Swimming? Do I have to?

Monday, 21 May 2012

Can you guess I don't like swimming?  But I owe it to George Dude (aka darling son two) to provide him with some basic life skills such as making toast, heating beans, ironing a shirt and swimming.  I ommitted the "boiling an egg" skill as he has an egg allergy. 

So far, I have managed to avoid taking George swimming unless we have been on holiday. For Ben (aka darling son one), I did try to take him to the toddler swimming sessions at the local very cold pool but as soon as he was three and old enough to go to the sessions where I just had to pass him over to the instructor and wave bye bye for half an hour - I did.  

And I only bought a swimming costume to take Ben swimming because prior to this (1) I didn't actually have a costume and (2) I couldn't see any point in spending money on something I didn't want and need because (1) I don't like swimming and (2)  I can't swim. 

See - no reason for a swimsuit.

But now my friend has suggested that I should take George and she can take her son to the swimming baths again.  Oh joy.  My old trusty BHS swimsuit has served me well for the last 5 years or but is now looking a little tired.  The white spots on the brown background have even turned cream.  Which means it's time for a new (cue fanfare) swimsuit!  I have to get some pleasure from this swimming mullarkey!

I have my eye on this lovely number from Toast.  

Yes it's spots again but it's on a carmine (I love fancy sounding colours) background - a lovely deep red.  I think as I get older, I like colours more.  Strange but true.  A few years back I would have run screaming from anything red but this red costume has been on my radar for some time now and Toast seem to put it out year after year so it's obviously one of their staple pieces.  I am delighted to find that it is still available as to be honest, I have never been able to justify spending that kind of money on a swimsuit before especially if I'm not going to get much use out of it - but ..... it is rather gorgeous.  It also appears to give ample bottom coverage - something I am quite keen on.  I shall order said costume to put myself out of my yearning misery though it ultimately depends on the fit.  Also if the costume and I get on - I will not be modelling it but I believe it's supposed to look a bit like this when on :

Picture from Toast Catalogue circa 2009

And because £69 is £69 for a small amount of fabric - I had to have another look at what else was on offer and Monsoon have come up with my second choice costume here.  Yeah - more spots.

And as my old BHS costume has given me such good and loyal service, I stopped past the BHS website and spotted the following which are also worthy of a mention.  I'm drawn to the top two costumes because they look to be cut identical to my old brown spotty one in that they give you full bottom coverage and have an ingenious front piece which ruches to disguise the tummy - however, ultimately a little too girly for me.  And the bottom row - I just like the retro feel - a little bit fifties.

I did look in the regular Topshop, New Look and more "yoof" stores but the costumes all look tiny with too many bits cut out or cut low at the back and too high up the bottom.  Lets face it, 40+ , I ain't what I used to be so let's not scare anyone unnecessarily.


  1. hahahaha....! Love that title. I hate swimming with a passion. I can swim. Used to get up at 6am in the morning and train. I spent so much time in the water I may have grown gills. BUT I still hate swimming. Now that my daughter has been pestering me for swimming lessons, I will happily sign her up. She's older and no longer require me to get in the pool I won't be caught dead in a swimsuit or God forbid, bikini. I may faint from fright at the sight of myself.

  2. It took me till I was 30 to wear a bikini as I had such a complex about my body and then I realised I was no better and no worse than the person next to me. And then I had children which plays havoc with your tummy so no bikinis for me and as much coverage as possible now. Thank you for your lovely comments - it's nice to know that someone out there is reading my strange ramblings!


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