This Is A Good Un

Thursday, 13 April 2017

It's really pretty isn't it? I spotted it as I was going up the escalator in the Leeds store. I've always avoided tops like this previously. It's the arms thing. I just don't like mine so I take great pleasure in obscuring them from general public viewing. But this one seems to be offer a little more coverage than some. I've not looked at the back view - that could be a different story but what the eye doesn't see eh?

So I've brought it home. Will I keep it? Who knows, it depends on how I feel about the arms at the end of the day but I thought I'd share as I thought it was a goody. You'd never guess it was from Next would you? Bargain to boot for what it is. 


  1. This one is a keeper Sue!! Not only is it beautiful but it's a bargain to boot! xx

    1. It is a total bargain and it's so pretty too. I'm still thinking. I'm still thinking .....


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