Friday Five : 28 Apr 2017

Friday, 28 April 2017

Friday, Friday, Friday. Comes round so fast doesn't it? Or not fast enough for many.

Friday Five (1 of 5) Shoessss

Zara Blouse (old)
Gaimo Espadrilles (old but similar here)

I dragged out my old Gaimo bronze espadrilles after seeing Jess Soothill wearing her pair. They are infact quite a good in-between shoe when you want to look a little bit more summer without going the whole hog (the toe reveal). And I had two school mums asking me today if I'd been anywhere nice today. I think it was the shoes. They never ask me when I wear my trainers. True dat.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Khaki Wide Leg Pants

Well it started with the Gap Khaki wide leg crops which came and went as fast as it took for them to  be delivered and for me to try them on. Hilarious. Then I tried the Next wide leg crops (above picture) which were okay'ish but I'm not convinced about them on me and they have the most annoying tie belt thing ever which is impossible to tie well. Then I went to COS and fell in love with these which were not wide legged at all but I loved the mensy slouchy feel about them but they were too slack round the waist and the crotch kept falling down and the size down was too tight. Then I went for the Next wide leg khaki jean crop things as a last resort. Which were as hilarious as the first Gap ones. So .... the current situation is no khaki wide leg pants situation unless anyone out there is aware of any I've not tried yet and wish to add another pair for me to stress over. Or I could just move on.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Shoessss Again

You know those yellow shoes in the last post? Well I did say I'd tried them on and I even managed to walk in them which quite surprised me. And then I also spotted the off white colour version too. Which colour say you?

Friday Five (4 of 5) Uniqlo Love In (1)

Uniqlo Jumpsuit (straight out of the packet)

Along with my little trench, I ordered two jumpsuits from Uniqlo. One a more traditional style and the other, a culotte style one. I love the culotte one. However, I've got my sensible head on .... will I get the wear out of it and besides which it's sleeveless and I don't like showing my arms off. Oh yes, I'm wearing a size small here and the length on the leg is a lot longer on me than on the website model but I think I can get away with this. It has good reviews and I have a feeling it works on tall girls and small. I feel all sort of minimalist and Zen'ish in this like I should be drinking green tea in tiny little cups. Still don't like showing my arms though.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Garment Steamer

Left side - after using the steamer.

I did an IG story using my little handheld garment steamer to get the creases out of my new mac.  I had quite a few enquiries about it so I thought I'd tell you a little more. Mine was from Hong Kong and is about 7-8 years old. I also had one of those rather industrial looking ones  (from Argos) which have a separate tank for the water and take up far too much room but I never used it as it was too faffy to set up and clean out. I much prefer my little handheld one and all I know is you fill the tank, let it warm up and press that button to get the steam going. And I remember from somewhere saying that you should steam upwards rather than down. I can't remember why but that's what I do. I tend to use them for jackets and coats which are awkward to iron and stops the shiny marks you sometimes get when using a iron going over bumpy bits like linings. Well seeing as how you can't get one like mine exactly, I did spot that there was this one on Amazon for around a tenner which has got good reviews for anyone who is interested in trying one.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend everyone!


  1. I actually think it looks much nicer on you, with the longer leg length than on the model. It looks quite chic and cool as on the model it just looks like a dowdy outfit. Also, even though you don't like to get your arms out, I can definitely see this work in warm weather, both dressed up-and down.

    1. Thank you for that. I'm actually wearing the regular length in those Next crops. I tried the petite size first in the black colour (no green in the petites) and thought they came up a little short or rather I didn't like the leg length so went to try the green ones which is what I wanted in the first place and I found the leg length to be exactly where I wanted it. For some reason, I am actually finding it quite hard to pair tops with them - not because of the colour or anything, it's just the way the waistband fits on me.

    2. I was actually talking about the Uniqlo jumpsuit :-

    3. LOL. Yes I like jumpsuit leg length on me. The shorter lengths don't work so well for some reason.

  2. Love the yellow sandals, definitely go for those! The Next khaki crops look good in the photo, but I see from your reply to the previous comment that you're having a hard time pairing them with tops which is a shame. The jumpsuit is lovely, but from experience I'd say if you don't like showing your arms you won't wear it. I know if it was me, I'd keep trying it on and probably never actually wear it.

    1. The jumpsuit has not been packed up yet - there is something about it which makes me hold on to it. But the trousers will go - they are giving me too much of a hard time to enjoy wearing them. I like clothes which you throw on and they just work. Never fear, something else will distract me no doubt.

  3. Those Next khaki crops didn't work for me either but thanks for the heads up. Can't put my finger on why they weren't keepers, just something not quite right. Please, please shout out if you find THE perfect pair!

    1. I will do! But khaki pants are eluding me right now. I have some old ones but I just wanted something a little wider. The waist wasn't doing it for me. They didn't work with the belt and they didn't work without as the button fastening came above any belt I put with them. Back to the drawing board! x


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