Here Comes The Sun ...

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

.... little darling!  Here comes the sun!  It's alright, it's alright ..... and the rest ....

Makes you want to sing doesn't it this lovely bit of sunshine we are having? And I feel obliged to get the legs out today and put the blue jeans away. So here I am in my Asos bright blue midi dress and my very old Oasis white cotton cardigan. For those a bit shy about getting their legs out - a midi is a pretty good option. I'm a titch so I usually trip over maxi's but this length makes me feel like I'm joining the Sunshine club without going too overboard. The dress is £25 but I managed to get it for £18 when ASOS were running one of their many promotions. And because it is so comfortable when ASOS ran another one of their promotions - I got the black one too. Be rude not to.

I told the boys we were walking to school today to which Ben said"that's boring". I said "tough". The boys usually scooter or bike. Walking is a bit alien to them but I had my Primark wedge sandals on today and I was not running after them today for love or money. I did get them a couple of months back and they cost £15 - that's expensive for Primark isn't it Anyway, they are very comfortable and very light which I have found to be the crucial factor in wearing "clompy" shoes like this. If the heel wedge is heavy, the ankle strap has a much tougher job hanging on to the shoe.

Primark Tan Wedge Sandals - In store.

School bags, phones and keys went in my Paul Smith orange tote. I got it a couple of years ago from and I dug it out last week from the depths of the bag cavern that exists under the bed in the spare room. I told you I didn't need to buy any more bags. seem to do collaborations with designers who contribute the artwork for these fabric totes. Have a look - they start from only £12.99 for something a little bit more original and quirky.  

Close Up Detail

And finally finished off with one of my own necklaces. Just a little pearl on a copper toned leather thong.  Simple.

A Susie Ho design

What are you wearing today on this lovely day?


  1. I love those wedges, might see if I can track a pair down this afternoon :)

    1. Lucy, what are you doing shopping in Primark on a scorching hot day like today? I forgot to mention, they also do them in black but I couldn't get them in my size or I would have got them too.

  2. Let me pick up my jaw from the ground. I've been looking for similar wedges for a million years. Primark of all places!!! There's a huge one right in town which I never go in. I have the attention span of an insect when it comes to shopping (that's different to food shopping because I couldn't mind camping at Waitrose). I can't deal with big stores. Okay, I'm heading to Primark tomorrow!!

    1. Every now and then Primark come up with the goods. I think I was just lucky that day. Have a look at Carvela Krimble or Kinder - they might be good alternatives though the Kinder is a bit higher than I can manage. With them being tan, they don't look so harsh and dare I say it - even manage to make my legs look a little longer - I need all the help I can get.


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