Just Start ....

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

I'm a procrastinator. I'm a really good procrastinator.  I'm procrastinating now - I'm tapping on here instead of doing something. Told you I was good at it.

But I am getting better at not putting off things. I bought a book. I'm not sure if it was the title which grabbed me and I had a bit of time on my hands but I downloaded a sample of it and it kind of got me. It's called Unf*ck Your Habitat. Catchy title eh?

Basically I need to do a bit of decluttering. I need to do this to make everyday more manageable. I need less in the cupboards and I need less in my wardrobes. I hang on to too many things and it all piles up and I keep saying I will get rid of it all but I don't. And then I tackle things which don't really need doing and leave other stuff which does.

Anyway, there's a lot of decluttering books out there but this one seemed to strike a chord. And possibly the sample that I downloaded probably told me what I needed to do but I bought it and read it. And I took one main thing from it. Just do it. No matter how small. Just do it. See it, do it. Simples.

Those three bags of laundry that you've washed and dried. Take one. Sort that one bag out. Don't set out to tackle all three. Three bags is tough. One bag is manageable. Do the one bag and feel good that you did something. It's all baby steps and if you're happy with baby steps, stick with your baby steps. And things WILL gradually start to look better. Those cups on the side table, take them in the kitchen. It's one step closer to where they're supposed  to be at least. Take the win.

And don't expect miracles - they don't exist. You won't change overnight and you won't declutter your world over night. I know that but clearing out the kitchen drawer the other day made me feel tons better. Tackling the understairs cupboard didn't take long but it made me feel better. And then I sat back and had a cuppa. Not too over faced. And that's the important thing - don't cut off more than you can chew.

Anyway, what was I saying, yep, see it, do it. Next time you see it, there will be less. Feels good eh?


  1. Love it Sue! I am an A Star procrastinator, but have started doing small bits every day as you suggest, and guess what? I do feel better for it! Hopefully it will become a habit 🤞

    1. Oh yes, baby steps is the best way. If you have one tidy room, it doesn't take long to keep it that way if you do it every day and I get that. So if it takes you a little while to get one room like that, than so be it, but then when you get there, it's hopefully maintenance. The hardest bit is starting on my wardrobe - for some reason, I find it so hard to get my backside in to gear getting stuff loaded on eBay. I have stuff from when I was working nearly fourteen years ago! x


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