Just Blame it on the Sunshine

Sunday 27 May 2012

Grump Meister granted me a Day Shopping Permit today sans children. These permits are a bit hard to come by - rarer than Willy Wonka's golden tickets. I packed him off to a friend's (L's husband) armed with a case of Peroni and the promise of a barbecue to soften the blow of having to look after his own children for a few hours. L and I worked out the logistics that if the men were perfectly happy and settled and could talk all the rubbish they wanted and only had to check that the children still had all their limbs and hadn't killed each other by the time we got back - we wouldn't be held to any time constraints. That's the plan.

So today was another beautiful sunny day. A short train ride in to York and lots of wonderful shops at our feet. Everyone is obviously prepping for the Jubilee and it's nice to see the effort which some of the shops have put into their displays.  A small selection of pictures of what I managed to capture today - I will get the hang of this taking photos thing at some point.

Gratuitous shot of  York Station Rafters

I can't believe someone made all these

Monochromatic Jubilee Decorations (Nice Change)

And not a single real bloom in the whole room!

I was disowned by my two friends (L & L2) as I brandished my happy snaps camera on the grounds that I looked like a tourist. And I was disowned again when I banged my head into a shop glass window whilst ogling the lovely vintage Omega mens watches and the shop assistant started laughing at me rubbing my head. 

Vintage Omega's & Other Watches

We always coo over the bags in the Mulberry Outlet store and leave buying nothing. L and I have previously tried to negotiate a zebra and a giraffe from their window displays for our little boys but they are "accounted for" apparently. Ah well. You can but ask.

Cool Inflatables

Giraffe for you?

A zebra for me!

 I also fell in love 3 times today.  

1st time. Over this gorgeous Jigsaw black suede belt with some lovely gold cut out detailing. I don't really mind spending on accessories as I believe they make the statement on your clothes for you. I was wearing a plain black ASOS midi dress and just adding the belt totally lifted the dress. It looks much more gorgeous in real life - the picture doesn't do it justice.... but I didn't purchase.  

2nd time. Over these Jigsaw butter soft boots. They had my size and they even made it on to my feet. So close. I even asked them to reserve them for me for a couple of hours whilst I had a think. It took all my willpower not to go back and buy them. It really really did. 

3rd time. This lovely dress from Coggles by Orla Kiely. I picked up the dress and my friends cried "that's you!". I picked it up and then put it down. I then picked it up again and wafted around the store with it a few more times and then left the shop. I didn't buy. My will power was amazing because I knew I didn't have £355 to spend on a dress which would ultimately spend most of its time languishing in my wardrobe. But it was beautiful and the print is unusual but not in a garish kind of way. And the colour "ink" was really selling itself to me. Me and my grunge tones.

Close Up Detail of the Print

So what did I buy? I blame it on the sunshine - I bought a green dress. Yes green. I was looking in my wardrobe the other day and just thinking I didn't seem to have much green. Well I guess that's been remedied then. That's not the way I shop normally - I don't look to see what's missing - it was just coincidence that a jade green cotton beach dress from M&S presented itself to me  For the princely sum of £25.  Lovely soft cotton and though not lined, not see through either. It went with my tan wedge sandals. I found a tan camera style bag there too. It was a whole outfit just like that. And my friend had a 20% discount voucher to sweeten the deal.  

But now that I'm home and I've tried everything on again - I'm not feeling the love. I've decided that the dress is not me and and is to be returned along with the bag so I can put my money towards an investment buy because there's a funny little voice in the back of my head which keep saying "the Jigsaw boots were special weren't they?" and do you know what, I think I'm inclined to agree.  Am I right or did I have just a little bit too much sun today?


  1. HAHAHA...you never fail to crack me up. That's the way I arrange to take the day off too. My own hubby can't even be trusted with his one and only child. Thankfully, my little one is old enough to call me on my mobile if her dear father forgot to give her lunch (which I'd prepared in advance and he happily ate in front of her). She has spent the entire out in a summer dress and thin sweater in winter because her dad didn't think she needed a coat (he wore a coat).

    1. Like I've said before - husbands/fathers are a different breed. My oldest came downstairs squeezed in to a pair of jersey half mast pyjama pants (aged 12-18 months) once - Ben was 5 at the time. Just glad they were jersey and had some stretch!

    2. LOL! Hahahaha... Glad to hear that it's not just my hubby. Most days, I feel like I have two kids. Can you imagine what it'd be like if we let our hubbies to fend for themselves for an entire week with the kids.

      I did a mad dash to the M&S and couldn't find the kaftan. Grrrr.... will check it out online.

    3. You make me laugh - I can't imagine you dashing anywhere such as M&S and Primark! Maybe when the new Isabel Marant collections arrive in your local boutique I can imagine you hot footing it then!

  2. You had me in stitches reading this post. It's a strange thing. I laughed originally and then thought how right you were with persuing 'hubby' to do daddy duty!

    I'm so in love with all of your photo's. I too have been oogling at the Mulberry animals. I swear they would make a pretty penny if they sold them.

    I've just signed up to be your newest member. Very cool blog!

    xx Mandi

    1. Hi Mandi. Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comments. I've just been across to have a look at your blog and love your new jacket and your pictures - I like your "extended backyard" - makes for some spectacular backdrops. I feel like a complete novice compared to a lot of the other bloggers out there as I've just started out but it's good fun - let's call it therapy for the soul. Mad musings more like says my hubby!

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