Friday Five : 12 May 2017

Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Five (1 of 5) Mango Dress

Topshop sandals (old but similar bargain pair here)

I mentioned this dress in last week's Friday Five and said I'd give an update after I hooked up with the DHL man. I like it but I'm still wondering how much wear I will get out of something like this. I have a poor track record with dresses unless they're casual shirt dresses. I also know I should stay away from off the shoulder numbers as I know they annoy me but strangely enough, this one seems to stay in place. This is because the elastic across the top is quite loose (not sure if it is just the dress I had). Infact I had to pinch a couple of inches out with a couple of pins to stop it hanging a little too low but the alteration is quite simple. But once pinned in place, it's good. The length isn't bad for a shorty like me and the print is dark and hides dirt well. Yes I did say it hides dirt well. What elevates the dress? That little gingham belt tie which gives it the 2017 lift. Not in to gingham? A little tan woven belt is good too.

Friday Five : (2 of 5) Putting The Phone Down

Put the phone down Sue!

A couple of years ago I was a more conscientious IG poster and I also went through liking the majority of the pics I saw as it felt polite (curry rarely photographs well) and it was zapping all the fun and time out of IG for me. So I took a step back and decided to put the phone down and go off and do things like normal life stuff - cooking, cleaning, ironing and keeping the kids alive. And these days, I sometimes choose not to post so I don't find myself glued to the phone checking for updates and getting caught up in things which I really didn't need to. Admit it, it's very easy to lose yourself on IG. One minute it's 1.30pm, next thing it's school pick up time and you've done nada. Or rather, you've seen three pairs of shoes on someone's IG feed and you're hell bent on tracking them down and won't rest till you've found and maybe ordered them. Whoops. So sorry if I don't always respond straightaway - I try to limit my IG abuse to certain times of the day.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Rice Cakes

Lidl Rice Cakes

I took the wrong exit off the motorway today and found myself going past a Lidl. So I swung in to see what delights they had and I pounced on the rice cakes. Why? Because within a pack, the rice cakes are individually packed in smaller packs which make them less likely to go stale. I sometimes buy the Kallo ones and apart from the very real struggle of trying to get a rice cake out intact, they usually went stale by the time you made it half way down the pack which meant it got binned. So I bought the Lidl rice cakes (nice with almond butter and honey). Aldi used to do them too but now they seem to only do the chocolate covered ones. 

Friday Five (4 of 5) New Look Floral Top

I spotted the above top whilst surfing the other night. A white top with pretty embroidery and broderie details and frill sleeves. What more could you ask for?

Friday Five (5 of 5) Nice Bag

That bag stopped me in my tracks the other day. I had to get on my tip toes to reach it to get it down to have a proper nosey. The colour is described as blush and it's a fab pinky nude. It comes with a separate purse inside and at £24 I did a double take at the tag. I'm currently thinking about it ... a lot.


Last Note :

  • Number 4 on the list this week came as a result of seeing Bean's feed.


  1. We seem to cross over quite a bit at the mo - my post tomorrow is about floral dresses! I dismissed this mango one because of the off the shoulder bit, but it looks totally lovely on you!

    Thanks for the shout out x

    1. The off shoulder thing was a little off putting but I thought I could wear it on the shoulder but guess what? It didn't actually stay on that shoulder. Hence the actual need to tighten up the neckline. And I'm going to look forward to the Sunday Seven tomorrow - be good to see if you've got any picks lined up that I've also been "checking out". x

  2. The dress really does look gorgeous on you Sue but like you, I don't tend to get a lot of wear out of my dresses. However I still think it's worth a risk, it may be the one that changes you?!?! x

    1. I returned it to store and found a size 8 in store and that felt a lot better around the shoulders but I think I decided by then that it wasn't for me. I'm still looking for the perfect summer dress. x


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