Quick OOTD : 06/04/17 The Humble Jersey Jacket

Thursday, 6 April 2017

H&M Bag (similar here)
Golden Goose Trainers

It's a tried and tested fact that a blazer/suit jacket pulls everything together. It makes you feel a little smarter, a little like you tried and more often than not it hides a multitude of sins and creates shoulders and waists where there are none to be had. They also give the illusion that you've got your schizzle together even you haven't. Truth.


Last Note :

  • I've been living in these jersey jackets this week - they're just like a cardigan ... but smarter.
  • The American Vintage ones keep their shape really well and don't seem to bag like some jersey jackets can.
  • They're not the cheapest jersey jacket on the block but they're good.

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