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Monday, 7 May 2018

I've been a bit slack on the old Friday Fives and sometimes I bob a couple of lines about anything new that I've bought on there. In lieu of the lack of Friday Fives, I'd just thought I'd let you know about three new little buys which made it in to my wardrobe.

Last time I spoke about the Hush skirt, I said I was favouring this Picante colour over the Jolly Green version which has sold out every where. I actually managed to get my hands on both colours but no matter what I wore the green one with, it just didn't feel like me. I guess I'm more a Spice girl.

F&F Basket Bag (old)
H&M Scarf (old)

I finally cut the tags off on Sunday as I was out for the day and to be honest, I wasn't sure if it was going to crease and crumple after an hour of sitting in the car but it stayed beautifully neat and crease free all day. The elasticated waistband came in to it's own - I had a Sunday lunch and a Korean barbecue - so it was tested to the max. And it has pockets. Pockets are always the icing on the cake on any dress or skirt aren't they? They can be deal breakers for some but in this case there was no deal breaking scenario to have to consider. Basically, the skirt has pockets.

Another pleasant surprise - the wooden earrings. I have the pink resin version which are similar but I  didn't get on with them for some reason. It might be that they're just pink and didn't go with much but I much prefer how light and neutral these wooden ones are. I wore them all day and didn't feel the urge to fiddle with them or take them off till nearly bedtime. That's good for me. Really good. Fantastic actually.

And the Posse sandals. These have been getting a lot of love on IG. I remember seeing them around last year but chose to leave them as I didn't want to deal with ordering from overseas. Then a lovely lady put a pic of them up on her IG and we had a dialogue about them. After a couple of weeks deliberation and many many try ons of other woven slides, the Posse ones arrived at my house. The heart wants what the heart wants. A word of warning - there will be a customs charge to pay of around £20 - you need to factor this in if you're interested. Besides which, that's the last pair of sandals I will buy this summer. If you see me in a pair of black Birkalikes - I've already got them but not worn them yet.

Everything else is old - the scarf is a couple of years old, the basket is about fourteen years old and the Everlane shirt was a buy from last year. All firm favourites which won't be seeing the likes of Ebay any time soon.

Toodle pip.

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