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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

I don't normally say much on IG. Infact I say very little as I feel too weirded out talking on my phone and never think I sound normal or natural. But I did do a little spiel a couple of weeks ago to talk about my new Fencote earrings from Village England. Yes, Village England who make handbags, have also started doing a nice little line in jewellery. And they're a little bit different aren't they? I've been meaning to get in to wearing a little more jewellery because sometimes you just feel that little bit "nek-kid" going unadorned and need that finishing touch. The size and style of these Fencote earrings are just perfect. Not too big but just statement enough. 

I've been wearing them on and off and I have to say, the Fencotes are very me. Thy're not too in your face and don't catch in your hair and normally when I put a pair of earrings on, I become an earring fiddler extraordinaire but not with these. But if they're a little too shy and retiring for you, you need to have a look at the rest of the designs. If you want statement, you go for the Everleigh Large Sail Earrings below. Those are  perfect for a chic pared down look - think Sofia Coppola on a night out in a black tux jacket and a pair of these on her lobes dancing around her handbag. (or maybe you can forget the dancing around the handbag bit) but you get the picture ;)


Anyway, hop over here to have a look at the rest of the collection - it's lovely. Would I lie to you?

* Earrings c/o Village England

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