Bagel Belly

Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's my own fault. I've had too many. Plain toasted bagel with butter and honey. Yum. Or Cinnamon and Raisin. Yum. I've got the boys doing the bagel thing in the morning too except they run round a lot more than me and they're not getting a bagel belly. It is just me that has this affliction.

But I've tried to hide it behind a big belt today. And I thought if the dress is bright enough - no one's going to be looking at the belly. No they're going to think she looks like a brightly coloured barcode instead!

Primark Dress Spring Summer 2011

The dress is a Primark number - not sure if it was £8 or £10 and bought last year on one of my fun shopping trips with my sister where we take an armful of clothes into the Primark changing rooms and have a giggle. Every now and then, we find something nice and usually at a bargain price. The thing that most impresses me about this dress is the fact that the stripes match up at the seams! I have noticed with a lot of the stripy dresses that the stripes are not matched up which cheapens the whole garment. I understand that this is one of the areas where the chain stores cut corners to give us the cheap prices as they can't afford to waste material pattern matching but it makes such a difference to the overall finish. The stripes on my dress match! The pattern cutter must have been feeling generous when they put my dress together.

Matching seams - woo hoo!

The sandals are from Zara - I saw them on the website a while back and said "they're mine!" and lo and behold they did become mine. I'm glad I got them when I did as I've noticed that my size has sold out and they were only stocking them in the London stores at the time. They only had a couple of sizes available online last time I looked - they're selling out fast.

I attempted the school run in these today as well. They weren't as comfortable as the Primark sandals I wore yesterday hence the fact that I asked for a lift from a friend on the way home. A girl can only suffer so much in the name of fashion. Now lets go and find those flip flops!


  1. I dashed into Primark today and drats, those wedges aren't there! Double drats.

    Speaking of bagel belly, mine's like jelly these days. Thank goodness that tunics or loose tees are still "in".

  2. Oh so sorry to have put you through that ordeal! Anyway, back on the straight and narrow today - just cereal.

  3. Hi Sue! Thanks for the lovely comments! That dress is fab and I love your Zara wedges:) Hope you have a nice sunny weekend!

    1. Hi Anne, Thanks for popping over have a look. Hope you have a lovely weekend too! I'm on a girly shopping trip tomorrow - woo hoo!


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