Monday Musings 23/05/16

Monday, 23 May 2016

Monday Musing 1. Grubby Trainers

I love white trainers - they're the only colour of trainers I truly get on with but my Stans are not looking so white these days, they've taken on that wonderful hue of "Mixed Wash Grey. You know when you find a white sock that has infiltrated the dark wash by accident - yup, that colour. And my grey felt skate pumps looked a bit errr dirty for a better word when I dragged them out to wear the other day. The white sole and trim most definitely needed a bit of a clean. And it's not just my trainers which need a bit of a scrub up - George's have seen some playground, footie action too. My solution. Magic Eraser. You can get the official JML ones here or if I pass the Pound shop, I pick up a packet of theirs and it seems to do the trick too. Doesn't work on stitching and laces though. That would be asking too much.

Before and after

Can you see where I started on the toe of the bottom trainer? Magic.

Musing 2. Jigsaw Lorna Espadrilles.

I said I had a crush on them on a previous post. Well instead of sitting and twiddling my thumbs pining for them like a lovestruck teenager, I did something about it. I ordered them and I got on with wearing them. Better to order than to not order at all and they sell out. It's a new proverb. Really. It is.

Musing 3. Whistles Lola Dress.

A plain navy dress which comes to the knee, has sleeves and is a contemporary shape and hides lumps and bumps and has pockets. I love it. Whistles have 20% off at the moment so this is a good time to nab one. And it's a good work or play dress. I know I've tried it with all kinds of different shoes and accessories but apologies no outfit pics taken today - I was out for most of the day. Looks fab with trainers, Birkenstocks, my new Jigsaw Lorna espadrilles and also grown up heeled shoes for a work look. And it's a polyviscose mix which means, da da dah ..... minimal to no creasing. And yes I know, I know .... it's a #buffetdress

Musing 4. Friends 

Make it a point to get in touch even if you're busy. I'm guilty of letting everything else get in the way but stay in touch, have lunch and have a laugh and giggle together. It's better and cheaper therapy than a therapist. Shopping is good too :)

Mocktails & Raspberry Prosecco

Salted Caramel, Blackcurrant & Sloe Gin (Mine) & Raspberry Parfait Slabs. Deelish.

Musings 5. Chocolate for Grown Ups

I was stood in the petrol station waiting to pay and a bar of chocolate caught my eye. When something is called "Superb Salted Peanut Caramel" and it costs nearly £2 for the pack, you buy it and dream that it will be good. I ate it. It tasted like a Snickers bar. #sucker

And that's it folks. Just thought I'd just mumble that lot out.


  1. As I drove boys home from school, I had friends on my mind... Trying to figure when I was I last saw them. So have just been making meet-up dates then read your blog post which resonates. Oh, and well done on the jigsaw mules - that's how I felt about the russell&bromley flat forms! Bean X

    1. It's when you fall in love with something properly and that's when you're prepared to splash out that little bit more isn't it? And yes, a meet up with friends - such good fun!

  2. Thanks for the brilliant trainer tip. I love the Whistles dress, I'm skint at the moment i just hope they don't sell out. Love your blog only just worked out how to comment Lucy x

    1. I wasn't 100% sure about the dress when I got it but I love it now - it's so versatile. I ordered it instead of something else and it turned out that something else was vile and this was fab. It's how it works sometimes isn't it? And I hope they don't sell out for you too! It looks fab with trainers (freshly cleaned ones) ;o)

  3. Love the navy Whistles dress Sue, that's a goodie that will be with you a very long time I'm sure?...And those espadrilles are so good too, super stylish, chic and I imagine very comfortable too...a consideration I know you will have made?!
    Helen xx

    1. The dress is really lovely - worth splashing out a little more. And yes the espadrilles are lovely. They rubbed a little toe on the first wear but I think they will break in soon. They're ... worth it :)

  4. Oh I need one of those magic eraser things - do you think it would work on grubby kids too? Mine seem to be permanently covered in all sorts of muck :-D


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