Buffet Dress 2018

Monday, 23 April 2018

Right, a little short and sweet post from me as I just wanted to tell you that I've bagged my 2018 buffet dress. I popped in to M&S in search of a skirt. I found the skirt and found this dress next to it. The skirt was awful but the dress was good. 

Good Points :

  • It's a buffet dress - eat all you like in this one and no one can tell when you have a third trimester food baby in there.
  • It's a bargain price and if you were to pick up similar in Anthropologie (it wouldn't look out of place in Anthropologie for what it's worth), it would be three times the price.
  • I got to size down one size in this (it gets a gold star from me for this).
  • It's such a good throw on dress - it has a little weight to it so it swishes delightfully too. 
  • It spent 4 hours stuffed in the bottom of my big shopping tote and came out pristine and not at all crumpled. Yusss.

Bad Points :

  • It's from the M&S Collection section. Which is usually the preserve of the much older  shopping demographic. I'm ignoring this fact. 
  • It's not for everyone. I'm only 5ft nearly 2" at a push. This just comes below my knee but hits me at a good point on the legs. You need to factor your own height with this to see if it works for you. 
  • It is roomy so remember to size down - it has mixed reviews based on the fact that people who have bought their regular size have found it too big. I took one look at it on the hanger and thought "size down". You can't tell that from a picture online.

That's it. Have a nice day.


  1. Hi Sue thanks for the heads up on this. I long to wear the midi dresses featured everywhere right now but at 5ft 1.5 inches they just don't suit me. I have tried loads and loads but have finally realised they are just not going to work for me! I tried this dress on in-store today but they only had a 10 so have ordered the 8 and the 6 to try. I am thinking it will also look good in the autumn (hate to be thinking about that already!) with tights and ankle boots. I love reading your blog as I can pretty much guarantee that if it suits you it will also suit me! Thanks so much!

    1. I've been struggling big time with the midi dresses too which is probably why I've resorted back to the buffet dress - no waistlines - no problems. I didn't even know they had a size 6 in this dress - I just saw an 8 and took that in to the changing room and it felt okay. I'm now wondering if I need to try a 6 for the benefit of the doubt - it's roomy enough as an 8. Thanks for alerting me. And thanks also for the lovely comment - so pleased you enjoy the blog ... when I blog! x

    2. I plumped for the 6 in the end just slightly less voluminous in the skirt but not much tighter across the top. I am a 34c though and I think any bigger than that and it would be too tight across the bust. However there really wasn't much in it to be honest. Just waiting for the weather to wear it! X

  2. Love this dress on you! And if the shoe fits (or dress in this case...) who cares which collection/shop it’s from! X

    1. I didn't even know which collection it belonged to till I was trying to link it online afterwards - that's how much attention I pay! x


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