Want vs Need

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I want these :

  • Plumo Shadow Bag - lovely unusual print and useful messenger strap
  • Zara Briefcase - man's bag but also has useful strap and lots of compartments and nice utilitarian design. 
  • Zara Shopper - huge. I can sit in it.  Maybe not a good look to have a bag bigger than your torso.

And I really want this :

  • Just a lovely leather classic.  With a useful strap.  I have a thing about straps.

But I don't actually need any of them.  

The first 3 bags are practical for my day to day life and "affordable". They are light and capacious, hold a packet of wipes, Nintendo DS's and anything else life throws at me. The Bayswater can do the same but costs infinitely more and is heavier. At the end of the day, I don't actually need any of them but we can all dream and hope to win the lottery (mental note to myself to start playing the lottery).

...... or I can look under the bed and see what bag delights I have scuttled away and use those instead.

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