Monday Musings : 14 May 2018

Monday, 14 May 2018

Do you know? Friday comes round really fast for me and before I know it, most of the day has gone and I've not even started my Friday Five. Can I make it up to you with some Monday Musings?

Monday Musing 1 : Sunglasses.

Instore in Primark

You know those crazy love heart sunglasses doing the rounds at the moment? You can get a pair for £2 at Primark. Did I get them? No. I already have thirteen pairs of sunglasses and at some point, you really can have enough sunglasses.

Monday Musing 2 : Spotty

A couple of months ago, I was having a try on in Urban Outfitters of this rather cute dress which I put on Instagram Stories. I didn't tag it at the time and received a lot of messages about the dress which I replied to when I got home. Fast forward time and the trying and returning of a gazillion dresses in the meantime and guess what? I went back to the first one I tried on. The black spotty one. It's the perfect day dress for me. Girly enough for those who want to wear it that way, and tomboyish enough for me to don a pair of trainers on with. It's a winner. And I don't have to fiddle with it. Sorry, it literally sold out this week but the odd one comes back online and there may be the odd one in store.

Monday Musings 3 : Shoe Dupes

So we finally get to free the toes and what better way to show them off than in a lovely pair of sandals. And what's even nicer is if you don't have the budget for the big guns, the high street's got your back. All the odd numbers are the pricier ones. And the evens are the sweet on the purse strings. I can't take the credit for number 6 - Lynne had these on her IG and I was thinking "well hello there!". I tried them on today and they are lovely - I prefer them to the Zara version doing the rounds as they are lightly cushioned.

Monday Musings 4 : About Time

Bought the skirt in March. Could have worn it before now but it never seemed right. But we're there now and the tags are off. Woohoo. Oh yes - the cotton linen Uniqlo blouse - love it. Especially the colour.

Monday Musings 5 : Hayfever

It's the pits.


  1. Aaahh thanks for the mention, Sue. Mine arrived today and I love them! Comfortable and stylish - win, win! Lynne xx

    1. You're welcome Lynne - I couldn't not credit you! They're fab and they are so much more comfortable than the Zara version which I previously ordered but ended up sending back. I think you'll enjoy wearing these ... a lot! x

  2. I think the Heart sunnies really suit you - but I hear you & understand why you left them. Loving those Office Saffron sandals! It’s the darker colour I think x

    1. They're really nice - I went in search of them today as I wanted to see what they were like before I put an order in online. It's partly because they also have them in black and I wanted to compare.

      And no heart sunnies for me - they're a step too far. x


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