Baggy Trousers

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Baggy trousers. Baggy trousers. Baggy trousers.

And I don't know much more of the Madness song as I wasn't much of a fan. Apologies to all diehard Madness fans out there. But look, I'm not in jeans and I'm in a pair of trousers. Baggy trousers at that! I love them! I took them in to the changing room - they were my wildcard item and they were the only thing I didn't leave behind. Perfect for the summer as they're light and thin but not so thin you feel like you've got your pj bots on. And they're elasticated at the waist with that "paper bag" effect without the usual faffing that goes on with that style of waist. I normally avoid them as they add extra bulk but this one is elasticated and it's all neat and tidy. Very Cos. Very nice.

I tried them on with the white camisole that I was wearing at the time and that gives a lovely crisp clean outfit - quite smart actually and surprisingly the white flared sleeve linen top I tried on above seemed to work well too for a more "happening" look. Grey tees, stripy tops - they're going to be just brill with these, infact they will be brill with everything. See!

1. Maison Labiche Tee. 

Ooh la la! The tee shirt brand of the moment. Other than that, stripes, a catchy slogan, what's not to love? Goes well with the pants.

2. Topshop Embroidered Poplin Top.

Love a pretty top and look at the cute embroidery. Works well with jeans, denim and guess what else? The pants!

3. Next Trousers.

Love them. Got them. Goes with lots.

4. H&M Tan Leather Sandals.

A must for every woman's summer wardrobe. I find tan sandals very neutral and leg lengthening as they blend in to the leg so they don't break your line of vision. Oh yes, they go well with the pants and everything else up there!

5. Whistles Hello Sunshine Tee.

It's yellow, it's summery, I love it. Oh yes, did I mention? It goes with the pants.

6. Mango Jute Basket Bag

Got to love a hardwearing jute bag in the summer months and this goes with everything too that I picked including the pants.

7. La Redoute Mademoiselle R Bag.

Oh I love how quirky and kitsch this is. And La Redoute have their 40% off promotion going on currently - it's in my basket. Works with lots that go with the pants.

8. Clarks Silver Trainers.

I saw these in store and I also saw a lady in the street wearing the skate pump version. Yes, I notice these things. The leather looks very soft and I like the contrasting gum sole. I'm sold. They're also available at La Redoute so get using that 40% discount code (BIG40). Errr, they too go with the pants.

9. Topshop Femme Fatale Tee.

The sellout tee of the moment - it's all over the place or at least the IG accounts I follow but hey, it's good and that's why it's everywhere. Oh yes, for casual laid back coolness - wear with the pants.


Last Note :

  • I'm wearing a size 10. In the petite version. 


  1. I love your choices, going to check out the trainers and bag, great discount!

    1. Well with a 40% discount code, everything is very tempting. I've got to decide what I really want and need! x

  2. I love the whole outfit. I dream of wearing stuff like this but I am a mucky kinda gal... yet to wear my off white crops. Can't I just be you?! 😜😉

    1. I dream of wearing stuff like this too! But I too am a mucky pup which is why it's unusual to see me looking kind of put together and not in dark colours. But we can all aspire can't we? x

  3. Thanks to you, I now own the trousers, the top and the silver trainers. Think I'm also talking myself into that Mango bag (lush), although one thing (ha! One thing!) I don't need any more of are basket bags. practical....

    1. But they are really easy pieces to mix and match aren't they? So wholly justifiable. And I love the Mango bag - I'm like you, I have a few straw totes - but I love the red band across the bottom of the bag. I feel like I'm talking myself in to it! x

  4. Great trousers!
    I'm doubting between size 6 and 8, I'm a 34 (EU), will 6 be too tight in the waist?

    1. You should be fine with a 6 actually going by my pair. Really comfy and my pair seems a biggish 10 which is why I would say 6 for you. Hope that helps!


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