White Jeans ... finally.

Sunday, 10 June 2012
Good things (aka white jeans) come to those who have inordinate amounts of patience and are prepared to take on the might and wrath of the God of No White Jeans. But I have defeated the aforementioned God.  I have found my pair of white jeans.

My particular pair are the Relaxed Skinny jeans from Next. Yes - I did say Next.  Not Topshop, not H&M, not Gap, not Zara even.  They're from Next.  They're not too skinny so there is no mummified sausage leg effect and the denim is also a nice weight which is very important as I have found the thinner the white denim - the cheaper they look. And because they are a "relaxed skinny", I was able to size down - every girl needs a morale boost!

Cheap and cheerful belt - be gone!

And, maybe it's just me but I just happen to think that white jeans can look very bad if you get them wrong because there is nothing like a pair of Daz white jeans to really say "look how big and wide and white my bottom is".  I'm not saying I've got it totally right with the pair that I've got or that I look fabulous - I just look better in these than all the other 20 pairs I tried on. Previous years, I'd always eschewed white jeans thinking they were uncool (Liz Hurley has a lot to answer for) but after seeing so many bloggers upping the anti in their whites, I thought it was time for me to get with it.

So I cannot beat Lucy from Suburban Style for her 30 ways to wear white jeans (such a mad but brilliant blog post) but I can show you just a few ways of how I might choose to wear white jeans this year.

Chilled and fresh.

Jack Wills gingham shirt (old)

Smaller checks work better for me with white jeans - less yee hah!

Blogger style.

Not sure if I am keeping this - I fear it may be a little too fashionable for me!

Citrus sharp and bright.

Topshop fine knit jumper (sold out)

Looks good with grey contrasts 

Coral Brights

River Island skeleton shadow mens scarf (old)

Soft and calm

Florence & Fred eau de nil pashmina (old) 

Relaxed and easy
 Jack Wills grapefruit pink cotton cardigan (last year)
Grey Primark vest 

Love the colour pop on this.

And then it all got too much.  Respect to Lucy for doing 30 outfits.  I gave up after 6.  

Last but not least, white denim has been an interesting lesson but I got there in the end.  Do you think it was worth it and are you loving or loathing? 


  1. I love all your outfits! I may head to Next and try those white jeans on. The floral shirt looks great on you!! Have a lovely week:)

    1. Give them a whirl - I was pleasantly surprised by them. Still in 2 minds about the shirt - it's a bit of a change for me. Hides stains well though, I imagine!

  2. I like the yellow and grey jumpers on you. *smack forehead* I'd placed an order via Uniqlo and completely forgot to include the white jeans. Arggggghhhhhhhhh!

    1. Those 2 are my favourites too. They are the most me. Can't beat a good grey jumper or a yellow one at that!


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