Friday Five : 17th January 2020

Saturday, 18 January 2020
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I know it's Saturday and not Friday so it's not really a Friday Five but it would have been if my wifi had been playing ball yesterday. Round about 8pm each evening this week, it goes kaput so I can't do anything online. Which is good as it means you're not on your phone and bad as you can't get online to get your Friday Five done on time and for once, I could have got it out on time. So I'm putting it out now on a Saturday as a two fingered salute at BT. #wherestheupyoursemoji

Friday Five : (1 of 5) Greggs

Prettier than a Greggs Steak Bake.
Though not as tasty.

Greggs are doing alright aren't they? Got to love a steak bake (me) or a sausage roll which has kept many a small child quiet for a while going around town - I tried but my boys don't like sausage rolls. Things I do know - a steak bake has 20 syns on Slimming World which stopped me for a bit whenever I had a moment of weakness charging around Leeds needing nourishment - that's your whole day's syn allowance used up in one pasty and some. And my sis-in-law made the observation a year ago as we drove past a Greggs, that they were bucking the trend and business was up since they started these sit down cafes. But do you know what is annoying? You can't really get a normal triangle packet sarnie in them. I did manage to find one high up on the fridge shelf but there were only about three to choose from and the rest were all done in crusty bap things and rolls.  Me - I just want a sarnie in two slices of bread with the filling clamped in because it's a nice tidy way to eat. I don't want a messy roll where everything looks like it's going to fall out of the bottom when I pick it up. It's not that much to ask is it? Except it is apparently. But I am really pleased  to hear on the morning news that because they were doing well ,the staff all got a little bonus recently.

Friday Five (2 of 5) H&M Cream Cardi

That one above looks quite nice doesn't it? A bit like the Arket ones which are a fraction more expensive. The H&M one is actually 100% wool though and it looks like one you can de-pill or shave when it needs a bit of user maintenance.

I have to say when I make these little collages, they are based around what I would like to wear and what I already have so quite often you won't see major current trends here and there's always a pair of jeans in there as I spend 99% of my life in them till May.

1. The M&S Lily jeans - these are a great non skinny jean and not too tight on the calves. These are my winter go to and I have these as my full length jeans for winter.

2. The Whistles Kew Trainers. Simply, because I like a good neutral trainer. The nicest thing about this pair - I like the cushy looking sole - there's good bouncing to be done in those.

3. The M&S Padded Coat - what a lush colour! Eye catching for all the right reasons. I have a green padded coat from Primark which I picked up a few months ago (may still be in store) and I bought that partly for the colour and also because it was the perfect coat for sticking a big jumper under. The M&S one would be a fab alternative for those who don't go in Primark like my hubs.

4. Uniqlo Cashmere Stole. This is not a heavy scarf. This is the thin lightweight kind which are a joy to wrap round your neck. Sometimes the heavier wool varieties can be a bit of a mare to tie them just how you like. These stoles have just started to come down in price so I might need to nab that pale grey one before it sells out. Or I could play pale grey cashmere stole chicken and wait it out.

5. & Other Stories Neck Scarf - I have this thing with neck scarves at the moment. I featured one in my last post and here's another in a perfect neutral non fussy pattern. To go with my perfect neutral non fussy wardrobe - who am I kidding?

6. That H&M Cardi. Looks good from here but I've not seen it in real life but it is 100% wool at least. And de-bobble-ble.

7. Toast Heavy Jersey Top. I saw, I tried, I fell in love. I bought. The End. True story.

8. Sandqvist Backpack Tote. A rucksack for people who don't want their rucksack to look too worky.

9. M&S Crop Jeans. I have a similar wide legged pair and they're just great when you're transitioning between seasons (with socks or without).

10. Converse. Come on - look at that colour! And the renew canvas they're made from is 100% recycled polyester so you can feel good about your new kicks.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Princess Ting Ting

Mutters to herself. "I must not go in, I must not go in, I must not go in ..." - yup you read right! My email usually elicits a little chuckle when I mumble it to the shop assistants when they ask if they can send me an email receipt. It is quite memorable and I've had it so long, I can't change it now. Even George's old cricket coach used to say "Ahh Princess TingTing! How are you?" and smile indulgently at me. And now the ladies in the York Toast store are getting acquainted with me and my email address since I've been in a few times recently to do a couple of returns (and purchases). And our relationship is only one month old. #embarrassing

Friday Five (4 of 5) Alexa

Alexa in my bedroom is on the blink which means I have no Lewis Capaldi seranading me as I iron currently. Hard times.

Friday Five (5 of 5) How to break up with Fast Fashion

Breaking Up with Fast Fashion by Lauren Bravo

* Be more Chloe. She's happy wearing the same thing every day.

I've just started reading this. I ordered it after having a bit of sales splurge this year. I'm normally quite good but this year, I went a little cray cray but consequently, I do now have a few useful bits for spring/summer 2020 to work in with my existing wardrobe. With all the talk about sustainability and how we should be buying less clothes and wearing more of what we have, I ordered the book to see if it could stop me in my tracks. Well slow me down a little.


Last Note : 

  • For anyone who is not familiar with my Friday Fives - it's just a load of gumph which comes off the top of my head or things which have caught my attention this week. Deep it is not. Shallow and random it is.
  • I tried Slimming World two years ago and lost half a stone which is all I wanted to do. I've put it all back on since and I had a jam doughnut for breakfast this morning. I enjoyed it very much - thank you.
  • Anyway, drop me a line any time you want on that fab email address of mine.


  1. Love it Sue!!! So glad you are back blogging, I already had the cardi ordered so lots of inspiration now!

    1. Should have known you'd be on the case of that little cardi - it looks good doesn't it? I'm surprised that Arket hadn't put out a cream version themselves by now. And glad you're enjoying the blog! x

  2. Ah Sue... I love your princess ting ting email: I used to have a planet Beany one, then changed it but ultimately, it’s the ‘Beany’ bit which always gets the raised brow reaction!!

    The H&M cardi is lovely.... looking forward to seeing your toast buys x

    1. I really can't change it can I? And I like that it's memorable. I know that people say think about what you put on your CV and how it looks but I still can't change it. Life is serious enough.

      The H&M cardi does look nice - I ordered a couple of the Arket ones before Christmas thinking they may be part of my Christmas present but they didn't work out. But a Toast one did instead :) x


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