Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rain, rain and more rain. Or that's how it has felt for the last two weeks but as I set off out this morning - there was a glimmer of sunshine and that was enough for me to break out the new Office boots and my happy sunshine rain jacket.

Aubin Wills Rain Jacket, 
Falmer Heritage Skinny Jeans, 
Office Namesake Boots

I just fancied a little bit of colour to lift the mood and the yellow of this jacket certainly does that. Its from Aubin and Wills (which I regard as the older more expensive sister brand to Jack Wills) from a couple of years back and though it's not the most versatile of jackets I love it despite all its impractialities. It's not easy to put on as I have to pull it on over my head and then wrestle myself back out of it afterwards like a flailing canary but hey, I like it and sometimes we have to be prepared to put up with a bit of awkwardness for things we really like. And it's sunshine yellow ... and we all need a little bit of sunshine yellow in our lives don't we?

Last thought, I don't look like a fisherman in it - do I? That was a rhetorical question. Please don't answer that. I will wear the jacket regardless.

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