chose the most colourful and sugary confections known to man and the most colourful and sugary one just happened to be the Jewel bun - the one Ben said he picked especially for me.  

My familiar mantra when around children springs to mind.  "Errr.....do I have to?"

Did you have a good Jubilee day?


  1. LOL, kids always choose the sweetest cupcakes, preferably ones dotted with plenty of confection. I find English villages so fascinating - quaint and charming.

    I can't believe your hubby had the Canon 7D. It's an amazing camera! Top of the range. Thank you for the sweet words. Mine is due for an upgrade. It's an old and clunky Canon 400D. I tend to invest in lens which really makes the difference in terms of clarity and color. BTW, you're a fabulous writer. I love your acerbic wit which never fails to crack me up.

    1. Yes he had the 7D and he used to make me carry it around everywhere for him along with pushing the buggy, looking after the kids, mugging the coats around etc on our trips out. And then to top it all - he would still forget to take any photos with it so he decided to lick his financial wounds and sell it on much to someone else's delight. With lenses and all. He had the 400D as well which he sold to buy the 7D.

      Thank you also for your kind words. I love reading your stuff as sometimes it feels like you're saying exactly what I'm thinking. I've just started reading your blog from when you started. It's a fascinating journey and amazing that I have not found a single picture of you in it yet!

    2. That's hilarious! I make the hubster carry MY camera bag with all the bits and bobs. He hates it. Oh well, that's the punishment for dashing off and completely forgotten that his 6 year old can't walk as fast as he can. I know a number of people who all bought super duper cameras and lens but couldn't quite figure out how to use the equipment.

      Believe it or not, I hardly have any photos in my personal Facebook page. I've never liked being in front of the camera. One of these days, I should figure out how to pose so that I don't look like a complete dweeb.

  2. Looks like everyone had so much fun! Your outfit looks great...I haven't seen that scarf over here, must take another look! Hope you have a good week:)

    1. We did have fun and the kids loved it and if the kids love it - it makes the parents day that bit easier and more fun. The scarf I got probably a few months back but I haven't seen it for a while - the Jubilee and leopard prints seem to have taken precedence since. You always look so chilled in your pictures - how do you do it?


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