Friday Five : 3rd January 2020

Friday, 3 January 2020

What's this? A Friday Five? First one of 2020 and hopefully not the last. We're only in January.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Posh Caramac

Yes, I like this. A lot.

Hands up who got a load of chocolate in the house this Christmas? Hands up those who got a load of "nice" chocolate in the house? By that I mean Hotel Chocolat standard as opposed to a box of Roses or Quality Street. Hands up those who shunned said posh'ish chocolate for a packet of Aldi's finest Caramel Dore chocolate with Mexican & American Pecans & Himalayan Pink Salt? Me, me me! Basically, I'm addicted to this stuff - yes, it's another one of my fads and this one has been going since last summer when I first discovered it and shared it with everyone watching U11 cricket with me on the sidelines. It basically tastes like posh Caramac and I did like Caramac as a child. Anyway, they stocked it for about two weeks and then disaster ... it disappeared off the shelves. My chocolate world crumbled around me and I had to temporarily move on to White fudge flavoured Flipz pretzels. I combed the chocolate aisle week in week out hoping that they would bring it back out and then one day, there it was again. I nabbed five packs as a starter but they now seem to stock it as part of their core range. Anyway, it's yum and it also the reason why my jeans with no lycra don't fit.

Friday Five (2 of 5) You Have To Suffer To Look Good.

Youtube Video Here

Which leads me on to the following. I watched this Youtube video in October of Alexa Chung interviewing Camille Charriere, French blogger/instagrammer with long legs and slimmer thighs than me. Camille obviously doesn't buy five packs of Caramel Dore chocolate with Mexican & American Pecans & Himalayan Pink Salt at a time and scoff them with a cuppa. Anyway, they were talking about jeans and were saying how the best ones were the ones which were rigid denim with no stretch. They hurt to wear but they make your butt look real good. I remember going upstairs and dragging out my most rigid jeans (by that I mean, the least stretchy and with the least lycra) which I couldn't bring myself to wear all summer because they cut my circulation off. I put them on and huffed and puffed my way though the day. By the end of it, I declared that I really wasn't made of very strong fashion stuff and I really wasn't cut out for rigid denim. Basically - pass me the chocolate and give me all the lycra.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Colours 2020

Picture Source : Pinterest

This is not official by the way and has not been endorsed by Dulux, Pantone or any of the other colour bigwigs but I was browsing my Pinterest feed and was stopped dead by the above image. Oh my lordy, it's like someone ran the Year of Colour app on my Christmas presents and my most recent purchases. Spooky!

Those are like the shades I am currently most drawn to - I've always liked fairly muted but strong colours. Do you know what I mean by that? I like a strong yellow but I also like it a muted mustard rather than sunny side up yellow. I like green but veer towards a deeper shade rather than a vibrant leaf green (ignore the fact that I have a bright green COS cardigan squirreled away somewhere). I like burnt orange/rust shades rather than jaffa. You get the gist. Basically I do like colour but not colour which screams look at me. I like colours which wouldn't look out of place in a Toast shop basically. Not stuff that looks like it came out of the CBeebies dressing room.

In the interests of disclosure. I may have purchased both of the above dresses in the Zara sale and both break my usual rule of no sleeveless dresses but I have every intention of wearing both of these layered with something over. Not under. Over. And both look fabulous with black and grey. Sorted.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Slippy Straps

I got myself a black vinyl bag last year. Do you think it looks a bit kinky? In a bit of a sheep wearing vinyl dominatrix kind of way. Or am I just being super weird? I had a little debate with myself at the time on whether to keep the bag or not as the strap was a little slippy and prone to slipping off my shoulders but I played with it every day and didn't pack it up to send back so that obviously meant I liked it. So I did what all sensible people do these days - I googled how to stop bag straps slipping and found this Prym Non Slip Tape which you stick to the underneath of your strap. And do you know what? It works!

Friday Five (5 of 5) Graham St

This has been my favourite blog for the past few months. Beautiful photography. Lovely styling. Hannah Macleod (30s) and her mum (60s) showing us how to look fashionable whatever our age and also how to translate a trend to suit. I want their wardrobes! 


Last Note :

  • Hope the new year is treating you kind so far.


  1. So lovely to have you back blogging. I love your posts and your considered approach to fashion and shopping. Instagram and blogging now is so different to the early days. The rampant consumerism so many accounts encourage makes me ill at ease. But not your account. It's fabulous.

    1. That's a lovely comment and it's made me really glad that I'm turning back to blogging. Instagram and blogging have done their rounds and has definitely changed - it feels so competitive whereas it used to be a lot of fun and I think that's partly why I've come back round to my little space to just enjoy myself again. Thank you so much for still reading. x

  2. I just love you Suzie! Who else could cover slippy straps, chocolate and rigid denim in one Friday Five? 😘

    1. And that's why I do the Friday Fives - life's too serious and fashion and blogging shouldn't be taken too seriously either. Thanks for sticking with me Michelle! xxx


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