Rucksack : Sandqvist Tony

Tuesday, 21 January 2020
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(honest - it's a rucksack)

I've been a bit obsessed with rucksacks lately. Yes I know I was gifted a lovely Gaston Luga one recently but the one I chose turned out too small for my daily commute as I decided that I wanted to fit in a drinks flask, a food flask, a 13" laptop, laptop charger, a phone charger and a kitchen sink. I didn't see that coming. I thought I was just going to take a flask and a Kindle to work at the most and that was it. So I ended up dragging out the old faithful Lowe Alpine rucksack that I've had for as long as the Grumps which is quite some time now and started carting that on the daily commute and  looking like I was going to tackle Everest. Even the neighbour asked if I was going on a trek when he saw me. So I felt I needed something a little less "outdoorsy" and a little bit lighter. The Lowe Alpine is a great rucksack (it's our holiday rucksack) but it's weighty even without everything I need to put in it which is why the hubs normally carries it. I narrowed the list down to Sandqvist, Fjallraven, Kipling and Eastpak. I considered an Eastpak as my friend Marlene has one which she takes everywhere and if it's good enough for Marlene, it's definitely good enough for me. I did order one before I decided I needed to fit my world in and though nice, it turned out to be smaller and cuter in real life than I wanted. I don't do cute.  Kipling got a look in as a gazillion Chinese people can't be wrong as they seem to love this brand with the gorilla keyring - my son was quite enamoured with the little gorilla - me not so much and like I said - I don't do cute. Fjallraven is a classic but I felt it also wasn't me unless it was going to be the expensive black one with the black leather handles and that felt a bit ouch for something I wasn't heart and soul in to. But Sandqvist - I loved their designs and that was cemented by the fact that I tried to keep up with a guy through York the other day to see if I could see the brand on the rather lovely rucksack he had on his back. It was a Sandqvist. Sold!

What was my criteria? I didn't want to look like I worked in the I.T. department with one of those big black industrial beasts - you know the ones that half the male working nation cart on their backs. I needed something more casual looking and I didn't want black though that was the most neutral colour to go with. I needed a pocket somewhere on the outside so i could pop my keys and phone in for easy access. I also didn't want fiddly buckles or magnetic catch straps and I didn't want a drawstring top inside as the drawstrings always get in the way and look messy. I wanted it to be super easy to open and not have a hidden zip which was recessed. I also wanted it to look good as a bag in general and not like a rucksack. And I needed to be able to carry it by it's handles without the straps or the bag dragging on the floor. That's all. But  all this did come about as a result of quite a bit of research and a few trips in to Mountain Warehouse, Sports Direct and The Hip Store to weigh up all their different rucksacks. I'm nothing if not thorough.

And I ended up with the .... Sandqvist Tony.

Told you it was a rucksack.

Don't go - eugh. I like it. I like that it's slightly utilitarian, simple, has a zip top straight across so I'm not fiddling with any hidden zips around funny bends and I can see straight in like a regular tote and you know how much I love my tote bags. Basically, the Sandqvist Tony IS a big strong tote bag with some straps on the back. Anyway, I'm happy and I know it's got that casual vibe about it so that when it comes to summer, it will look just as good being mugged round wearing a blue shirt and jeans and sandals as it does with a winter coat and boots.

Me and Basil's backside.

And before anyone has a pop at me for dissing the people who work in the I.T department - I actually have nothing against looking like I work in the I.T. department because .....

....... I used to work in the I.T. department.. 😄


Last Note :

  • For the eagle eyed - you may have spotted this rucksack in my last blogpost. 
  • The Sandqvist rucksack is made from 65% organic cotton and 35% recycled polyester. The canvas is unwashed and will fade and hopefully take on a lovely weathered appearance - that's different from dirty 😉. From their website, their sustainability and production methods seem commendable.
  • For anyone interested, the New Look coat was something I bought last year with a good discount but have only just got round to taking up the sleeves on it. I liked it as it reminded me of my old Mango jacket circa 2013 which finally went in to a charity bag after many years of service and the last time I tried it on, I actually thought - I don't look good in this at all - what was I thinking back then? It also reminds me of the current Sezane Monroe coat in terms of shape and style. But thankfully, not the price.


  1. I love this because I've been wanting to replace my backpack (a hand me down from my husband) for awhile because it's too manly and too small! It's also got some annoying velcro straps which ruin my knitwear. I've been eyeing this brand called Roka bags. But haven't committed :) keep blogging!

    1. Oh definitely do your research. I found out that by playing with a lot of different designs with different features, I found out more about what I didn't want. If you're interested in the Roka designs, I think they are also collaborating with White Stuff as they stock a range on their website. They look good.

      And the blogging - I'll try! :)


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